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Posted Wednesday, September 05, 2012 08:05 PM

GIANTS !!!! and under.

Call it what you will, but I have been cappin on this site and others for years. Everyone is talking Dallas Cowboys and over just like it is Americas team again. Hello... what the heck are you thinking. G men at home over a weak Dallas team. Conference edge Giants. QB edge Giants. HFA edge Giants. Not a statician but someone tell me the odds against these. Take Giants and back it up with under. Does anyone else remember how the Gmen won the Superbowl???? yes your right, it was defense. Think with your head and stop following others. Have a great year. SURF's UP !!!

Posted Sunday, September 19, 2010 12:27 PM

Surf's 3 Pack Pic's

I know, I know, but sorry not enough time to give write ups.





It's NFC East Day boys and great to be back. Surf's up !!! 

Posted Sunday, January 24, 2010 11:35 AM

Forget the Jets, Payton Manning Wins Easy

I usually root for underdogs and the Jets have been playing some of the best defense I have seeen this year but you have to be honest and the cinderella story stops here. Sanchez is probably going to be looking up most of the game as he will be blitzed like he has never saw before and will be laying on the turf on his back. Peyton Manning is in a zone and unless Bret Farve and the Viking defense can spook him somehow he is going straight though the Superbowl, uncionciously. Believe it, Colts win big and its over at halftime.

Posted Sunday, January 24, 2010 11:30 AM

Minisota Wins Today ! Dont consider it an Upset

    Today I see the old soldier Bret Farve pulling a rabbit out of his helmet and beating Drew Brees in his own back yard. You can say alot of things about General Farve but you cant say he does not play to win. Take the Minesota Vikings to upset New Orleans. Game Day Predictions - Football is a lot like War. There are good guys and bad guys, home field advantage and sharp shooters. There is no award for second place, it's a strategic well planned victory, or put your head down and tail between your legs defeat.    ... [More]

Posted Sunday, September 27, 2009 11:01 AM

Doc's 6 Pack Pics - Get em while there Hot!!!

First off I apologize to every one who followed me on Dallas last week as I still am having a hard time dealing with that game but I guess thats why they call it gambling and they say, "You can't win them all". Here goes this weeks slate of six pack pics with comments and two Best Bets. Good luck friends!   Altlanta Falcons plus - New England and Brady are not the same this year. Look for Matt Ryan to exploit the suspect D in Beantown.   San Diego Chargers minus - Once again the Miami Dolphins have found themselves unfortunately they are no better than they were when Ricky Williams was smoking pot! Go with the high flying Chargers to go up early and win by double digits easily.   Seahawks even - Hats off to the new look Chicago Bears who rallied after lossing the best defensive player in the game last week. Dont expect them to continue week after week and they will get exposed this week in Seattle who really needs to start playing more consistantly. Take the home team and dont worry about a point or trwo shift either way.   Tennessee Titans plus - Once again the New York Jets seem to have found another great qb and once again I look for the Jets to fold at home at the hands of the hungry Titan. I see NY getting exposed on offense and defense with a surpisingly low scoring game. Go Titans and under.   BEST BET #1. Jacksonville Jags plus - There is no way that Houston should be favored over anyone and should change there name to the Cowbabys. ... [More]

Posted Sunday, September 20, 2009 08:06 PM

Dallas and OVER!!! Surfs Up! Ride the Wave!

Tonights action is a lean for an inter division rival at home under the lights. Add the Cowboys and Romo and its a no brainer. The NY Giants have been over rated with Manning looking good in the past but welcome to the new year and Dallas opening up the year with a strong statement. I am giving the ginats 17 points in a losing effort and posting the Cowboys with 34. Final score id 34 - 17 Dallas. Go Dallas and Over and get your money back or double it until Miami tomorrow. Good luck amigos Surfs up !!!!

Posted Sunday, September 20, 2009 12:45 PM

Doc's Six Pack Pics

Hello sports fans and welcome to the ride, ya all. These pics are on track to win at least 80 to 85% percent of the time. If you are a doubter stay away but remember not to go against the grain. I am confident that this is a winning post so here goes,
Carolina plus
Cincinati plus
Jaguars minus
Titans minus
Buffalo minus
Seattle plus
Chicago plus
Baltimore plus
Best Bets by system are Buffalo and Baltimore.
Dont sweat it out with the other "pay" systems these are free and better. See you in the winners circle for tonight selection. Good luck and remeber dont bet over your head. Doc

Posted Saturday, September 19, 2009 10:06 AM

Surf's Up ! Week #2 Selections

Looking forward to another great NFL day and going to start the bank roll with the following selection
According to my system these selection will bring a nice profit and we will be set up to double our winnings on Monday night. Ride with a winner, surfs up!!!

Posted Sunday, September 13, 2009 01:00 PM

Surfs Up !!! Week #1 Selections

Looking forward to another Great Year and starting off with these smokers.
Denver +4
Houston -4 1/2
Jacsonville +7
Dallas -6
Arizona - 6 1/2
St. Louis +9
Green Bay -3 1/2
Good luck my friends.


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