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Posted Friday, April 10, 2009 01:51 PM

3 plays, all chi town

morning guys and good luck today


the white sux are giving 140 to the twinkies and imo are the worst team in baseball, im here by the field its going to be cold and the wind is blowing in. now the white sox will only win this year if the 4 fat fools in the middle of the lineup hit homeruns and the ball will not be flying tonight here on the south side. this game will have to be won by defence and speed, not station to station old man ball. contraras is imo washed up i dont know much about the twinks pitcher but the white sux have 1 run in 17 innings and a total of 7 hits. the twinks are ver very fast and should win this game easy. the white sux closer has lost some heat on his fast ball and curve balls dont break as much in this weather. plus they have the worst fair weather fans in baseball and seeing they just lost a series to the royals im expecting about 11,000 peaople if that at the so called cell.

the white sox have 5 total runs on the year i believe and 3 of them came off a thome homerun in the 9th when the wind was blazing out. they have the second lowest payroll in the majors behind the padres and have no production from the lead off spot. this teams headed for disaster and im loving every minute. i hate friggin white sux fans and the entire organization, i would be happy to see them as the worst team in baseball and believe that day is near. thome 0 for yesterday and so far hes the best they have, p... [More]

Posted Friday, March 27, 2009 06:44 PM

i got 3 unders here and some ncaa plays with a par.

cavs 190   under                                                             knicks 206    under                                               kings 208     under                                                         bol everyone and have a good night.         i got some college plays also if intrested zags with the points and maybe, just maybe mline. okey dokey homa, points.  pod here. fuck cuse i know they are a tourney team but that shits all over tonight . jayhawks and the under.   also going for a parlay tonight on under knicks/under mich state.     big card means... [More]

Posted Wednesday, March 25, 2009 04:38 PM

tonights nba/ncaa picks.

i got 4 plays tonight and no writeup on any but i do like these plays alot. gl
pacific 5
under ndame 144.5
under clev cavs/nets 190
paulsys denver scrubbets play from his 15k party. this better hit mr mvp

Posted Monday, March 09, 2009 02:23 PM

fresh week plays and write ups.

cmon off a shit week glad its over. all business from me this week here we go. bol to all you guys this week as well.   first game i like is the charleston/tenn chat game. both teams are similiar in size and numbers.seems to me chatt big men are better scorers then charlestons, and chatts big boys play the majority of the game. the chatt team itself seems more consistent in scoring period. both teams have good rebounders and take good care of the ball. charleston coming off a big win with davidson but chatt guards are on fire right now and have been. charleston plays a lil better defence but this games gona be about scoring imo and chatt will outscore and rebound tonight and win. both teams struggle from the freethrow line but theres no edge in freethrows cause of the n court. both teams shoot good 3s but i think the total is a bit high myself. PICK CHATT 2.5/ and maybe small lean under, but just a lean with the under for now..(looking for shear and mcdowell to light it up and some help from the big fellas to seal the deal.) side note, charlestons 4th day playing hard fought games in a row.   second game i like im playing strictly off the last time these teams met. zags/marys. we know marys can rebound with this team and with mills back and playing good on a nuetral floor marys may have a shot at an upset here.both teams can shoot the 3 pretty well but i feel rebounding will win this game.and marys can get it done on the boards.last game zaga outplayed... [More]

Posted Saturday, February 28, 2009 11:46 AM

few games i looked into for the day slate, bol today.

its getting tuffer everyday as the boy gets a lil older,this stuffs tuff to stay ontop sometimes. heres a few i like today and i did work on them so hope it pays off. as always good luck everybody off to mini golf with the lil man.
iowas state 10
over jmu 140
va tech
all dogs, i look through the card elimating favorites and picking dogs thats how i roll i guess.
and 1 i stold from another thread.
cal -2.5

Posted Saturday, February 21, 2009 07:34 PM

its been a while sence i made a thread/lets talk 2 team one man show game.

ok i took the day off but cant resist this play. both one man show teams go at it tonight and believe it or not i like texas. i was thinking this line reminded me of orlando and the cats yesterday but i see a different outcome. everybody on the griffin boys but texas is bigger in every position. texas is way taller and rebounds per game favor texas team. I also noticed texas has been better from the charity line and being at home i see them getting most if not all the calls and points will come from the line. I also see the home team getting blake in a bit of foul trouble with the home refs. both teams have been shooting ok from 3 land and throw up around 16 and 17 a peice. abrams will hit his share and texas will get some offensive boards in the paint and get some buckets plus ones. i see alot of 3 pointers and 3 poit plays wich will put this game over the total. before i looked into the numbers i left a message in tmps thread stating i dont see how tex wins this game then i did a lil research and, i can see texas winning texas winning this game and convincingly. i have been wrong before but im confident in my work and see me getting both the line and total. i also have a master lock for my boy sonyce to get his cheddar back from earlier. under in the golden state okey city game, everybodys expecting these two teams to get up and down the floor fast, i see the same but i see a very slow quarter in  the first half that could change this public opinion. i see the game b... [More]

Posted Friday, January 09, 2009 01:18 PM

i like these small cards, less work

ytd  23-11  67% so far, lets keep it rolling
so far m liking wisc gbay, i think weds loss to loyala is still fresh in the minds of the public, as wisc mil won convincingly that night. i I think wisc gbay is the better of the 2 and should win by a half dozen or so. pick wis gbay ml
looking at the numbers i see no reason why canisius cant stay within 12 with this team, i think this should be a very close game,both teams around the same in my opinion, the only advantage i see is home court, and thats not worth 12.  pick canisius plus 12
imo the better team is catching points at home here, i think the oddsmakers meant to say san fran minus 2 and fucked up.pick  san fran plus 2
rider/ plus 11 and a fish hook
santa clars/ plus 14not so sure on this one, i may back off. Im looking at this game lil closer and will be back with my final play.
nba play ytd 4 and 1 at 80%, 1 and 0 last night with under mavs
tonights nba play so far is under kings 194. gl as always.
tell me where im off so i can look it over thanks.

Posted Thursday, December 25, 2008 02:12 PM

shackaclaus is coming to town haha

  I like shak daddy i think hes a stand up guy, sir charles should take some notes from the daddio.
3 plays for the early games.
boston plus 2
under 200
shaks squad -2.5
good luck to all and a merry christmas

Posted Sunday, December 14, 2008 01:04 PM

getting whooped this week heres some more noon losers from the loser himself.

all plays 300
under chargers
under vikings
under tenn
under jets
the governors going down and so am i.
bol losers.nice writeups huh.
oh yeah parlay vikings, and open leg, thinking gmen not sure yet, if anybody can help me find a good 4 oclock game to fill the par i need it bad. thanks guy and once again lets get this turned around

Posted Wednesday, November 12, 2008 09:24 AM

2 plays that jump off the card

well not a bad night finally for me, the first positive night in about 7 days. I see the hawks score 113 points last night on the road and now they are getting ten at boston with 67% of public on the hawks, not to mention a 6 and 0 record. I see boston in a blowout, this bet has sucker written all over it.
I also see the lakers who just won in dallas and covered a 6 point spread, now we all know dallas is not the dallas of old but still at home, not a bad team. Now the lakers go to the hornets house and they are getting a buckett. I see the public also on the lake show at 65% and im sure believing with bynum back to be the best team in the league. I also think this play has sucker written all over it. i like the hornets minus the buckett.I hope we all win today. gl


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