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Posted Monday, January 09, 2012 02:37 PM

Tennis Wagering

With the Australian Open right around the corner ... I thought that I would share my thoughts and strategies on betting tennis.
One of the most important aspects of betting is to have the best lines available and to have every bet be an option. Unfortunately alot of books don't carry every variety of tennis wager and also have different rules when it comes to grading. Tennis wagers are tradionally money line wagers- spread wagers- over/unders and set wagers.  If your serious about betting tennis you want either a book that offers all of these options or you need a combination of books that do. Also the rules for retirements/injury vary from book to book. Its a good idea to have diffrent books that include a wide variety of retirement rules... these are: 1 ball in play- 1 set complete- 2 sets complete-full match complete. These will give you a wide variety of strategy options ex: If you know a big favorite is hurt... play the dog at a 1 ball in play book...if the player retires you win.

Capping tennis matches:

Having a basic understanding of the sport is huge. Rankings and seeding in tennis don't hold form at the rate of team sports such as basketball and football. Its important to remember that tennis is played on four surfaces: grass-clay-indoor harcourt and outdoor hard court. Its common for players to have an expertise on some surfacesand weaknesses on other. Its because of this of why the seeding or ranking format can be a misleading st... [More]

Posted Monday, November 21, 2011 11:47 AM

Michigan vs. Memphis in Maui

Interesting match-up between two team with contrasting styles. Memphis comes in with hopes of playing at a fast pace and getting the score in the 80's. Michigan comes in with a stout defense hoping for a game in the 50's.

Dictation of pace will be huge in this game. Other than Hardaway jr. I think Memphis has a huge edge in athleticism. Michigan hasn't been great on the boards and if Memphis plays hard they could generate fouls and offensive rebounds.

Michigan has to limit touches and has to hit it 3's to have a decent chance.

I think the Memphis athleticism will trouble Michigan on the offensive end and I think Michigan can limit touches by running clock and protecting the ball.... add the early start and I like the under here.

Am rolling under 61.5 1st half...I am hoping for a sluggish start from 1 or both teams... good luck everyone

Posted Monday, October 17, 2011 01:29 PM

Mich St - Wisky discussion

When the line came out I suspected we would see a large % of people on Wisky. Honestly...whats not to like about Wisconsin?

Russell Wilson is a talented and athletic QB who is playing behind a huge offensive line and has a running game that rivals the best in football. 

The defense has been dominate giving up about 10 pts. per game.

Couple of things to consider:

Who has Wisconsin played? Other than Nebraska at home...they have played little teams they could dominate physically on both sides of the ball.

Michigan State hasn't played anyone either... they are 100% over-rated... however... they have shown a large improvement from earlier in the season. Gholston and Worthy and the MSU defensive line has the ability to put pressure on the QB and has the speed to trouble Wisky.

The biggest aspect of this game will be the play of Kirk Cousins. MSU has the talent on the outside to exploit Wisky. MSU has struggled to run the ball all season and will need him to make the throws he is capable of. Cousins is a better passer than Wilson...if the oline can give him some time he has the ability to make throws...the question will be can he get support from his run game?

Another thing to consider is this will be the 1st real road test for Wilson and the Badgers. Big difference between Northern Illinois and Spartan stadium at night on national tv. I don't think you really understand a team until they prove it on the road

... [More]


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