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Posted Thursday, February 17, 2011 02:41 AM

The IRS hustle

I'm just one of many American citizens that is under siege by the IRS. I've been paying every kind of tax imaginable,  some for over 40 years. My tax liability has included payroll taxes, entitlement matching taxes socsec/med care, business lic taxes, income taxes, property taxes, ect. The biggest tax of all to me is the SIN TAXES, gambling, drinking, and some others. I'm going to post in here from time to time to cronicle my journey though a Tax Audit, here goes.

The IRS revenue code is unfair to American winners and it doesn't like losers either. The Feds tax gambling winnings at the highest rate allowable, up to 50% and more in some cases.  Casino winners use W-2G's & split pools, lotteries use form 5754. The IRS currently collects more than 5 million W-G's and 5754's per year and that figure continues to grow. The entire system is stacked against anybody that gambles and it doesn't matter if you win or lose.

Since the "Moneymaker Effect" 2003, poker has exploded. The IRS see's this has it's own golden goose. For Example, Jonathon Duhamel, a Canadian, won the 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event and won $8.94 million and paid only 30% to the IRS, about $2.68 million.  In 2009, Joe Cada won the title, a young man from Michigan USA and won $8.55 million, he paid about $4.275 million or @50%.  In 2006 a Dutch kid, Peter Eastgate, won a record $9.15 million and... [More]

Posted Thursday, July 01, 2010 08:32 PM

NBA free agent mess

Damn we should all be so lucky a free agent in the NBA 2010...

These guy's are making more money than anybody could've ever dreamed. These contract numbers are off the charts. What the fuck happened to the economic shit hole most Americans have been forced to live in. I doubt Lebron and the boy's will ever have to worry about the value of their house. I give Lebron props when he only signed a three year extension w/his last deal and was instramental in getting D.Wade and Bosh to do the same. Carmelo was in that loop too, but was questioning his own ability at the time so signed a max deal with Denver.


I have lived in Las Vegas for over 25 years, born in Akron Ohio., same hospital as Lebron.  When they say you never lose your home town roots I know firsthand what there talk'n about. The day Lebron was drafted by the Cavs it felt like finally Cleveland fans just might get a championship before I die. I'm just lucky I moved to Vegas as long ago as I did cuz I'm not as passionate or as loyal as I once was, unlike family/friends from back home.


When Lebron and the Cavs quit vs. Boston in this year's playoffs I couldn't believe my eyes, I mean wtf, something was going on in that locker room that still has not been addressed.  I'm surprised that hasn't been mentioned more. I still want Lebron w/the Cavs and here is how they can do it.


Gilbe... [More]

Posted Saturday, February 27, 2010 06:20 PM


i need more time on my daily clock, cuz the amount of ncaa hoops lines are driving me fuck'n crazy


wtf...head'n to red rock casino. double fisted, look'n for jackpot, can u dig it!


hawaii/nevada under145...a big wave is a com'in







Posted Monday, June 08, 2009 12:48 AM

mgm/mirage outlaw line Finals Game 3

The mgm/mirage opened game 3 @ Orl-3 -110/ 199.5 -110
early money is on Orlando...
The guard rotation by the Orlando Magic in game #2 is the reason this thing is 0-2 heading to Florida. The Magic let a golden opportunity slip through their hands. The dynamics to this series could'a done a complete 180 if Van Gundy had a clue.
wtf...JJ Redick gets 27min and goes 2/9, a rookie, C.Lee, gets the last shot in regulation, his line 12min 1/3 and the kid gets alligator arms at the worst possible time I would have found a way to Lewis the ball for that last shot
What the hell, Orlando guards shot 6/26...23%,...ouch.
Alston 1/8, Lee 1/3, Nelson 1/3, Pietrus 1/3 and Van Gundy's boy Redick 2/9 and a worthless 1/6 on three's.
Orlando was the play in gm2 and for those on the ML it was a bad beat. We deserved better


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