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Posted Sunday, February 07, 2016 11:22 AM

Superbowl 50 Picks/Props

The big day is finally here. By now you all have analyzed the data and have come to some sort of conclusion. Don't let anybody else sway your decision at this point, just go with your gut. My gut tells me this game stays close throughout with Broncos having a legit chance to win outright:

Denver +6 30 units
Denver ml +200 10 units
Denver Team Total Over 19.5 5 units
Peyton Manning Passing Yards Over 238.5 5 units
Emmanuel Sanders Receiving Yards Over 69.5 5 units

 GL today everyone and enjoy the game

Posted Saturday, January 31, 2015 04:58 PM

Superbowl 49 Picks and Props

Here are my plays for this year's Superbowl:
Seattle +1 -110Total Rushing Yds by Lynch: Over 84.5 -110Will Brady Throw an INT? Yes -150Most Pass Completions: Brady -6 -110
Reasons:I was on Seahawks in the Superbowl last year and will back them once again this year. The Green Bay game was a huge wake up call for them. They know they have to get pressure on Brady to be successful. They can't give him all day to throw like Aaron Rodgers got. If they are able to rattle Brady a bit this game can get out of hand early. I'm also taking the better running team and better defense which I think is what makes Superbowl winners. My only concern is Belichick's gameplan, you never know what to expect, or what trick plays he may pull. But he is not playing in the game and there's only so much he can do on the sidelines. A trend that stands out to me that no one is talking about, the Patriots have not won a road playoff game since 2006! I don't see that changing this weekend.
For the props:Seattle will want to establish the run early and often. They need to feed the ball to Lynch at least 20 times and I see him getting closer to 25-30. If he can have some success moving the chains, it eats clock and keeps Brady & Co. on the sidelines. I don't think Seattle wants to be involved in a track meet and will be happy playing a grind it out type game. Hence the reason I like Lynch to go over 84.5 yards.
Will Brady throw an INT? Yes, even though the juice is high I think this is a rel... [More]

Posted Sunday, February 02, 2014 12:35 PM

Superbowl 48

Good luck today Covers, regardless of what side you have. Remember it's just one game. Here are my picks with props:

Seattle +3 -120 2 units
Seattle ml +110 1 unit
Seattle over 22.5 points -110 1 unit
Will Seattle score a rushing TD? Yes -180 1 unit
Total points scored in the 4th Quarter Over 13 -110 1 unit
Total field goals made Over 3.5 +100 1 unit

Should be a great game. Enjoy it with friends and family 

Posted Saturday, February 05, 2011 11:43 PM

Super Bowl 45 Picks with Props

I can't believe the season is already coming to an end. It's been a great season and hopefully tomorrow will cap it off. If your interested in why I picked the props I did, refer to my thread on props. A lot of great info in there. So, after a few weeks of disecting, these are the plays I have locked in for the big game:

Side 2 plays:

2 team 7 point teaser: Pitt +10 and over 37.5 for 2 units

Pitt +3 for 2 units

Props (all 1 unit):

First Quarter Under 9.5 -110

Mike Wallace longest reception: Over 24.5 -130

Will either team score in the last 3.5 minutes of the game? Yes -160

Will Pitt score a rushing touchdown? Yes -160

And for .5 unit: First half tied, game winner Steelers +1000

 GL everyone and enjoy the game!!

Posted Monday, January 31, 2011 05:07 PM

Super Bowl 45 Props

Hey guys, I finally got some time to research the available props and found some that look pretty good. I have a big list right now but will narrow it down as the week goes on. These props are all actual props you can cap, not how long Christina sings the national anthem or what the coin toss will be. Feel free to post your favorites and let me know what you think!

1. Will there be a score in the first 6.5 minutes? No -115 I just think the nerves of being in a super bowl will show these teams coming out somewhat slow.

2. Longest TD of the game? Under 44.5 -115. I just don't see a 45+ yarder with these defenses.

3. Will either team score in the last 3.5 minutes of the game? Yes -155. A little juiced but I think this has a great chance at hitting.

4. Total sacks by both teams? Over 5 -125. Should be atleast 3 sacks on both sides of the ball.

Pitt Player Props:

5. Mendenhall total rushing yards: Over 81.5 -115. Packers allow 115 rush yards per game.

6. Mendenhall Rushing attempts Over 19.5: Just a lean here but I think they will have some success on the ground. Both playoff games he's gotten 20 and 27 attempts.

7. Ward receiving yards: Under 48.5: Only 5 games all season has he gone over this number.

8. Wallace longest reception: Over 24.5: Not a fan of the total yards prop here but think he'll get atleast one catch of 25 yds or more.

<... [More]

Posted Thursday, January 28, 2010 03:11 PM

Super Bowl 44 Top Ten Props

I've been waiting all week to start disecting props and find a few winners. Went 5-1 during the Vikes/Saints and Colts/Jets games, should be able to profit given the amount of time we get before the big game. I'm throwing out my top 10 in no particular order and will narrow it down as the week goes on.

1. Will the game ever be tied after 0-0? Yes +110

2. Saints total 3rd down Conversions: Over 5.5 -125

3. Saints total rushing yards: Over 100.5 -115 (they will try to control the clock by rushing a lot).

4. Colts total rushing yards: Under 99.5 -115 (they only average 80 rushing ypg this season).

5. Will there be a score in the first 5 1/2 minutes? Yes +105

6. Reggie Bush rushing attempts: Over 4.5 -115 (He had attempts of 5 and 7 in the two playoff games).

7. Pierre Thomas rushing attempts: Over 11.5 -115 (13 and 14 previous two).

8. Joseph Addai longest rush: Over 12.5 yards -115 (Just look at the stats on this one).

9. Reggie Wayne total receiving yards: Over 74.5 -115 (He's due for a big game).

10. Pierre Garcon total receptions: Over 4.5 -115 (Hit this the last two games at 3.5, gotta ride it one more time).


All comments are appreciated!! Let's cash some tickets!!

Posted Thursday, January 21, 2010 07:24 PM

Jets/Colts and Vikes/Saints Props

I know it's early but I have been looking at props for both games this weekend. If anyone wants to chime in on what they like, we might be able to generate some winners!

With the Jets/Colts a few props that stood out to me:

Mark Sanchez (Jets) Total Touchdown Passes+Interceptions Thrown - over 2.5 (+140)

Dallas Clark (Colts) Total Receiving Yards - over 67.5 (-130)

Pierre Garcon (Colts) Total Receptions - over 3.5 (-115)

Jets Total Points - under 16.5 (-115) (would love to find 17)

Jets vs Colts - Longest Touchdown of the Game - over 40.5 (-115)

Peyton Manning (Colts) Total Touchdown Passes - over 1.5 (-180)

Peyton Manning (Colts) Longest Completion - over 30.5 yards (-125)

The bold ones are my favorites in the list. I'd like to narrow this down to 3-4 plays. I like the value in the Sanchez prop, I think he'll throw two picks and a td to win that one. Also, Manning will get atleast 2 td's so even though it's a lot of juice I'm very confident with that pick. Also, because Revis will be on Wayne I think Garcon will get atleast 4 catches and Clark should generate some yards as well.

For the Vikes/Saints, I like:

Brett Favre (Vikings) Total Passing Yards - over 272.5 (-115)

Vikings Total Points - over 24.5 (-115)

Vikings vs Saints - Total Sacks by Both Teams - over 4 (-125)

Vikings vs Saints - Will there be Overtime - Yes +1200 (Value bet!!)

D... [More]


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