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Posted Thursday, December 23, 2010 11:31 AM

4-play parlay

First posting for the year.  Usually I start earlier but there is so much parity this year.  March madness may indeed be "madness" for bettors this year.  On to the 4play.

MEMPHIS - +4.......Basically two evenly matched teams, and Georgetown does not blow out good teams.  Two athletic squads, and I'll take the points. 

San Diego - +10  This is not a great year for SD, but Miss State looks a mess, especially after last night's drubbing.  Sidney suspended indef, and +10 seems just the right spot to take SD.

Ohio State -17.5 -- who needs Turner when you have probably a deeper squad than last year and less turnovers from a squad that relied too heavily on Turner.  Freshman pg making good strides and then there is that freshman that is living up to his billing. 

New Mexico - 5  Interesting matchup, but N. Iowa is not the squad of past years and NX is hungry.  Could easily  e a double digit win.

$100 on parlay, and $100 per team individually.

NOTE:  Going with a second parlay for 1H:

OHIO ST. 9.5


Posted Sunday, April 26, 2009 09:24 AM

4-play parlay for Sunday

Twinkies -- Usually it is cleveland pounding Twins.  Perkins is the real deal.  Bats beginning to awaken.  Boston DH loss awoke the sleeping twins?  Me thinks a sweep and KC coming up.  Laffey will be laughable today.  <L
Pitts--Another team that is playing over their heads?  Pitching has been the difference.  That and a certain leadoff named Nil.   Peavy is not the same Peavy this year.  Take the ML.
Texas -- This game bothers me, but Kinsler is so hot.  Baltimore has the bats to, but not the bullpen.   Still they are pitching a rookie, and one win does not equal a win here. 
Seattle -- when the season started at twinkies, Seattle looked like a team that was ready to explode.  They have, and if their starters can keep it up, it will be an interesting year.  Even Silva yesterday had a good day.  LAA can't even find a healthy pitcher to pitch BP.  If it wasn't for Hunter, they would ve even in worse shape.  Today they have a good pitcher on the mound, but so does Seattle.  Branyon will continue his HR binge? 
2 units per team, and two units on the 4-team parlay.


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