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Canada's Sexiest Sportscaster: Osmak or Staniszewski

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Posted Friday, July 29, 2011 10:26 AM   11 comments
Summer has arrived and millions of beautiful women are soaking up the sun at beaches and parks. These beauties are out frolicking along sidewalks and taking aimless walks in skimpy dresses and heavy makeup.

It’s a wonderful time of year for the average man to enjoy the scenery, but gamblers and sports freaks are far from average.
We don’t care if it’s a bright sunny day. If we have action on an afternoon game, we grab the extension cord and put the TV on the back deck - the only chance we have of seeing a woman is if the pizza delivery driver happens to be a female.
So as a tribute to all my boys who are sacrificing the panoramic views of summer for the love of the game, I offer you the hottest women of Canadian sports broadcasting.
I have chosen 12 of what I believe to be the finest women in the industry and will be facing them off against each other over the next week or two, and with your help we will crown one of these anchors the queen.
So starting with these two lovely ladies please answer me one simple question...WHO IS THE BETTER MOUTHPIECE?

Check out the other first-round matchups: Hedger vs. Paquette, Gaillard vs. Beirness, and Orlesky vs. Diakun.

Round 1 matchup: Evanka Osmak vs. Natasha Staniszewski

Evanka "Seabiscuit" Osmak
Born in New Jersey, USA
Sept 20, 1980
Evanka is a permanent fixture for Sportsnet Connected on a daily basis..I'm not sure if its her sleepy eye or the robotic smile, but there is something here that doesn't pass the smell test.
She is a big fan of synchronized swimming, field hockey and Ultimate Frisbee, so I can only assume she only likes to have a man around to take out the garbage.

She delivers the sporting news with authority and pride. In one sitting, I heard her refer to Janick Hanson and Cody Hogson of the Vancouver Canucks as Jason and Cory. Just like Ron Burgundy, she will read anything they put on that teleprompter.

Stay classy Evanka!

Natasha "Red Sonya" Staniszewski
Born in Edmonton, Canada
August 26, 1981
When the mileage on your car gets high, the hunt is on for something younger and fresher. Wives and female sportscasters are no exception to that rule.

The top brass at TSN know that we are all sick and tired of Holly "Fire Hydrant Head" Horton and Katherine "Hotel Head" Dolan, and that's why they have delivered this crown jewel..
She was a high school star basketball player and a won a provincial volleyball championship before heading to university to hone her skills in front of the camera.
Blessed with the eyes of an Olsen Twin and the height of a super model, she reminds me of an exotic European porn star. When Natasha is breaking the bad news to me about last night scores, I find a way to throw the ashtray at the wall, not the screen.

So, who advances to the next round: Osmak or Staniszewski?
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TommyToronto says:
7/29/2011 11:51:13 AM
Natasha won't have to worry about having her head banged into the head board - that blond HELMET that she sports should allow her to take it rough all night...
vanwilder21 says:
7/29/2011 12:00:35 PM
Why don't you post some pics if you want reply's dipshit?
bej0101 says:
7/29/2011 12:07:01 PM
the_DG says:
7/29/2011 12:45:18 PM

Here's the blog version, with pics... dipshit.
vanwilder21 says:
7/29/2011 12:48:00 PM
Good work spanky
Jon_Campbell says:
7/29/2011 2:50:20 PM
Lol Tommy T! She is very hot but that agree that lid is aggressive. She still gets my vote.
J_Logan says:
7/29/2011 6:54:56 PM
Don't think I've ever seen Staniszewski before.
Damix says:
7/30/2011 4:48:26 AM
This is a tough matchup

I'd say also the least favorite group to win the tourney.

Evanka looks like the housewife while Natasha looks like the mistress.

Tough choice!

Covers-Team says:
7/30/2011 1:23:17 PM
Natasha by a mile boys!!
Jumpin_Jim says:
7/30/2011 4:20:23 PM
Natasha has my vote all night!
bustn2night says:
7/31/2011 2:22:50 AM
poopy diapers.
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