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Posted Friday, January 23, 2009 08:58 PM

Ive Watched This team since I was 5 and 2mrow they will lose!!!

Im From CT and I have watched Uconn since I can remember. I have seen every second of there games this year. Im not saying the L word but 2mrow night Uconn will lose that game. ND is coming off a few tuff losses and stand 3-3 in the big east. This team is no slouch. They have a unreal home court record and just dont lose at home. Uconn is young and turns the ball over left and right. harongody will riff into uconn. They need this win big time I rock ND all day if its -1 -2 -3 they have chance of winning in my eyes anywhere from 2-8 points. Uconn will struggle with the crowd and turn the ball over. They really have no outside shooting and if you want to say price will catch fire I cant buy it. ND will thrive off that beast then kicking it out to the white boy mac .. Im a HUGE uconn fan but tomrow night at 7pm lead will be laid down on ND ........  Swam


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