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Posted Monday, June 07, 2010 09:39 AM

Is there an mlb player that screws you everytime you bet for/against their team??

For me there are two of them.. 

1)  Hunter Pence-  he will go 4 for 5 when i bet against the astros, but will go 0-5 and make 2 errors in the field when i bet the astros... 

2)  Corey Hart-  Walkoff home-runs, clutch hits, he will get to balls in right field that he is not fast enough to get to when i bet against the brewers, and well, i guess i never bet the brewers so i cant go the other way, but im sure he would choke if i bet the brewers!!!!!!! 

any other nemesis players out there???

by all means vent away..........................


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