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Posted Tuesday, December 11, 2012 09:24 PM

Help with my Lineup: Go With Who Got You Here? Plus SNF Pick

QB: Peyton Manning or Josh Freeman.

Ravens defense is actually pretty good still. Manning had a mediocre game last week, and I don't feel like he has a high ceiling.

Freeman went for 30 pts earlier in the year at home vs. New Orleans. With the emergence of Doug Martin though, I'm afraid they will run a lot more than the first meeting. Freeman is shakey, and when New Orleans can't defend the pass or the run, it seems like Martin is a safer bet.


WR3: Dez Bryant, Danny Amendola, Brian Hartline

Assuming Dez plays, should I go ahead and start him with a broken finger? Pitt's pass defense is still pretty good. Amendola might not play either, so if neither plays I have pretty much no choice but to pluck Hartline off the waiver wire.

FLEX: Alfred Morris or Steven Jackson.

Morris hasn't been finding the endzone much this season. I live in Washington, and I doubt RG3 starts. I think a lot of Morris's success is based off the pistol where he grinds out 5 yards at a time because of the reads. Jackson has an absolute bust until coming on the past 4 weeks. Richardson was getting half the carries, but not only is Jackson taking them back, he is finding the endzone every week.

My RB1 is Bryce Brown and RB is Knowshon Moreno.

DEF: Houston vs. Indianapolis, NY Jets @ Tenn

Houston's defense looked pretty crappy on Monday and they are getting picked off by injury every week. Indy has been putting up points... [More]


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