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Posted Saturday, December 08, 2012 06:43 PM

SATURDAY sirdenal's start

I'm from Ukraine. It's my first post here.  hope to surpise you with the results and help you. Also I think that it will help me, so let's start
sorry for posting bet with clippers after the game is over.

1) lac, portland, maimi     4 unints
2)san antonio, houston     3 units
3)lac-suns over                2 u
4)houston-dallas  over      2 u
5)boston-phila over          1 u
6)boston,memphis            2u

when i post like this, I mean wins, not spreads. I am betting more often on individual totals of teams, but nobody is posting here like that. I realize that few books give such opurtunities, though it can be very profitable.

I would take clippers,blaizers spreads today but decided to go today with wins without spreads.
nicks,warriors also look good, maybe on 1 unit, but it would be too many bets. gl to everybody


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