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Posted Friday, March 22, 2013 03:43 PM

Friday NBA Parlay (0-0 posted record)

Knicks ML, Memphis ML

GL all


Posted Tuesday, March 19, 2013 11:43 PM

Financiers Wanted

Anyone interested in a partnership arrangement? I'm open to suggestions. Completely legal, obviously. I win regularly but lack capital and am willing to enter a relationship where profits are split, willing to guarantee initial deposit, etc. Not a scam, just looking to buddy up and max profits. Shoot me a note if interested.

Posted Monday, March 18, 2013 09:25 PM

Sonics coming back? Odds

What do you guys think are the odds of the Kings moving to Seattle next year? I'd put it at around -400 right now. Anyone know of a book that's got a line up for it?

Posted Sunday, December 02, 2012 02:34 AM

ML Parlay - 1 pm games

GB, NYJ, SF, Det, NE: $235 to win $690.

I'm tired of missing the spreads by a point or half point. I'm going back to basics and I don't see any of these teams losing - though probably most worried at SF on the road against a decent defense. But think Harbaugh and crew will be fired up after that last bullshit tie.

If I win, I'm gonna lay it all on one afternoon game and try to finish the day with around $2K. Could be San Diego +1 or ML. They have to win sometime and don't think Cinci should be favored on the road.

GL All, I had one hellevua see-saw day today in college and looking forward to putting money the guys who get paid to do this shit instead of dumbass 18 year-old kids.

Posted Saturday, December 01, 2012 11:03 AM

Today's picks - early games

One of these days I gotta lay off the teasers and parlays. But not today!

Pending Wagers Expand All Ticket #AcceptedTypeRiskTo WinFree Play87183861-1Saturday 12/01/2012Parlay50.00146.20No Football - Oklahoma -240 for Game
Football - Baylor +177 for Game
More infoWager Status:PendingRisk / To Win Amount:50.00 / 146.20 (USD) Accepted 12/01/2012 08:09 - EST Item # 1:Wager Type:Money LineOutcome:PendingSport :College Football Period : Game (Oklahoma: 0 - TCU: 0)Line:Oklahoma 12/01/2012 12:00:01- (EST): -240* Event Notes:Time Change - ESPN TV Item # 2:Wager Type:Money LineOutcome:PendingSport :College Football Period : Game (Oklahoma State: 0 - Baylor: 0)Line:Baylor 12/01/2012 12:00:01- (EST): +177* Event Notes:Time Change - FX TV
87183848-1Saturday 12/01/2012Teaser50.0045.45No Football - Oklahoma +4 -110 for Game
Football - Baylor +15 -110 for Game
Football - Central Florida +12½ -110 for Game
More infoWager Status:PendingRisk / To Win Amount:50.00 / 45.45 (USD) Accepted 12/01/2012 08:08 - EST Item # 1:Wager Type:SpreadOutcome:PendingSport :College Football Period : Game (Oklahoma: 0 - TCU: 0)Line:Oklahoma 12/01/2012 12:00:01- (EST):+4* Event Notes:Time Change - ESPN TV Item # 2:Wager Type:SpreadOutcome:PendingSport :College Football Period : Game (Oklahoma State: 0 - Baylor: 0... [More]

Posted Saturday, December 01, 2012 10:38 AM

My Please Go Away List

If you're like me, there are certain people in the sports world you wouldn't mind never seeing again. These might be athletes, former athletes, announcers, agents, SportsCenter Anchors, talk show hosts, anyone that is well-known in the sports arena but just rub you the wrong way. Thing is, I'm getting less tolerant as I get older of these people because they make the whole thing less enjoyable for me. I'm going to keep a list handy of the people I'd like to go bye-bye, and maybe if you agree we can sign a petition or send them a nasty letter or something.

Anyway, here's my list of Sports People that I wouldn't mind never seeing again:

Chris Berman - He was somewhat entertaining 20 years ago. He hasn't changed in any way. He's now just annoying.

Stuart Scott - I don't care if he has cancer. Take that Booyah bullshit and your glass eye and go to take a long vacation somewhere, and try to die while you're at it.

Terry Bradshaw - Hey Terry: what's so fucking funny? Certainly not you, you bald hick retard. Aren't you depressed or something? Stop laughing for no goddamn reason! And take Howie and Jimmy with you too. You guys are a disgrace to white people everywhere and are the definition of a Honky. Concuss yourself right off the side of the earth.

Colin Cowherd - Ah, Colin. I stopped listening to your self-described "controversial" bullshit radio show a long time ago, mainly because you talk like a whiny 12-year old boy but still manage to be a... [More]

Posted Saturday, December 01, 2012 08:35 AM

Already got screwed by Julio Jones...

and need to pick one out of Broyles, Blackmon, A. Brown or Manningham for WR2. Leaning Broyles. Thoughts? Blackmon is a close 2nd.

Posted Saturday, December 01, 2012 06:53 AM

Public Hate of Bama Could Affect Sat Game

I try to look for non X and O angles in some of these games, because there are usually variables outside of just scheme, talent, etc that play a big role in the outcome of these games, especially when you're dealing with 18-21 year old kids. One factor that could be in play for the SEC Championship Game is the fact that except for you very loud and probably large Bama fans all over this forum and everywhere else, people hate Bama. They are tired of hearing about them. They're sick of Nick Saban and his smug, holier than thou attitude. They are about to give the Heisman to the kid who managed to beat them, for God's sake. Roll Tide my ass. People want to see the Tide get rolled.

This could come into play for 2 reasons Saturday. One, the game technically is a home game for Georgia, and while I've heard differing opinions about the crowd/home field advantage, I don't know how anyone could say this is a home game for the Tide. Not seeing it. The refs tend to lean toward the home team, often subconsciously, when making tough calls. There should be a little home cooking in this game.

More importantly, the refs are aware of the Bama fatigue. For God's sake, they're probably sick of 'em too. They know what the public wants to see. This will creep into their heads at some point in the game. Again, I'm not saying the fix is in. I don't think in most cases these refs even know if they're favoring a team. But in this case, they will be. The general public wants to see ... [More]

Posted Saturday, January 28, 2012 03:33 AM

Let me get this straight...Wiz -2?

We have a team yet to win on the road, at 0-8, favored to win a game on the road off a B2B? They don't deserve to be laying points to anyone, not even against the lowly Cats.

Cats ML tomorrow looks like a gift at first glance. One of these shit teams has to win, I'll go with the home team thanks.

Posted Tuesday, January 24, 2012 10:55 PM

Free Slick Rick!!

Dear Covers:

I apologize for my profanity-laced tirade posted under your article about Colin Cowherd yesterday. I'm assuming that's why I'm currently banned. If you review my posts and history, you'lll see I'm generally respectful and try to add something to the table when I post. If you re-open my account, I promise to try to tone things down in the future especially when referring to Covers specifically. I really just hate Colin Cowherd, but that's my issue, not yours.

In short, I'm asking to please FREE SLICK RICK! Thanks for your consideration.


Slick Rick
Covers Member for several years

Posted Saturday, December 31, 2011 03:30 AM

Observations on the Moose discussions on Covers

Here's what I've learned about Bad Beats, Mooses, or Whatever you call feeling like you made the "right" call and got screwed by horrible luck/bad decision making/1 in a million type play (Ex. the Philip Rivers fumbled snap at KC before the game winning FG, which I still have nightmares about), or too many of these god damn recent bowl games to count.

1. First and foremost, getting Moosed really fucking sucks. When this happens to me, I am known to completely lose my shit. Break things, scream so loud my neighbors can here, and often am advised to leave my house by my wife to cool off for a bit. So I'm no genius when it comes to handling getting bent over on a bet that for all intents/purposes you should've have won, at least in your mind.

2. When Mooses happen, they probably aren't affecting only you. I will typically look at covers and immediately see several threads stating basically exactly what I'm thinking, in various degrees of profaneness and different levels of rage. Again, I get all this and feel it can be good to vent in times like this; that's one of the great things about places like Covers. Share your misery with others. Talk it out. It helps you start to get over shit and move on. But here's the thing: starting 1,000 different threads about basically the same thing about the same particular Moosing, and then the backlash of anti-bitching threads that pop up as a result evey time - it starts to get old weeding through all this stuff. Se... [More]

Posted Saturday, December 31, 2011 02:15 AM

Northwestern Moneyline? I'm in.

I'm going for it. Northwestern is looking for it's first bowl win since 1949. They have stability with a strong coach in Pat Fitzgerald, who has lost his first three bowl attempts coaching this team and you know has got to be doing everything humanly possible to stop the streak. So will his senior QB Dan Persa, who led the nation in completion percentage and appears finally healthy from the achilies injury from early in the year. Persa can complete with Tannehill and I think this game could be a shootout that Northwestern very easily could pull out.

A&M is more talented overall, but we've all seen how mentally fragile this team can be this year,. They've had more 2nd-half collapses than I think I've ever seen any team suffer in one season. Sherman's fired, the new coach hasn't started yet and the interim coach for this game is on his way out right after to start coaching Fresno State. You think there might be a few distractions for the Aggies here? Not to mention the lack of motivation from playing in a shit bowl like this after being ranked in the top-10 early in the year. I get that they also haven't won a bowl in 10 years either which will provide some extra edge for the Aggies, but NW is in the perfect spot to steal this one because of all the turmoil surrounding A&M.

The motivation factor is tough to call: many people thought we'd see it tonight with Oklahoma being under-motivated in their bowl, but the d... [More]

Posted Friday, December 30, 2011 07:31 AM

A Rant - to the Gambling Gods and Others

Guys, I need a winner in the early game tomorrow. But first, some background. Feel free to skip below to my pick if you don't want to hear it.

I feel like I've been 'd so many times the last few days you may as well call me Bullwinkle. You don't care, but I'll tell it to you anyway because my therapist says it's good to let it all out. The current moose streak for me all began with me placing a dumb-ass 10:1 ML bet on Xavier to beat Hawaii in hoops. A way to pad my current bankroll of around $1,100 while I looked for some NFL games to pound the next day. I know, huge amount for little reward but this seemed like buying a government bond to me as far as a safe play. Xavier had just lost two in a row, but got their top players back from the suspension and hadn't lost 3 in a row since 1974. This is a shitty Hawaii team - yeah it was on the road, but come on. They suck. Xavier was still a top 15 team, pissed off, and would not lose 3 straight to god damn Hawaii. No way.

Xavier basically came out on fire, dominated the first 30 minutes of the game, but slowly and surel the refs started helping out UH with some home cooking calls, and you could feel the tide turning a bit. As they tend to do (see the fucking Cincinnati brawl fiasco), Xavier got rattled and the game kept getting closer and closer until finally, Hawaii I believe took a small lead with a couple minutes left, causing me to slightly shit my pants due to the stupid large fucking bet I made just to pad ... [More]

Posted Monday, December 26, 2011 02:33 PM

Fantasy Basketball League - $100, need a few more owners

If anyone's interested in joining a H2H style ESPN Fantasy Basketball League, $100 per team (likely a $600/$300/$100 split at the end of the year), please leave me your email address here and I'll send an invite.

You don't need to pay the $100 until you're 100% confident that the league's legit, no rush.

We're just trying to get it filled in the next couple days for a draft tentatively set for this Wed. at 12:30 pm ET. We may need to push it out a couple days depending on when we're filled. We could use between 2-4 additional owners.

Let me know, thanks.

Posted Monday, December 19, 2011 01:13 PM

MNF Play: 12/19

(1-0 Posted Record - NFL)

I don't post a lot, but am trying to get my picks out there a little more often. I'm in a spreads pool where I've picked every game since the start of the season, so I can keep a pretty accurate record of how I'm trending all up vs. the spread (although sometimes the lines are a few points off by the time the games roll around for various reasons).

This week, I'm 11-4 vs. the spread so far in the pool, for whatever that's worth. It's my best week since going 14-2 in week one. Not trying to brag, I'm sure no one gives a shit, but just letting people know how I seem to be trending as I can be EXTREMELY streaky. When I'm off, I'm real off....but I seem to have a decent feel right now.

Tonight I like: SF -2.5 (-115). Considered buying the hook, but see this one much more likely to land on 3 than 2, so sticking with the 2.5. Below is my reasoning.

I expect the 49ers to be up for this game after a rought stretch recently - they are still very much alive for a first round bye, and would like to put on a show for their hometown fans on Monday night, as well as show the rest of the league that their strong season to date hasn't been a fluke. For Pitt, it looks like Big Ben will play, but he is EXTREMELY banged up. He thought he actually broke his leg last week vs. Cleveland. If he gets knocked around in any way on that ankle, I'm guessing the Steelers will play it safe and pull Ben/Batch in the game. Even if he plays, don'... [More]

Posted Sunday, July 13, 2008 02:37 AM

16 team fantasy football league needs a few owners - interested?

We have a 16 team league, 4 divisions of 4, 6 team make playoffs (division winners and 2 wildcards). It is a money league, but I'm sure that most people hanging out on Covers can handle that.  
If you are interested, shoot me an email @ and I will provide all details.
**Note: Please do not accuse me of running any kind of money scam. Any owners who want to check out the league, talk to other players, etc., are welcome to before deciding to join and pay up. This league has been around several years and we're just getting rid of some dead weight and inactive owners. Thanks. -Jesse 


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