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Posted Monday, October 17, 2011 10:36 PM

NHL Props System

So,  after the success of Smittler's 1st inning dog system.   I figured I would play around with the Hockey props bets. 

Betonline was allowing 1st period +110 bets where there would be a higher score in the 1st period than the 2nd,  or you could bet for a higher score in the 1st period than the 3rd. (also +110)

I was using an aggressive labby line and betting on +110 1st period (highest score) on two different time slots for the day.

Ended up with about +10 units,  but betonline took it off their site or maybe I was banned?  not sure.

I wanted to share this in case someone could benefit from it.  And let me know if any of you end up following this system and keeping a record.



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