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Are the Knicks shooting themselves in the foot?

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Posted Monday, December 12, 2011 11:17 AM   15 comments
actually, for the future, chandler might be a good signing.  though, historically, he can't stay healthy.  i don't remember anyone talking about how great he was when he was losing with the charlotte bobcats?  does anyone see the boston value on opening day now that new york got rid of chauncy for a defensive center on a team with an offensive coach and two ball hog superstars who've never been known for their defense.
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12/12/2011 11:09:50 PM
Knicks have the strongest frontline in the entire league.

Melo will be the point forward will take them some time to get rolling but this team will be a threat to make the eastern conference finals.

Boston aging I think a player or 2 away from contending with the heat.
mtbaker says:
12/13/2011 2:38:42 AM

Ya I agree Bibby should not be starting with his pathetic defending- I don't watch a ton of Knick ball but is Toney Douglas a good defender and playmaker?

stevenp says:
12/13/2011 7:58:31 PM
the bibby signing is inconsistent with the chandler signing.  even when he was younger, bibby was a defensive liability.  now that he can't move anymore it's as if the knicks will be playing 4 on five with bibby in the game.   the knicks are also considering another defensive liability in jamaal crawford, still an extraordinary offensive player.
stevenp says:
12/13/2011 8:01:35 PM
the knicks got rid of the current architect of the team, the general manager of indiana, donnie walsh.  in defensive of the knicks, the aging walsh doesn't look long for the planet.  but they don't seem to have a coherent plan.  again, carmelo and amare have never been known for defensive.  chandler only played 27 minutes per game last year.  brendan hayward gave dallas a second defensive seven footer (albeit not as good as chandler).    am i missing something?   does anyone else see a cohesive boston who didn't lose a game to the knicks last year as a good play christmas day? 
stevenp says:
12/13/2011 8:02:47 PM
stevenp says:
12/13/2011 8:16:42 PM
apparently the knicks can only afford 2.25 million per year.  and crawford has been offered 5 million per year by indiana.  hm?  these guys (except for bibby last year signing with miami) play for the gelt.   consistent with the knicks isayahness, i think they'll wind up with baron davis and his tired old self.    will be fun to see!
thorpe says:
12/14/2011 2:45:36 PM
Carmelo screwed over the Knicks when he insisted that he bring Billups along with him from Denver.  If the Knicks could have kept Felton, they would be in great shape this year from a playoff run.. Dantonio's system calls for a young PG, or an ageless PG like Nash.  Billups was not a great fit, and neither is Bibby (as a starter).
MoneyShot says:
12/14/2011 2:57:22 PM

for the present and the knicks are playing for the 'now' it is a solid play... but you are right, when it comes to the future, chandler wont be that great and probably injured half way in this contract...

raems says:
12/14/2011 5:53:50 PM

Douglas is starting at the point. He is one of the league's most tenacious on-ball defenders, really good at pressuring opposing ball-handlers. Hits the 3 well and can be aggressive at times offensively, but he is basically a 2 guard in a 1's body. Not a great facilitator at this point in his career.

stevenp says:
12/14/2011 9:50:55 PM
totally agree.  dantoni teams are dependent on great, quick passing point guards.  felton was having his best season ever when traded.
stevenp says:
12/14/2011 9:52:51 PM
GREAT POINT!  If the "good" chandler shows up-- and amare and carmelo stay healthy-- AND, most questionably, they can all play together,  it will prove to be a good short term move.  I don't see it happening that way.  But I'm not sure about it.
stevenp says:
12/14/2011 9:54:09 PM
in my head, i've been discounting douglas.  but he was impressive during the regular season last year.  he did, however, wilt under the celtics pressure during the playoffs.
mtbaker says:
12/22/2011 5:00:32 AM


stevenp says:
12/23/2011 3:59:23 AM
perfectly accurate.  amare needs a true point guard to deliver that bounce pass in the pick n roll.
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