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Posted Thursday, May 28, 2009 12:20 PM

Rescinding a technical - exhibit 32 why the NBA is a joke

ok, so let me get this right.... after your seventh technical in the playoffs you are suspended for a game...  so dwight howard gets his sixth last game and now it is rescinded because we can't possibly have a star suspended ?  are you freaking kidding me... first of all, this isn't a flagrant foul, you dont review it by the rules... a technical is a judgement call by a referee, once it's made, it's made... if they rescind the technical, they should rescind the point that was made by the technical free throw too... and then the game wouldnt have went into overtime, right ?  this league is an absolute joke, more like the WWF every week... lastly, im sure if it was his second technical they would have rescinded it, yea ok...


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