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Shaq's best moments in Boston

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Posted Saturday, January 22, 2011 07:07 PM   0 comments

Shaquille O'Neal is far from the monster he used to be – that much is obvious.

He only plays about 20 minutes a night at the best of times for the Celtics, but his presence in the locker room alone makes a big difference to this team. He seems to be the guy that holds this club together.

The NESN team put together an awesome little collection of The Big Shamrock’s best moments in Boston so far recently. Take a gander here – it’s worth the time.

Those bits with Nate Robinson are priceless.

Boston’s been a tough bet throughout the year, heading into Saturday’s game in Washington with a 20-20-2 mark against the spread. Shaq didn’t make the trip with the team after hurting his hip on a dunk Friday.

The Celtics aren’t releasing much about his status at this point and it doesn’t sound serious, but if he’s out for any considerable length of time over the next little while, they’ll miss him. They obviously have lots of options up front though he is a guy they’re going to have to be careful with down the stretch.

Boston needs him to be in top form in the playoffs so look for this sort of thing may become a bit of an issue as the season wears on.

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