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Posted Friday, September 17, 2010 02:17 PM

**Pigskins Down South NCAA Friday**

Kansas at So. Miss-

Turner Gill leads the Jayhawks into Brett Favre kingdom coming off a big win against Ga Tech Saturday. The question mark here is Ga Tech a mediocre ACC team losing to a Kansas team that dropped it's opener to N. Dakota State or is Kansas that good and simply were not prepared week one and over looked an inferior opponent. Ga. Tech is a good football team and  Gill is a good football coach  and will be ready for this matchup. So Miss opened against a S. Carolina team and was clearly overmatched. Yeah they came back to beat Praire View A&M next week but they should have. Gill will have Kansas ready for this road match and I will take the Jayhawks in this one and getting +5.5 as well...Kansas wins this game outright!

PICK Kansas +5.5 -110 2units ML play +200 2 units


Cal at Nevada-

This game is tricky to cap if you read to much info. The one thing I do know is Cal is a sleeper pick to win the Pac-10 and as potent as Nevada is within the WAC, Kapernick does not bode well against OOC opponents. Cal's defense IMO is underated in this one and I beleive they contain the running QB. The young secondary must step up and I beleive they will tonight. Should be fun to watch!

PICK Cal -3 -110 1 unit

BOL on your plays


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Posted Saturday, September 26, 2009 11:54 AM

**Pigskins Down South** Saturday Dogs

YTD 22-16-1 +12 UNITS
Not alot of time for write-ups this am. Seems we have more rain headed into our area and that is the last thing we need around here! Been cleaning up from this mess all week and so much for sitting in front of the plasma today!
Today's plays are
Mich State +2 vs Wisconsin-
I am not sold here on Wisconsin and really beleive the Spartans are the better team and win this straight out!
PICK Mich State +2 2 UNITS
TCU + 2.5 VS Clemson-
TCU has too much talent for Clemson in my opinion and should roll over an overrated Tiger team. I like the Horned Frogs in this spot
San Diego State vs Air Force-
These two teams should and will light up the scoreboards today and reach the total with ease.
BOL to everyone on their plays!
**Dirty South**

Posted Friday, September 25, 2009 05:19 PM

***Pigskins Down South*** Friday Happy Hour

YTD 22-14-1 +16 UNITS
Scored last night with the Gamecocks ML and also with the points! If they could have only punched it in for 6 three times inside the Redzone intead of kicking field goals the team total would have came in. Really thought Ole Miss would have helped me with the second half over but they never could get anything going. Nutt waited way to long to get McCluster in on the gameplan. Ole Miss showed last night that they still have alot of work to do to be ranked #4 in the Nation.
Tonights play-
Missouri at Nevada-
The Tiigers head into Wolf Pack country where they meet a team that is totally not playing up to its potential. Heads are shaking as to how this team with so much talent is playing so bad. Mizzu on the other hand seems to be clicking on all cylinders and look to start the season 4-0 with a win tonight. Tonight is the night Nevada's offense shines and puts behind them the mistakes they have made. Also, the Tigers continue to score as well and tthis game will be a shootout of big plays and high scoring!
BOL to everyone on their plays!
**Dirty South** 

Posted Thursday, September 24, 2009 05:22 PM

**Pigskins Down South** Thursday Thunder!

YTD 20-12-1 +16 UNITS!!!!!   Rain Rain stay the f**k away!!!!!!!! It has been a long week recovering from the massive amounts of rain we had and cleaning up from all the flooding. I totally forgot what day it was today until one of my guys asked me who I was playing tonight.   I am thankful damage to my home was not as bad as many of my friends and customers. That is one way to bring a state out of a drought but I do not want to see that much rain come down again in such a short period of time. Prayers to everyone who lost their homes!     Tonights play-   S. Carolina vs Ole Miss- Gamecocks host a very talented Rebel Team and that inspires to win the SEC West and play for a National Championship. The Ole Ball Coach is crafty, and I can assure you will do everything he can to spoil this ride for the Rebels. Jevon Snead has a rocket arm and can bust a big play at anytime with the deep ball. Cocks on the other hand don't surprise anyone with their style of offense but tonight could be a surpise for everyone.   PICK- Gamecocks +4.5 2 UNITS Gamecocks team total  over 24 2 UNITS Gamecocks ML +168 2 UNITS   BOL to everyone on their plays!   **Dirty South**  ... [More]

Posted Thursday, September 17, 2009 01:21 PM

***Pigskins Down South*** Thursday 9-17

YTD Record 13-7-1 +12 UNITS

Glad last week is in the books and really wish it would stop raining down in the ATL. Thank god there is some early Baseball games on to watch or I would go stir crazy. When you work outdoors for a living the walls tend to close in on ya! LOL.

Looking to start this weekend off with some winners and at least make some cheese one way!

Thursday plays-

Ga Tech vs Miami-
Great ACC matchup tonight between the Jackets and the Canes. Last week we saw the Jackets storm out in front and then barely hang on for the victory. Miami traveled up the road and managed to knock off a very talented FSU team. Both teams have issues on the defensive side of the ball and it showed.  Do we really think they are that much more improved since their last games. I personally do not! This will be another classic ACC shootout and could come down to whoever has the ball last wins the game. I also like Tech in this spot as a dog to win, getting the points is a bonus.


Ga Tech +5 2 UNITS

BOL to everyone on their plays!

**Dirty South**

Posted Saturday, September 12, 2009 10:16 AM

***Pigskins Down South*** Sat 9-12

YTD Record 12-5-1 +14 UNITS
Glad to get away last night with any profit! Colorado will never ever see a penny of my money on them for this season again. Good God that is a team that looks like they still in spring practice. Congrats to all Toledo backers last night.
Write-ups will be brief( I have to get my honey-do list done before gametime) 
Now on to Sat;
Fresno State vs Wisconsin-
This is a talented Fresno State team and I really like them in this spot. This team can give the Badgers trouble all day.
PICK Fresno State +8 2 UNITS
UAB vs SMU--
To much talent on UAB's offense for the Mustangs to contend with .
Texas vs Wyoming
Texas in a blowout here. Wyoming just can't man up with this team and Colt McCoy will torch the Wyoming secondary!
PICK Texas -32 2 UNITS
BOL to everyone on their plays today!
Later plays coming and will posts during the day!
**Dirty South**

Posted Friday, September 11, 2009 02:33 PM

***Pigskins Down South***

YTD 10-3 +14 UNITS

Friday night big mac attack is on the menu!

I must admit mac football last year was an exciting division to watch as any. I see this year as also having some great matchups on the schedule and when the start playing during the middle of the week, well I tend to nurse hangovers the next day at work. However, that's what football season brings every year so will not complain about that.

I will kick this horse on more time and then put it to bed...Ga Tech really needs to stay focused for 4 quarters are they will not escape like they did last night with teams they have left on the schedule! Not to mention they blew my perfect night! Ok, enough with that on to tonight!

Colorado vs Toledo-
Daddy Dan Hawkins stampedes his herd into Rocket town hoping his son can be a field general and not wet his pants like he did on Sept 6th. Now maybe a match up against a really bad mac defense is just what the kid needs. It would not surprise me if Toledo attempts 60+ passes again tonight against the Buffs. As a matter of fact I am hoping they will and with that land a few in the Col defenders hands. Colorado is the better team here, don't get clouded with what happened against Col State.


BOL to everyone on their plays!

**Dirty South**

Posted Thursday, September 10, 2009 04:09 PM

***Pigskins Down South*** 9-10-09

YTD Record 7-2 +10 UNITS   Ready to kickoff this weekend and to make some more cheese! For the record all of my plays are 2 UNIT plays with each unit being $100. I do and will raise my unit amount on a play if I find a spot where I see an edge. I also at times make second half plays and will also post them during halftime. I hope everyone started out with a profit and let's make some money this year!   Tonights play:   Ga Tech vs Clemson- Dabo travels his Tigers into downtown ATL to  take on the "Rambling wreck from Ga Tech". Tech student body is planning a "white-out" and hopes it brings the same result as last years beatdown of Miami. Both teams won their openers (as they should have) but had room for improvement on both sides of the ball. Clemson has talent on offensive as every year and a defense that is very fast. Tech runs a triple option and Paul Johnson is no-joke as a head coach. Capping this game one would lean to the under as past trends lean. I see this game different. I see two ACC teams that have explosive players on offense and a slugfest for two programs that want to win their divisions. This game should be exciting to watch and my play is-   OVER 44.5 2 UNITS   BOL to everyone on their plays!   **Dirty South**      ... [More]

Posted Monday, September 07, 2009 04:47 PM

***Pigskins Down South*** 9-7

YTD 4-2 +400 UNITS
Cashed in with Ole Miss after Jevon Snead realized he needed to live up to the hype. Really hope this kid settles down or he is going to be in for a rude awaking when confernce play starts.
Second game with Colorado....oh man need we go back to that. The Buffs look like a bad football team and Dad needs to sit down and tell jr..."son it is not working, you are costing bettors money" lol.
Time for tonights play! (still can't beleive I watched that game last night). Move on, move on.
Miami vs. Florida State-
This game like the Colorado game is also a tough one to call. History has the edge to Miami, however both teams have alot of question marks on both sides of the ball. Can Ponder lead the Noles to a 10 win season? Can Miami stop the run with a band-aid defensive unit? Can either team stop the passing game? Hmmm, I think we have the answer to the play tonight!
BOL to everyone!
**Dirty South**  

Posted Sunday, September 06, 2009 12:28 PM

***Pigskins Down South*** 9-6

3-1 Saturday for a profit of 6 UNITS!
Tough to cover a 22 point spread when your Heisman QB gets blasted!
Still not complaining and looking to cash in on Sunday!
Todays card-
Ole Miss vs Memphis-
Ole Miss heads into Memphis carrrying a swaggar and a ton of talent. They are looking to show everyone that last years victories over Texas Tech and Florida were not a fluke. I still think the preseason ranking is a little high for this squad but they should take care of the Tigers today.
PICK Ole Miss -17 (hook)
Colorado vs Colorado State-
This game is a tough call. Both teams have massive O lines and like to pound the rock. In state rivalry games can go either way especially to start the season. The edge IMO goes to the Buffalos and they should be able to take care of business today.
PICK Colorado-10 (hook)
BOL to everyone today!
**Dirty South**.

Posted Saturday, September 05, 2009 09:54 AM

**Pigskins Down South**

Finally Saturday is here! Time for all-day tailgating, firing up the grill and making some cheese!   Saturdays down south when the CFB season starts transforms entire neighborhoods into block parties, shut-down cities and can even split a household depending on where a spouse graduated from. All said it is all in fun and we are finally glad its here,   Todays Card-   W. Kentucky vs Tennessee The Hilltoppers come take the field against a VOL squad that is looking to show everyone they are not as bad as last year. Lane Kiffin really made alot of fuss shooting off his mouth during the offseason. Let's see if he has prepared his team for their opener. This team has talent and a defensive side that can stiffle even the best offenses. Can't lay the points on the Vols just yet but expecting this team to score and cover the over.   PICK-OVER 44-120 2 UNITS   Oklahoma vs BYU- Oklahoma starts the season off with as much talent as last year. This team will be competing for a BCS championship and today they show why. Max Hall is a great QB for BYU but he will be harrased all day and he will be glad to leave Sooner country after today.   PICK Oklahoma -22 2 UNITS   Nevada vs Notre Dame- Notre Dame and Charlie Weiss need to show the country that this team is ready to return to the promise land. Clausen showed last year he has the skills to lead this team, however the defense needs to step it up against a very talented Nevada squad. Today ... [More]

Posted Thursday, August 20, 2009 04:21 PM

Throwing out the cheddar tonight **Diamonds Down South**

YTD Posted Record 14-12 +158 Units   Maybe it was because today started out with a surprise breakfast from my kids before they went off to school, or maybe it was the phone call from my buddy out of town that he scored last night on a 6 team parlay for $1924 after the Oakland/NYY game. Something about today just has a feeling to bring in winners.   I am not sure about anyone else and their habits when wagering, however I am very superstitious and sometimes when it feels right it just does. I like to wear my "lucky" shirt when I like the plays, sit on the same spot on the couch, check the scores only between innings, I think you get the point.   Now tonights picks!   Florida ML-128 5 UNITS Johnson vs Rodriquez-What a great pitching matchup we have here. Typical play would be under 1st 5, but tonight the Marlins bats tee off so I am staying away from that play and rolling with the Fish!   Dbacks/Phillies Over 9 -105 5 UNITS Davis and Blanton toe the rubber for each teams. Both have good stuff and could pitch a great game...not gonna happen! Both teams should score plenty of runs especially with over ump Muchlinski behind the plate!   Atlanta Braves +108 5 UNITS Got to have a dog in the fight on the ticket and the Braves take care of business tonight.    BOL to everyone with their plays tonight!   **Dirty South** ... [More]

Posted Tuesday, August 18, 2009 03:21 PM

Teenage daughters and boyfriends **Diamonds Down South** 8-18

YTD Posted record 11-11 + 49 UNITS     Why is it that when you have a teenage daughter and the new boyfriend comes over he feels the need to want to talk sports with the Daddy? Could it be nerves, manners, or just that he reallly likes my daughter and understands if I don't like him that maybe he might as well pack it in like the Nats chances of a playoff run?   I will give the kid his props though. He does at least follow baseball and yesterday he politely asked if it was ok to sit and watch the Angels game with me since they score alot of runs and are fun to watch. Hmmmm. maybe he caps a litttle on his own? :) After picking his brain a little found out that was'nt the case. However, the last dweeb she dated was not a sports fan at all (hence why he is toast) since this family thrives on sports competition through every arena possible.   Well so far the kid is ok in my book as long as he treats my daughter like a gem, and continues to make good grades in school, and plasters a WR coming across the middle of the field this weekend on opening night in our high school football game . He is the starting free saftey so I expect nothing less....if he wants to come back over. :)   Tonights Picks below!   Phillies ML -166 1 UNIT I know alot of people are waning to fade Pedro in this spot and are thinking the Dbacks will come out on top. Pedro is on the big stage tonight pitching in front of the home crowd. They will be e... [More]

Posted Wednesday, August 12, 2009 06:58 PM

Dog Days of Summer **Diamonds Down South** 8-11

YTD 11-9 +164 UNITS   Summers down south in August can blister your your body as well as your mind! The same can be said about picking winners on the diamonds in August!   Teams that should take care of business (and usually carry a high juice line) tend to fall prey to free-swinging prospects of lesser teams. Mediocre teams tend to play steady with a medium juice line and sometimes you can catch them at + money.   Now I wager on sports based on what I can always afford to lose and cap games for a hobby. Do I claim to be an expert...ummm no. But what I have found out that you can make a small profit at the end of the week and there is a winner in every game. With a little luck you can be on the right side of a 9th inning two run homerun that cashes in! :)   There are alot of great cappers on here and I wish everyone the BOL on all there plays tonight!   Tonights plays Braves TT Over 5 -115 1 UNIT Braves bats should continue to put up runs against Stammen and the Nats bullpen   Milwaukee ML -136 1 UNIT The Brew Crew should right the ship tonight and take care of business.   Kansas City ML 1ST 5 +170 1 UNIT This is not a play off of last nights explosion but more of a play of teh Royals to put up numbers early and hold the lead thru the first 5 innings.   BOL to everyone tonight   **Dirty South**  ... [More]

Posted Friday, August 07, 2009 02:45 PM

**Diamonds Down South** 8-7

YTD  posted record 9-6 +412 UNITS
Looking to start the weekend off right with a few winners on Friday!
Twins ML -102 1 UNIT
Twins have left a ton of runners in scoring position over the last few games. Looking for that to change tonight against the Tigers and cashing in.
Dbacks TT over 4.5 -105 1 UNIT
Dbacks have been tearing the cover off the ball lately and tonight should not change against the Nats.
Phillies ML -138 1 UNIT
Phillies are clearly the better team even though they have been in a mini funk over the last couple of games. Florida comes in having been swept by the Nats and see them dropping this opener as well.
BOL to everyone with your plays tonight!
**Dirty South**

Posted Monday, August 03, 2009 04:26 PM

**Diamonds Down South** 8-3

YTD 7-2 +6.75 Units
Monday Plays posted and looking to start the week off right!
Chicago ML -139 1 UNIT
Cubs clearly have the better pitching matchup here witth Wells vs. Harang. Ramirez also returns to the lineup for the Cubs and despite bullpen meltdowns this weekends the Cubs have the better team and should prevail.
Pittsburgh TT over 4.5 1 UNIT
Why not...young bucs with nothing to play for but the love of the game vs the worst pitching staff in MLB.
San Francisco ML -129 1 UNIT
Matt Cain on the hill for the Giants and they have a ton of confidence after handling the World Series Champs this weekend!
BOL to everyone on their plays tonight!
**Dirty South**

Posted Sunday, August 02, 2009 12:43 PM

**Diamonds Down South**

YTD record 5-1 for +4 Units with a clean 3-0 sweep yesterday!
Nats finally pushed across the 5th run I needed for the TT play in the eighth!

Sundays plays are posted and looking to have another great day!

Colorado ML -129 1 UNIT
Like the better pitcher in Marquis and also overall better team. Arroyo can pitch well at times but if he has to turn it over to the bullpen look for Colorado to cash in.

Cleveland ML +117 1 UNIT
Pavano vs Galarraga..Cleveland traded away dome great talent however the last two games they still show they can score. Looking for Pavano to show he still has great stuff like he did a few times this season.

Minnesota TT over 4.5 1 UNIT
Looking for the Twins to reach this TT with Weaver on the hill and an LAA bullpen that gives up a ton of runs.

BOL to everyone and their plays today!

**Dirty South**

Posted Saturday, August 01, 2009 10:17 AM

**Diamonds Down South**

Friday totals 2-1 + 1 unit!
Saturday early plays are
Atlanta ML -124 1 UNIT
Like the Braves to rebound from yesterdays loss with Lowe on the mound.  
Rays RL -135 1 UNIT
Rays bats should have no problem hitting Chen.
Nationals TT over 4.5 1 UNIT
Vasquez has been fade material all year and the Nationals should easily reach the total.
BOL to everyone on their plays today! Headed to the golf course to hack!
**Dirty South** 

Posted Friday, July 31, 2009 03:44 PM

**Diamonds Down South**

Posting tonight's card! BOL to everyone with your plays!

BoSox ML -119 1 UNIT PLAY
-Smoltz fell victim to the " greatest comeback in Baltimore history" last time he faced them. Got to go with the better team even though they have been struggling at the plate. Getting a low juice line and Guthrie was tagged last time these two teams met.

Detriot ML 1st five -153 1 UNIT PLAY
Clearly a better pitcher on the hill for the Tigers and Carmona tends to give up a ton of runs in early innings. Look for the Tigers to hit Carmona early and also benefit from early inning walks.

Tampa Bay Rays 1st 5 RL -1/2 -145 1 UNIT PLAY
Price should shut down a weak hitting Royals team even though he has been shaky in his last starts. Also this is more of a fade of Ponson with Tampa being at home in the Trop!

BOL to everyone and time to cash in!

**Dirty South**


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