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Posted Monday, November 28, 2011 09:09 AM

Any chance Andy Reid is still coach in 2012

I think its over.  
Mike Florio reported Washburn and Morninwheg got into it tonight.  MeSean Jackson was benched.

And the Philly fans chanting Fire Andy in early 3rd quarter.

Think his career will be summed up in Philly by this play.

4th and 1 from 2 with Vince Young at qb and no d lineman over center, an easy sneak.  He chooses to roll out VY short side and throws one out of the end zone.  An awful play call in that situation.  And it shows he just never could find that power back to help his teams get the short yardage.

Not to mention ownership gives him the dream team.  And he takes an o line coach who is clueless to run this defense with most talent in league at dline and corner.

I think he's done.

Posted Saturday, February 13, 2010 12:40 PM

What is wrong with the Bengals, seriuosly??

reports that they are working out pac man...

this is out of control, you laughed at the fact you had so many players with problems years ago and you kept bringing them in.  You gave Chris Henry numerous chances and tragedy struck this team as many predicted.  Nothing good comes from these type of people, why do the Bengals feel they can change these guys or why do they like to sign them?  They aren't even that good besides. 

This Pac Man things tops it all for me.  Get a grip Bengals, c'mon.


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