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Posted Saturday, January 23, 2010 09:27 AM

Vikings defense coming in banged up

More than likely, Percy Harvin is out, if you look at the last time he started having migraines he sat out the next game. Last time, I think they lasted 7 days, so we might wanna count him out. The defense is suffering guys, I went to the star website and the following guys are hurting'

Kevin Williams      bone is bruised in his knee

Pat Williams         Elbow and Foot

Percy Harvin         that time of the month

Ray Edwards        Knee

Benny Sapp         sore ankles

Here is the deal, they have 2 Dlineman injured, a rookie LB in place of EJ Henderson, plus the rookie of the year possibly in street clothes. I know where my money is going, and I looked at their history, and this team is jinxed, can't win the big games.


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