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Posted Monday, January 09, 2012 02:37 PM   5 comments
With the Australian Open right around the corner ... I thought that I would share my thoughts and strategies on betting tennis.
One of the most important aspects of betting is to have the best lines available and to have every bet be an option. Unfortunately alot of books don't carry every variety of tennis wager and also have different rules when it comes to grading. Tennis wagers are tradionally money line wagers- spread wagers- over/unders and set wagers.  If your serious about betting tennis you want either a book that offers all of these options or you need a combination of books that do. Also the rules for retirements/injury vary from book to book. Its a good idea to have diffrent books that include a wide variety of retirement rules... these are: 1 ball in play- 1 set complete- 2 sets complete-full match complete. These will give you a wide variety of strategy options ex: If you know a big favorite is hurt... play the dog at a 1 ball in play book...if the player retires you win.

Capping tennis matches:

Having a basic understanding of the sport is huge. Rankings and seeding in tennis don't hold form at the rate of team sports such as basketball and football. Its important to remember that tennis is played on four surfaces: grass-clay-indoor harcourt and outdoor hard court. Its common for players to have an expertise on some surfacesand weaknesses on other. Its because of this of why the seeding or ranking format can be a misleading statistic.

Watch matches when you can.... is no replacement for watching matches as sometimes data and results can be misleading. Its important to remember that often tennis matches can be decided by 1 or 2 points. Also by watching matches you begin to learn the strengths and weaknesses of players. Its also important to remember that certain styles do well versus some and against others they often struggle.

Resarching match-ups is soemthing every tennis bettor should do... are alot of good sites out there for researching matches... I will not list any here out of respect for Covers. At these sites you can see head to head results- previous tourney results- past matches.  This data can help confirm what you see with your own eyes.

Injuries and motivation are two of the most difficult things to cap in sports...and they happen in tennis alot due to the nature of the sport. When capping any match you should always be checking the health and form of your player. Form is a term for how well your player is playing entering the match. You also want to check the health and form of your opponent... going against injured or struggling players is usual a good idea

Betting strategies:

Are alot of ways to bet tennis... really its up to you as a bettor to figure out what strategy best fits your personality. I always advise new bettors to use a notebook and paper and track plays for 1-3 months.  If you can show a profit over that amount of time you might be ready to invest real money into it. Better to lose fake units than it is real money.

Heavy chalk is a strategy you see alot of tennis bettors play. They risk the $2000 to win $100 thinking Murray can't lose to Donald Young...and then they get the reality check when he does.  Betting heavy chalk is a strategy that takes patience and a cast iron stomach. The question to ask yourself is whether that extra $100 is worth a three set match that makes you pace and makes your blood pressure rise. Its a strategy I highly discourage...especially on the WTA side of things

Parlays are another popular method when it comes to betting tennis. Instead of laying that $2000 with Murray you can add a few other matches to get your risk down. Parlays are often a good bet in tennis but must be played with discipline. Look to form parlays that payout 1 to 1.  You can do payouts less than that but I would avoid parlays with larger payouts... its important to tay patient and not be greedy.

Another popular strategy is playing dogs. Dogs hit at a higher rate in tennis than in other sports.  They are alot less risky and can be very profitable if done correctly. When betting dogs its best to look for certain situations.... such as:

1.Fading an injured player

2. Betting dogs the week before a major

3.Betting dogs in smaller corrupt tournaments

The above situations are just a few possibilities... but what do they have in common? motivation. Top players are not always motivated to win and you need to look for those situations to profit from it.

My strategy:

A good bettor keeps his/hers options open. The vast majority of my plays are situational plays and/or low underdog plays. If I do lay chalk its typically less than -200.  In circumstances that I like chalk... I try and formulate parlays that payout between .5 to 1 on my money.

I'm also not a volume player... I think quality beats out quantity. In betting its in my opinion better to be selective than it is play every match. The more matches you play the bigger advantage you give the books... stick to your strongest plays.

Last but not least is search for info... injury reports...tweets from players...anything that can give you an edge. Places such as Covers should be used to gather information and to compare and contrast perspectives.  Happy wagering

p.s. Am sure I left out alot of things... give me a break as I didn't want to write a novel
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Mad_Skillz123 says:
1/9/2012 4:05:14 PM
good job sparty, nice read.

Good luck in the new season.

sparty444 says:
1/9/2012 5:45:14 PM
Thanks Mad.... are always newbies that come around for the majors... hope they might read it and learn something.

I don't do twitter Cool

dumped97 says:
10/6/2012 1:35:00 AM
Good job bro thanks, I'm am trying to learn Tennis because a friend of my friends apparently makes a great living off of it even bought a BMW z3 or he could be lieing I'm not sure.
37fendog says:
1/9/2013 8:58:31 AM
i've played nothing but dawgs the last 2 years & have yielded profit!!
taurus says:
1/11/2014 4:17:11 PM
well done, sparty. I've found covers to be a good place to get insight on tennis and I am glad to see you posting here.
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