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Posted Thursday, September 23, 2010 02:41 PM

Why I love the Steelers

Tampa Bay is still protecting their young QB Josh Freeman with the running game. Although Freeman has been solid on 3rd down  (Rating of 107.2 / Comp% of 62%), the Bucs depend on Cadillac to keep the offense on schedule.  Against Cleveland, of there 24 plays on 1st down counting penalties, the ran it 16 times and passed it 8 times, primarily in 21 ( 2RB + 1TE Sets) personnel . Against Carolina,  of there 25 1st down plays including penalties, they ran it 20 times and passed it 5 times, also primarily from 21personnel.  

The Steelers eat up 21 personnel classic I formation teams. If they run it that many times on 1st down, Josh Freeman will be in a lot of 3rd and long situations which mean some turnovers.

The Steelers defense is too good to feature the run against it. You have to spread it out and go hurry-up or no huddle. The Tampa Bay offense plays to the Steelers strengths.

If Tampa Bay score more than 13 points, I will be surprised.


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