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Posted Sunday, April 10, 2016 11:19 PM

Win/Loss Streaks to date first 5 inning only

First 5 inn thread only((pushes do not stop streaks) My rules

Rays now 0-6 loss streak in first 5 inn

cubs on 5-0 win streak in first 5 inn with a push 3-3 last start due to lose

(pushes do not stop streaks) My rules

Jays were on a 5-0 win streak in F5 but finally lost and now on a new 1-0 win streak

D backs are on a 0-6 loss streak with a push 3-3)in F5 in last start also due to win

cinn was on a 3-0 win streak and just lost 0-1 in f5

lad was on a 5-0 win streak but then lost  and now just had a push 6-6 in F5

detroit did have a 3-0 win streak but then lost badly 2-8

cards had a 3 game loss with a push in between and finally won  and now just lost again,,L.PL,L,W,L in F5

Posted Wednesday, April 06, 2016 09:41 AM

morn guys just getting into MLB

I usually only play First 5 innings as to me its all about the Starters over the years and who has it and who doesn't but in first few weeks of season i like to also follow teams hitting the ball as well and winning

Will base my plays on teams winning in F5 

4/4 won 7-3 in F5 inn
4/5 won 2-1 in F5 inn

4/3 won 3-1 in F5
4/4 won 5-2 in F5
4/5 won 2-1 in F5

4/4 won 4-3
4/5 won 3-2

4/4 won 3-0
4/5 won 3-0

4/4 won 7-5
4/5 won 6-2

4/4 3-0
4/5 4-0

If my records are right this is where my focus will be on these teams to continue winning in F5 as to me its all about who is scoring this early in season

if anyone sees any errors please advise as i will make mistakes

GL this season

Posted Saturday, February 01, 2014 11:49 AM

2014 Spring Training

have a lot of back up from years past and esp last year in ST that i believe is interesting although it is a new year and will be interesting to see who comes out swinginglast year Kansas City just about owned ST with those 2 majow win streaks
Been working on MLB as it takes me almost a month to put everything together and yes i am ready by end of Feb tor 1st game
Royals had a fantastic ST last year with a 10-0 and 8-0 win streak in month of March (18) wins was impressiveOakland had a 7-0Minn and Colorado both had a 5-0__________________________________On the losing side we had
Cubbies and Cleve both had an 0-6 loss streak along with both having an 0-3 streak as well although they both were able to get one 4-0 win streak in there at one point in ST
Nationals also had a 0-5 loss streak as well but did balance it out with one 4-0 win streak to help
Cinn scored 10 runs in 1st 2 games to start ST (20) and lost bothgamesBraves lost their 1st 3 games
Seattle lost its first game and then went on a 9-0 win streak scoring 95 runs and allowing 55___________________________________________________One last note regarding MLB i do not do the streaks system the same as i do in Ncaab I follow Streaks to continue in MLB as i have seen over the years teams that get hot in ST usually follow thru at least till the first week into Regular season Not saying History will repeat itself but we will see by 1st week how things look and where the easy Money li... [More]

Posted Friday, December 06, 2013 02:55 PM

ncaaf plays are similar to Black jack table and if you eliminate

the reoccurring low cards or plays that do not mix well you have a better chance of winning or covering wagers

take the TOP ATS teams for instance
Theres only one reason they are there and that is because the # the odds makes have placed on their games has in most cases not been large enough for them to not cover

So of the top 21 ATS teams playing tomorrow who will cover and who will not

my answers will follow after i hear some thoughts from others
additionally in card playing this format is what i follow at table and i find it works well for me with a few twists as cards expire from shoe

This can equate to the ncaaf and its ATS rankings also

Posted Friday, November 15, 2013 01:25 PM

how did marshall not cover that spread last night

up 31-14 at half time and not cover final score 45-34

i did not see game 

Posted Sunday, November 10, 2013 09:32 AM

So who had the best win % last week and what do you have 4 today also any BJ card Counters

had a great day yesterday in College Football ,do not normally play NFL as think its a waste of $$$$$$
any body here that can prove me wrong and if so lets see your picks and how did you do last week,better be better than 80% or forget it

And NEVER SPLIT 20 as that is a winning hand and always hit 16

Posted Thursday, November 07, 2013 03:09 PM

Any Big time Black jack card counters here in this thread

Posting here, as this Ncaaf thread gets the most people at this time of season and wanted to discuss card counting technique's .If any body interested in this plz private message me to discuss


Posted Tuesday, November 05, 2013 07:49 PM

Ncaab ATS Streak Breakers for 2013/2014

This system does not normally come into play until there are at least a level 3/4 win or loss streak.Which normally then does not start until mid or last week of November near thanksgiving

The object is to play win or loss streaks to END,The higher the Streak the Stronger the play to end,As you will see there will be some Teams that go 13-0 and 0-13 and higher right into March Maddness and the object is to pick those proper moments,unless you like following winners and losers to continue,Which could also be a good play
Last year by thanksgiving there were teams reaching that level 4/5 already. San Diego was already at 0-5 by the holiday and if my memory is correct they were bad in 2012.but by 0-5 they actually covered finally
On the winning side i believe Cal Northridge was already on a 7-0 ATS by Thanksgiving  and at 4-0 win ATS streak. We had 8 teams pending play with a 1-1 record already
As the season continued i believe the best play level was at the level 5 win or loss streak,but i need to research this from years past to confirm
looking to see how this plays out this year . I picked this system up from another thread a few years back and it has done me well over the years 
Looking to get started earlier this year but with low wagers... [More]

Posted Tuesday, October 29, 2013 07:31 PM

Top 25 Covers ncaaf ATS Standings and who covers this week thoughts

Of the top Covers 25  ATS teams from last week,who will cover this week
#1 Houston Covered last week now 7-0-0# 2 Wisconsin Off last week          6-0-1#3 Oregon  Covered last week       7-1-0#4 Baylor   Covered last week       6-1-0#5 Cent fla  Covered last week       6-1-0#6 Mizz Did not cover last week     6-1-1#7 Ball St   Covered last week       7-2-0#8 Auburn  Covered last week        6-2-0#9 Buffalo   Covered last week       6-2-0# 10 Duke   Covered last week       6-2-0#11 Rice     Covered last week       6-2-0# 12 Tulane Covered last week       6-2-0#13 N texas Covered last week      6-2-0#14 Col St   Covered last week      6-2-0#15 Wash St  Play on Thurs 10/31 6-2-0# 16 Fla Atl Did not cover last week 6-2-0#17 Fla St  Did not cover last week  5-2-0#18 Ucla     Did not cover last week 5-2-0# 19 Navy   Covered last week         5-2-0#20 S Alab Did not cover last week  5-2-0#21 Ohio St Covered last week        5-2-1#22 Toledo Covered last week          5-2-1#23 Geo St Did not cover last week  5-2-1#24 Alabama Covered last week       5-3-0#25 N ILL Covered last week         ... [More]

Posted Friday, October 25, 2013 09:49 PM

Ncaaf plays

Just getting into Ncaaf as a bigger MLB guy and my thread there speaks for itself This system i have used for a few years but i like to wait until MLB finals out and glad i did as early weeksare/were not good as you can see (36-40)

I have Posted the last 2 weeks of ncaaf but only in my MLB threadand the results were ( see below)8/31 went 9-12 not posted ( went back and audited)9/7 went 4-7 not posted     (went back and audited)9/14 went 7-2 not posted   ( went back and audited)9/21 went 5-7 not posted   ( went back and audited)9/28 went 4-6 not posted   (went back and audited)10/5 went 9-6 not posted   ( went back and audited ) 36/4010/12 went 7-2 and posted10/19 went 5-3 and postedThis week System had last nightKentucky but did not play it and they covered as i was too involved in WSPosting these games for tomorrow for legitimacy,all these teams i look to cover Saturday if system is legitimate for 2013The teams to cover on SaturdayKentucky last nightdid not playGame t nite did not fit system
VirginiaAkronHoustonDukeColoradoTennW VirILLOregon StAFGeo StS MissMinnS FlaSD StNo one team has a more advantage than the other but all fall into System parameters There is another Filter in all this but i need to see the results from tomorrow B 4 I involve it into the MIX. These teams do split into 2 sections but for now i'm including them all together That will come next week
... [More]

Posted Wednesday, October 02, 2013 05:11 PM

Rays/Cleve need a clean thread for this contest

So here we go but first is Salazar the correct starter in a one game play off or should another had been selected guess that answer will come later this evening
We saw what happened with that rookie Perez and his 11 startsnow its Salazar with his 10 starts and Cleve chances hanging in balance
We also saw Cueto be selected and what happened there and the end to Cinn hopes
Lets look at runs allowed by both these starters
Cobb F5 For year RA            0-4-2-0-0-2-3-1-1-0-0  -6-2-1-1-1-0-4-3-2-0-0 ( L10 14 R/A)Game 0-5-3-0-8-3-3-4-3-3-0-10-3-1-4-3-2-6-7-2-1-0 ( L10 29 RA___________________________________________Salazar F5 for Year RA             0-1-3-1-2-0-1-1-4-1 ( 10 Starts) 14 R/AGame  2-6-3-1-2-0-2-1-7-2 ( 10 starts ) 26 RA
Cobb sure appears as the better starter  if their last 1/2 starts are reviewed and the under in F 5 does look very good,and add Rays have Momentum on their side with that impressive win against Cinn is a plus
This is working out to be a great game and rather than pick a side i think i'll just hope both can let me win the under in F 5 and i'll let others battle out who wins this 
Who's with me

... [More]

Posted Tuesday, October 01, 2013 03:26 PM

why Cueto and not Leake for t nights game for reds

Yes he allowed 4 runs in his last start on 9/24 in the 2nd and nothing after for a loss in 9 inn but he had 2 Complete shutouts prior thru a full 9 inn in both prior games.and the one big hit was a HR with 2 men on in 2nd

I just think he would had been a better selection for this game. Cueto has 11 starts vs Leaks 29

Posted Monday, September 30, 2013 02:56 PM

Just closing down MLB so who has the better records this early

Went 8-4 on Sunday in MLB so looking to get my feet wet and mix with you guys i live here iin vegas and get many comps so if any body needs a room i can get for free as i am a very good BJ player  and get comps when ever i need them.So lets here it 

Posted Saturday, September 28, 2013 09:31 AM

Have to post this as it could be the best play and the way to win all your losses back

How in the hell can NICASIO win this game
Nicasio RA F 5, L 8 starts 2-2-0-6-1-1-10  -7Game,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,3-4-1-8-4-4-11-13____________________________________Greinke RA F 5, L 8 starts  0-1-0-1-2-1-1-0Game,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,0-1-2-1-4-2-3-0Nicasio does not have a chance today Greinke on RL and all the $$$$$ you have,,kids,etc
don't forget that piggy bank

Nicasio for year RA in 9 inn3-9-4-5-3-3-3-9-0-6-7-7-4-8-5-11-0-3-5-11-5-4-3-4-1-8-4-4-11-13Greinke for year RA in 9 inn0-2-1-5-7-7-0-3-6-1-4-8-1-0-1-5-2-2-0-0-1-2-1-4-2-3-0His 5 inn RA are unbelieveable0-1-1-5-6-4-0-2-5-0-3-5-0-0-0-2-2-1-0-0-1-0-1-2-1-1-0
How does  he not win the Cy... [More]

Posted Tuesday, April 02, 2013 09:04 AM

Yesterday 5 inn 9-2

have to boast as probably will never repeat again 

Won every game yesterday but 2
Loss  in 5 inn
Gallardo 1-3,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wins in 9 inn 5-4
Wainwright 1-4,,,,,,,,,loss 6-2 in 9 inn

Wins all in 5 inn,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,in 9 inn,,,but i only played them in 5
Strausburg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,W in 9 inn 2-0
Niese,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,W 11-2 in 9 inn
Samardzia,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,W 3-1 in 9 Inn
cain/kershaw Under,,,,,,,W,under 4 runs total
Hudson,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,W 7-5 in 9 inn
Nyy gm Over,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Over in 9 inn 10 runs
sale,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  ,,W in 9 inn 1-0
Detroit gm Under,,,,,,,,,,, W ,Under in 9 inn 6 runs
Seattle gm Under,,,,,,,,,,,,W under in 9 inn 2 runs

There were a few i left off card but posted in my thread

Posted Saturday, March 30, 2013 07:01 PM

2013 MLB 5 inn and 9 inn Thread

Had a great ST for 2013Thanks to Royals 21-3-1Seattle 16-8-0On to 2013 MLB Season
Starters that are starting their 1st start for 2013 and their 1st start of past years regardless of team they were with,This should give us some insight what to expect in days going forward of starterSunday 03/31Texas Runs allowed ,Harrison Last 3 years 1st start Year /5 inn /9 inn/Total2012 0/0/02011 0/1/12010 1/3/4Astro'sRuns allowed Norris year /5 inn /9 inn/Total2012 2/0/22011 5/2/72010 7/1/8 according to these past records it appears as the logical winner will be HarrisonOnce we get into 3 games i will eliminate past years and just post current, once we get a feel of starters abilities 
Under is looking good too in 5 and 9

... [More]

Posted Thursday, March 28, 2013 11:01 AM

Two big Plays for today Thursday

Royals have been having a great ST in 2013 going 18-3-1They also had a win Streak of 10 wins in a row and currently have a 5 game win streak going.They also have scored 170 runs to date and have allowed just 92 runs
Seattle has also had a great ST this year going 15-8-0,They also had a 9 game win streak early in season but have cooled off some at 2-3 in last 5 games although they did win their last game 10-7,They also have scored 153 runs and have allowed 124.Not as good as Royals but in the top group 
Both these teams play today against opponents that i think are inferior,both in runs scored and wins and since its the close of spring training I'm upping the anti for today to10 units each on both to win and will parlay them both together for 5 units
When you review Cubs stats they are far below the level of Seattle at 9-11-0 and 85 runs scored and 109 allowed
When you review Cinn who is playing Royals they also fall short at 8-12-1 and runs scored 131 and allowed 159
I am bringing this to your attention to alert you to these plays as i believe they are the best plays today,and an attempt to go out on a strong closing note for 2013 spring training... [More]

Posted Friday, December 21, 2012 03:16 PM

W/LStreak System to end

Been playing this ATS Streak System

The Higher the win or loss Streak the more it should end and the Higher the Wager $$$$$

Been finding teams with a 5-0 win streak record so far this season are continuing to 6-0 at a record of 10-2
we have 2 teams today that are at this level
5-0 Wyoming
5-0 Wash St
Lets see how this plays out

Worth Noting IUPUI is at 0-10 already per Covers with the worst record to date, Fade Material
8-0 ILL Chicago stopped on 12/18
7-0 Cal Northridge stopped on 11/28

Utah is playing today and is 7-0
7-0 Streaks are 1-1 and they are playing of all teams Cal Northridge,can they stop them ??

Few other streaks playing today
6-0 Fordham,,,,,, cur record to stop 3-4 Playing uconn today
0-6 N Colorado,,cur record 2-3 Playing N Dakota today
0-4 Sac St ,,,,,,,,,,,cur record 13-12 Playing Montana today

Posted Friday, November 16, 2012 06:06 PM

Friday hoops

Gonna try my hand with this ( Lines as they are at tip)



Posted Monday, May 07, 2012 03:42 PM


Matsuz,,,,4-1-3-0-1,, love last 2 starts in 5 inn also in 9 were great too 2-1Harrison,,0-1-2-7-8,,just reverse last 2 starts also in 9 inn last 3 were not,,,4-8-11Matsuz in 5 and 9 inn for me( best in 5)______________________________________Weaver is light's out,,,0-3-0-2-0-0 and thru 9 inn,,0-6-0-3-3-0Liriano is pathetic,,,,,,6-6-7-5-4 and thru 9 inn,,,,,8-9-8-6-4Weaver to bank in 5 and 9______________________________________Fister one start but Shut out thru 9 inn says enough for meBeavan,,1-3-3-3-4 and thru 9 inn 1-3-4-5-5 running with Fister in both 5 and 9 inn_________________________________________National
Rodriquez and Zambrano both pitching great Under in 5 laying off the 9 inn play______________________________________________Arroyo looks great 1-0-0-2-2 vs 1-1-1-12-3 for Gallardo in 5 inn Arroyo looks even better thru 9 inn,,,5-2-3-2-3 vs 1-4-4-13-5Arroyo in 9 inn________________________________________________Lynn has been my LOCK all season not stopping today,,,,1-0-1-1-1 vs Saunders 0-1-3-0-3 in 5 innpretty good in 9 inn also,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,3-1-1-1-3 vs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,2-1-5-0-5___________________________________________________________________Volquez last 3 are great starts,,,,,,,3-2-4-0-0-0 and thru 9 inn,,,5-4-5-4-1-0Pomeranz,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,3-2-6-1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,5-9-9-5Volquez in 5 and 9 inn_________________... [More]

Posted Sunday, May 06, 2012 10:04 AM

SUPER SUNDAY PAR:AY THREAD<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 5 & 9

Sunday plays as Stevo Sees them
Cahill and Dicky Under in 5 inn both pitched well in their last 2 games ,, 1-0 vs 1-0,,,
 Wainwright should win in 5 inn,,,1-2 last 2 starts and Happ is Bad,,,,3-4-3,, leave 9 inn alone too ???
Pitt and Cinn to ???? gun to head Over in 5 and 9
Harang pitching badly and first start for Cook Pass this game___________________________________________________Beachey 5 inn,,,4-1-0-1-2 and thru 9 Inn,,,8-4-1-2-4Nicasco,,5 inn,,,1-6-1-0-1,,and thru 9 inn 3-6-4-1-2Both last 3 starts tells me Under in 5 and Under in 9__________________________________________Cain is pitching very well and torn between him and under as Marcum had a great last game but can he do it again is the ?????Cain in 5 inn,,,2-0-0-2-2 vs Marcum 3-2-2-4-0,, Cain and the under in 5 inn for me,, but may not play__________________________________________________________________ Phillies/Nats today under  Both Pitching EXTREMELY wellHamels 5 inn,,,3-2-1-0-1 vs Zimmerman,,1-1-1-1-1,, Under in 5 inn,, Line is 3 Gulp !!,, under in 9 looks good too would not surprise me Hamels wins it in 9 as Zimmerman and BP had a bad last start allowing 4 runs inn 6-9My one prob with Phils is their lack of hitting but that supports the Under__________________________________________________________________________________A/L
Love Darvish in 5 and 9 pitching Superbly esp against Jiminez is Ugly 9 inn ( 13-5-6-6-6) no way he wins today
Hunter and Bucholtz last 2 sta... [More]

Posted Saturday, April 28, 2012 07:15 AM

Saturday Stevo's way

Love comparing Starters esp in first 5 inn which usually sets tone for game,so here goes
Runs allowed starter vs starter
Best matchups for Saturday 04/28
  Starters with least runs allowed in all their starts this season
Gallardoinn ,,1-5,,,1-1-1inn,,6-9,,,1-4-4Total,,,,,,,2-5-5________________Lohse ( same)1-5,,,,,,,1-1-0-16-9,,,,,,1-1-1-1total,,,,2-2-1-25 inn Play......... Under 49 inn Play,,,,,,,,,,Lohse More Consistent________________________________9 inn play only,,, Runs AllowedHarrell,,,,,3-5-3-6Cueto,,,,,,0-3-2-3Cueto much better thru 9 inn with Bullpen_________________________________________9 inn play onlyBedard,,,,,,1-4-5-5Delgado,,,,,3-3-6Line is 7.5,,,Over is the play_________________________________________5 and 9 inn playStrasburginn ,,1-5,,,1-0-0-0inn,,6-9,,,,0-0-3-2Total,,,,,,,,1-0-3-2________________Billingsly1-5,,,,,,,0-1-2-106-9,,,,,,,0-0-3-2total,,,,,0-1-5-12Strausburg in 5  and 9 inn___________________
___________________ALChen ( Royals)inn ,,1-5,,,0-3-1-1inn,,6-9,,,,5-2-2-3Total,,,,,,,5-5-3-4________________Marquis1-5,,,,,,,4-36-9,,,,,,,1-3total,,,,,5-65 inn Play........Chen 3 good starts in 5 vs none for Marquis9 inn Play,,,,,,,,,Lean to the Over but pass at 8.5______________________________________Smyly ( Detroit)inn ,,1-5,,,1-1-1inn,,6-9,,,,1-0-2Total,,,,,,,,2-1-3________________Garcia (Nyy)1-5,,,,,,,4-4-96-9,,,,,,,0-3-0total,,,,,4-7-95 Inn Play Smyly9 Inn Play SmylyOvers look good too the way Gar... [More]

Posted Thursday, April 05, 2012 11:36 AM

MLB 2012 5 and 9 Inn

Lets get the season off on a good note as yesterday

4-4-12,, ST Thread
been reviewing the Cards/Marlins game and think the best play is the Under in first 5 and full game

believe line is 3.5 for first 5 and 7 for game
with low scoring by Marlins i think UNDER is the better play for both 5 and 9 inn
Still think edge goes to cards esp in latter innings for game win,,
3-0 t nite,,,,,

Thoughts for today,,,,4-5-12

MLB 2012 season 5 innings

 Starters first few past starts in 2011

Hanson last year first 5 inn,,4-3-0-3-0-0
Santana was out, if well he should pitch well to win in 5
Leaning Mets,,lord help me
Halladay first 5 inn,,,,,0-0-0-2-0
Bedard,,,first 5 inn,,,,,5-6-5-3
Halladay in first 5
Strasburg first 5 inn,,,,,0-0-1-6
Dempster first 5 inn,,,,,4-5-1-5
 Nats in first 5
Buehrle first 5 inn,,,,,,,,0-5-0-3
Cueto,,,,first 5 inn,,,,,,,0-3-5-3
Under in first 5
Kershaw first 5 inn,,,,,,,0-2-0-5
Volquez first 5 inn,,,,,,,,5-4-2-4
Lad in first 5,, although they are not scoring runs,  may pass
Lester first 5 inn,,,,,,,,,,,5-0-3-1
Verlander first 5 inn,,,,,,3-2-0-3
over in 5 inn
Romero first 5 inn,,,,,,,,,0-... [More]

Posted Wednesday, February 29, 2012 07:35 PM

Last years ST wins/loss and streaks,,,

Were already behind last years ST start results
02/25,,,D'Back's 6 Giants,,,7
02-26-11Det 4,,Jays 0,,,Phils 5,,Nyy 4Pitt 5,,Rays 9Mets,,Atl 5-5D'Backs 7,,Rockies 8,,
2-27-11Jays 0,,Det 1Nyy 7 Phils 3rays 3,,Pitt 10Kc 4-Tex 2A's 15,,Cubs 7Laa 0,,Lad 5Cinn 7,,Clev 6Pads,,12,,seat 13Giants 3,,D backs 4Bost 4,,Twins 8
2-28-11Atl 13- stro's 3Fla,6,,,-St L 3Phils 6,,jays 3Twins 6,,bost 7Nyy 2,,Det 6Nats 9,,Mets 3A's,7,,Laa 8Kc 11,,Tex 12Seat 6,,Pads 6Clev 12,,Cinn 0Chw 5,,Lad 6Col,,6,,D Backs 5
03/01/2011Atl 3,,Stroes 0Mets 3,,Nats 5St L 7,,Fla 1Bost 5,,Twins 0Rays 6,,O's 12Nyy 9,,Pitt 2Cubs 3,,Sf ,,2Tx 4,,Seat 5Brew,3,,Chw 1Pads 3,,Kc 4Lad 1,,Clev 2D backs 4,,Col 7
Det was already 3-0 by March 1st,, but final in ST was 10-10,,
ST AL results 2011 my records
Bal,,12-11,,had 4 (2-0) and 3 (0-2) streaks
Bost,9-14-1 had 1(0-7)and 2(0-2) and 3(2-0) streaks
Chw,4-18 had 1(0-7) 1(0-4) 1(0-3) 2(0-2) no W streaks
Clev 12-10-1 had 1(4-0) and 3(2-0) and 1(0-3)and 1(0-2)
Det 10-10 had 2 (3-0) and 1 (2-0) and 5 (0-2) streaks
KC 14-9 had 2 (4-0) and 1 (3-0)and 1(0-4)and 1(0-2) 1 strk 4-0 L4
Laa 15-10 had 1 (5-0) and 2(2-0) and 1(0-2) strk and their 5-0 L5 
Minn 18-10 had 1(6-0)and 1(5-0) and 2(2-0)and 1(0-4)and 1(0-2)Strk
Nyy 11-12 had 2(3-0)and 1(2-0) and 1(0-4)and1(0-3)and 1(0-2) Strk
Oak 9-15 had 1(2-0) and 1(0-6)and 2(0-2) strks,,0-6 last 6
Seat 12-11-2,had 1(5-0)and 1(3-0)and 2(2-0) and1(0-4)and 2(0-3) stk
Rays 12-12-2 had 1(5-0)... [More]

Posted Friday, February 24, 2012 04:44 PM

Saturdays best ATS teams can they continue to cover

Preliminary review on  best ATS teams on Saturday One requirement they must have single digit ATS losses,with a fairly good ATS win record and the higher the better,,,In no certain order,,,,pushes get .5 adder,, Any team giving DD points will be discarded unless the opposition is that bad then its buyer beware,,plz check all ATS JIC of human error,The # represents difference between W&L,They all have done well against the odds makers so far can they continue
Delaware,,,,,,,,,,14-8-1 = +6.5,,,,,,, 8-3-1 ATS Home +5LaSalle,,,,,,,,,,,,,14-7-0 = +7,,,,,,, ,,6-5-0 away ATS +1LSU,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,16-8-0 = +8,,,,,,,,, ,6-3-0 away ATS +3Iowa St,,,,,,,,,,,,,15-5-0 = +10,,,,,,,,5-3-0 away ATS +2Evans,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,15-9-0 = +8,,,,,,,,,,7-5-1 away ATS +2.5 St Louis,,,,,,,,,,,,14-8-1 = +6.5,,,,,,,5-4-0 away ATS +1B/Green,,,,,,,,,,,,16-8-0 = +8,,,,,,,,,,8-3-0 Home ATS +3Auburn,,,,,,,,,,,,,,12-8-0 = +4,,,,,,,, ,6-2-0 Home ATS +4 Virginia,,,,,,,,,,,,,13-8-0 = +5,,,,,,,,,,5-5-0 Home ATS 0Missouri,,,,,,,,,,,,13-8-0 = +5,,,,,,,,,,3-4-1 away ATS+1,5S Hall,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,16-8-0 = +8,,,,,,,,,,9-3-0 Home ATS +6Mich ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,15-9-0 = +6,,,,,,,,,,8-4-0 Home ATS+4Mid Tenn St,,,,,,,10-3-0 = +7,,,,,,,,,10-3-0 away ATS+7N Mex,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,17-7-0 = +10,,,,,,,,,6-3-0 away,ATS +3St Joe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,17-8-0 = +9,,,,,,,,,,,8-3-0 Home ATS+5ALR,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,18-7-0 = +11,,,,,,,,,7-4-0 Home ATS+3Tenn,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,15-9-0 = +6,,,,,,,,,,,2-7-0 away ATS -5Mich St,,,,,,,,,,,,,... [More]

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