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Posted Friday, January 15, 2010 12:08 PM

someone explain the love for detroit...

i just dont understand it. although let me say i thought the line would be closer to 5.5 then it would be to a pk, which scares me a little. but talk about two teams going in opposite directions, hornets are as hot as can be right now while the only team detroit can beat is a hurting wizards team (that almost doesnt count as a win with all the things the wizards are going through right now). the pistons biggest weak spot is that their thin in the big man positions, which just happens to be one of the areas the n.o. exceeds. west is a huge offensive threat while okafor can control the paint, and if hes making shots it shouldnt even be close. i think a lot will depend on if prince and gordon play since it gives them added depth at both te guard and forward position, but based on the line i feel like theyll both play. if they play i think the hornets win by 5-8, if there not i dont see it being close. 

am i falling for a trap here or are the hornets that play 


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