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Posted Thursday, November 03, 2011 08:29 AM

Best night of my life betting football

I did what everyone should not do, do poor money management, 
Just wanted to share my weekend with everyone to explain what brought this about.

I had USC +8 last saturday for 200 (just in case you guys don't know, game went to triple OT and in college football, team needs to attempt a 2-pt conversion if they score a TD, and Stanford scores, after both teams score 7,7,7,7 in the first 2 OTs) so i get a push instead of getting a winner.

Before I go to bed, I decide to place my NFL bets for Sunday. I bet my usual 4-team, 12-point teaser, which I'm sure everyone would say is a sucker bet  *I have done pretty well the past 3 weeks.
So because of frustration, I decide to bet 500 to win 412 on saints-1.5, ravens-.5 or basically a pick'em, giants+2.5, Niners+3.0. So I try to go to sleep, and I kept on going back and forth, thinking did i just dump 500???

So I try to sleep, and then the power goes off! (we had a big snowstorm here in New Hampshire) so obviously, I am so pissed and worried because I wouldn't be able to hedge or something if needed if the power would be out for awhile. so when i wake up around noontime, there is still no power,

I decide to go out and play poker in a local card room. When I get there, there is power and all the 1 pm NFL games were on, and i saw the rams up 24-0.. upon seeing that, i asked for a beer, and was just disgusted. I then decide to buy-in for a cheap $60 poker tournament to pass time, and end up lo... [More]


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