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Posted Monday, February 23, 2009 10:14 PM

Finding a Calm

Hello all...this is offically my first blog entry and just wanted to share some thoughts of mine on my recent success in sports betting.  Not sure if this will benefit many, but hopefully it gets across to a few!

This past football season i entered my 6th season of sports betting and have just now begun to find a "calmness" to my action.  The obvious flaws have always shown in my record books (chasing, parlays, lack of money management, and worst of all- betting for action!) all of which intertwine in some way.  However the 2007 and 2008 baseball season's really were eye openers for me and i've been able to use the same mindset and philosophies in both my past football season and the current basketball season. Here is six base rules I follow and STICK TO THEM RELIGOUSLY!

1. Bet teams that I have some already known knowledge of...meaning sticking to teams that I am a fan of and even betting against them when neccessary, betting games where i've seen both teams play enough to know the matchups before I even begin looking into the stats, and never taking advice from those claiming to "know" this or that team-stick to your own thoughts and if this profession is for you it will show!

2. Look thouroughly into the numbers of both teams involved no matter the already known information you have on the game (research, research, research!)

3. Follow line movements and money being put into either side...if anythi... [More]

Posted Monday, March 24, 2008 08:28 PM

A interesting thought on the big ten

funny how this conference got torn apart for how "boring" their games are all season long and how low scoring games seem to be..yet as tourney play unfolds teams such as baylor, kstate, pitt, and now cal tonight find out why big ten games are low ill be the first to admit that the big ten doesnt have the most athletically talented athletes, but unlike the big 12 defense isnt optional up here...i go back to the big 12 title game where open jumpers were there aboout 80% of the the big 10 teams and players actually play defense every single possesion and in turn, games dont turn out 85-80...and as boring as a 56-50 game might be i think its funny as hell to watch a team like kstate that has great athletes play so unfundamentally sound and get so frustrated with the defense they saw saturday.

and to  be honest games like the big 12 title game were entertaining to watch, but i kept thinking if i was actually a fan of one of those teams id be pulling my hair out after seeing my team give up so many easy uncontested baskets


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