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Posted Thursday, January 19, 2012 08:45 AM

Shadow's Thursday play

0-3 last night, couldn't believe at OKC, they are suckers last night, I can't explain how did that happened. anyway, another new day.

The mavericks, just can't beat team at the road, they only beat a Boston celtics that's on a slump lately, I'm pretty sure there will be another breakdown from them against a rejuvenated Utah jazz which just eats team on their court.

I think even with the new orleans having a pretty balanced line up, the houston rockets are a very decent team to lean on right now, they are just that consistent with kyle lowry and that new guy patterson around him, I just hope Scola will be able to help.

hous under
dal under

lets get some money!

Posted Wednesday, January 18, 2012 05:59 AM

Shadow's Wednesday play

2-1 last night . big win with MIAMI! just keep trusting the team that i hate the most. 

Picks tonight:

I just hate that ATL team since they lost to miami, they just can't cover games. The fact that they can still be a good team in the east, their bench just sucks, only one name stands out , TMAC 

Come on, it's this simple, Washington sucks..nuf said.

spurs, old guys? you can do it!! just kidding, can't stop little superman lebron? can't stop more the True SUPERMAN! DWIGHT!

that's all. let's get some money! 


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