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Posted Sunday, April 08, 2012 09:15 AM

WTF Warren Sapp   Reported that Warren Sapp has filed bankruptcy. According to the article, Sapp owes $6.7 million to creditors, and back child support, and alimony payments. His assets include 240 pairs of Air Jordan shoes worth almost $6,500K, a watch worth $2,250K, and a lion skin rug worth $1,200K. He also reported losing his Super Bowl and National Championship Rings. His income includes a monthly payment over $115K. $45K from Showtime, $48K from CCA Sports,and $18K for a book deal.  

Just another "SPOILED STUPID ASS JOCK". Fuck him. I have absolutely no respect for any man who does'nt financially take care of his children due to a divorce. My daughter was 18 months old when my wife and I got divorced. For all those years, I "NEVER EVER" missed a child support payment, and I did'nt make a fraction of what those fucking idiots make.   Not to mention spending excessive amounts of money on material bullshit. I'm going to stop now, my blood pressure is going sky high. Let me know what you think.

Posted Sunday, June 19, 2011 03:37 AM

SEC Week To Week Schedule Is The Toughest In The Nation

Not only is the SEC the best conference in the nation, their week to week schedule cannot be matched by any other conference.  Just to name a few in 2011:

Auburn: 10-1 @ S Carolina, 10-8 @ Arkansas, 10-16 (home) vs Fla, 10-22 @ LSU, (bonus), 11-12 @ GA, 11-26 (home) vs Ala.

Florida: 10-1 (home) vs Ala, 10-8 @ LSU, 10-15 @ Auburn, 10-22 Bye, 10-29 @ (Jacksonville) vs GA, (bonus) 11-12 @ S Carolina, 11-26 (home) vs Fla St

LSU: 10-8 (home) vs Fla, 10-15 @ Tenn, 10-22 (home) vs Aub, 10-29 Bye, 11-5 @ Ala, (bonus) 9-3 (Tx Stadium) vs Oregon

Tenn: 10-8 (home) vs Ga, 10-15 (home) vs LSU, 10-22 @ Ala, 10-29 (home) vs S Carolina, (bonus) 9-17 (home) vs Fla

No wonder why the SEC beat up on each other every year.




Posted Thursday, July 22, 2010 02:08 PM

Three Straight Road Games

I appreciate the info I've been getting, now it's my turn to give back. At least it's something to look into.  There are 5 teams that have 3 straight road games:

ATLANTA - Dec 5 @ T Bay (division gm),   Dec 12 @ Car (division gm),   Dec 19 @ Sea (long trip to the west coast).  The following week Dec 27, they have New O (division gm) at home on (Mon Night).

Cleveland - Dec 5 @ Mia,   Dec 12 @ Buff,    Dec 19 @ Cinn (division gm).  Note: After 3 road gms in a row, the last 2 weeks of the season they play 2 division gms at home against Balt on Dec 26, & Pitt on Jan 2.  

 Pittsburgh - Oct 24 @ Mia,  Oct 31 @ New O, (Sun Night),   Nov 8 @ Cinn (division gm) on (Mon Night).  Note: 5 of their 1st 8 games are on the road, with the bye week on Oct 10). Also, after 3 straight road games, they play New E on Nov 14, at home on Sun Night.

Denver - Dec 5 @ KC (dvision gm),  Dec 12 @ AZ,   Dec 19 @ OAK (division gm).  After 3 straight road games, the last 2 games of the season they play home games on Dec 26 vs Hou, and Jan 2 vs San D, (division gm).

St Louis - Nov 28 @ Den,   Dec 5 @ AZ, (division gm),  Dec 12 @ New O. 


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