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Posted Wednesday, November 14, 2012 09:43 AM   10 comments
 WOW ! This trade still has not register to me yet or most blue jays fans in the city. I work for a Sports Network down here and the place is jumping all over twitter and the radio. We just added exactly what we needed all in one trade. Reyes is a 4 time all star, batting champ and one of the best top of the order guys in all of baseball which we never had. He also provides one of the best gloves at his position in the game. Josh Johnson our missing ace is someone we have been after for a few years now actually and finally got him in this blockbuster trade. He is a top of the rotation type of pitcher for ANY team as long as he is healthy. When he came back last year he looked great in his final starts for the Fish. Buehrle I see opening up as the # 2 or 3 starter in the rotation who brings great experience to this team and will get you 12 to 16 wins next year. I also really Like Bonifacio, he has crazy speed like Reyes and can hit close to the top of the order as well. He can play pretty much any IF or OF position and is a great add as well to this team. 
 What we lost I'm not to concerned about really especially at this point. Escobar needed to go so I wasn't surprised with that. Alvarez was a so so starter for us last year but does have upside for sure. Some of the prospects as well have upside but don't know much details on a few of the younger Single A guys. In the long run maybe one or two of these guys will work out for the Marlins but Jays needed to do something NOW with the Yankees and Red Sox's making steps back instead of forward. Toronto I think are Division Fav's and should make some noise this year in the playoffs if everyone can stay healthy. Fear the Blue Jays next year guys ! GO JAYS 

Potential Line Up 
1. Reyes 
2. Bonifacio
3. Jose Bautista 
4.Edwin Encarnacion
6. Rasmus
7. Lind
8. Arencibia 
9. Gose/Davis/Izturis  

Potential Starting Rotation
1. Josh Johnson 
2. Mark Buehrle 
3. Brandon Morrow
4. Ricky Romero 
5. JJ Happ / Drabek / Villanueva 
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Canada_Chris says:
11/14/12 10:38AM

First of all, the trade isn't fully complete so calm yourself.

Secondly, listen!  It's good be excited.  Hell, I'm excited too!  However, you're looking at this trade from an extremely optimistic viewpoint on each player.  It would be great if everything worked out hunky dory for the Jays and they got the full benefit of each of these players they acquired, but be real man.  Temper your expectations.

As far as Toronto being division favorites.  Really?  Has 20 years of mediocrity taught you nothing yet?  I've learned it's never to be too optimistic.  The Yankees are still a force.  The Rays are still legit.  The O's are up and coming (though I do think another season would help us get a better a read on how real they are), and Boston, while somewhat rebuilding is still a damn good team.

Let's just see what happens please.
seriouspks says:
11/14/12 11:03AM

With out any Injuries to there starting staff and Jose, Lawrie going down this was a team who was competing for a wild card spot. Boston, Yankees are all having fall backs and aren't as strong as previous years... Alex(done), Jeter older and there starting pitching staff isn't anything to be too excited about the jays have a better one now.Boston do still have some Bats and stars but need to add some starting pitchers or they will end up last again.Baltimore won't repeat last year Ill put money on that and yes the Rays always hang around with that pitching staff but I can see them loosing Shields very soon which won't help.

With adding pretty much everything they needed including two top of the rotation guys how could they not be a force in the East now ? I agree everything as too work out for them with injuries and hopefully they all come to play and want to be here but you can't think negative here. When your third and forth pitchers are Morrow and Ricky Romero I think your in good shape and should have one of the best rotations in the league if all goes well.

I agree I'm a little excited and optimistic but HEY I'm a big Toronto Sports Fan and this is one of the biggest trades to ever happen in all of Toronto sports. This trade is completed they just need to sign off on it because I heard there is some cash involved as well.

Thanks for your comments, Cheers !

seriouspks says:
11/14/12 11:16AM
 Bobby Cox in rumours of maybe coming back to Manage the team. He coached the jays for four season in the 1980's and in 1985 he won 99 games with them and won the AL East. He is older now though and not to sure if he really wants to come back. Other names that are possible....

Mike Hargrove ( Old Indians coach)
Joe Torre ( with the new additions it may open his eyes)
Don Wakamatsu (coached Seattle in 09 now Toronto's bench coach)
seriouspks says:
11/14/12 11:21AM
 I also don't think the Jays are done with trades. Look for them to package maybe Davis and one of there Catches for a LF which is there only Hole right now. I like Lind to bounce back at 1st base this year so I'm not to worried there.  
seriouspks says:
11/14/12 11:27AM
 Manny Acta also a name I been hearing the former Washington Nationals coach 
Canada_Chris says:
11/14/12 11:55AM

I think that's Edwin's job now.  Lind is expendable.
seriouspks says:
11/14/12 12:04PM
and Lind DH ? Yah I could see that 
tmc323 says:
11/16/12 01:47PM
Blue Jays = Least watched/cared about team in the majors.



Kurupt_75 says:
12/19/12 03:10PM
Really tmc323??? Why, cuz you say so???
meaker says:
02/21/13 04:57AM
Well take that and add Melky and RA Dickey I think you get September baseball at least.

Starting Lineup

Reyes SS

Melk man LF

Bautista RF

Edwin 1b/DH

Lind Dh/1B

Lawrie 3b

Rasmus CF

Arenciba C

Isturis 2b







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