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Posted Tuesday, September 01, 2009 01:57 PM

Canes v. Noles, the full breakdown

I see lots of trash-talking already on different threads, so lets just break this one down position by position:   QB Edge: Push   Phil Steele has FSU's Ponder ranked as the 46th best qb in America.  Hmmm....three backup qbs just transferred from Miami and all told the media they knew they would get "no playing time" for the next 3 years because of Jacory Harris' skills.  I will call this a push, call it what you want, but I rewatched entire game from last year and Ponder self-destructed in the 2nd half, throwing 2 pick 6's.  Calling this a draw is tough but I'll do it.   RB Edge: Miami   The cupboard is bare for FSU here, Phil Steele has Miami ranked as the 20th best RB group in the country.  Remember the team who has rushed for more yards has won 19 of the last 21 matchups, so this category is VERY relevant.  FSU loses Antone Smith, Miami loses nobody.   OLINE Edge: FSU   FSU is ranked 7th in the country, Miami ranks 26th.  This is FSU's best strength, definitely have the horses in the trenches, but the qb sneak wont work this year against the Canes.  Thats how the Noles won last year, I challenge anyone to dispute that.  Still Ponder should have time to throw.   WR Edge: Miami   Miami WR's rank 19th in the country, FSU did not make the list.  Again another example of the top guns graduating (lost top rusher and 2 receivers from last year, Smith, Carr, and Parker).  M... [More]


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