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Posted Monday, November 09, 2009 11:20 AM

The Deep South's Oldest Rivalry and other SEC games

It was a great weekend for Auburn. The starters only played in the first half and looked great. Yes, it was against Furman, but they still looked good. For example, Starter Chris Todd was 17-18 for 256 yards, 4 TDs, 0 INTs. Back up Neil Caulde was 10-12 for 117 yards, 0 TDs and no INTs.That is good against air. The startes beat Furman like they were supposed to and got a much needed rest in the second half. There were WRs playing DB and RB. Walk-ons got to see plenty of playing time. Everything looked good except punt returns. I don't know how a D1 team can't find someone to just call fair catch and catch the ball. It baffles me. Auburn is still thin in the D backfield. Anthony Gulley, listed as a WR, lead all rushers with 77 yards. He played WR, DB and RB, where he hasn't practiced since high school. He has been getting reps in practice at DB. Don't be shocked if he sees the field against UGA at DB. All in all, it was basically a bye week for Auburn.

My SEC leans last week were 4-0. I never posted the plays. No one follows them anyway. I have had a pretty good week the last two weeks.

The Georgia Bulldogs basically had a bye week as well, beating up on Tennessee Tech 38-0. They held TT to 55 total yards. I think UGA is better than their 5-4 record but I also think Auburn is better than the 7-3 record, but only bay one game. This game should be close. The oddsmakers agree. The line opened at 4 and is at 4.5 now. Auburn holds a slight edge in the series, 53... [More]

Posted Wednesday, October 28, 2009 03:12 PM

Thoughts on Ole Miss at Auburn and other SEC games

Bad week last week.

IF I had bet against my team, I would have won it. It would have been atleast a 2u play and helped me have a better weekend and helped me stomach the loss better.

Well, Auburn shit the bed, again. I remember someone saying I was dumb to think the line should have been 12-14. Well, i guess so. Should have been 21. Auburn has done a 180. I can not place my finger on exactly what is wrong with the team. I am pretty sure that they quit in the LSU game. I will say that there were some very bad calls in the first half that probably contributed to them laying down. I was disapointed that HCGC didn't get more fired up over some of  hte calls, mainly the PI on the 3 yard line and the late hit. A question I would like to ask the coaches: If you pooch the kickoff and are willing to let them have it on the 50 or even across the 50, why not just kick it out of bounds? On to Ole Miss..

Like last week, I expected a much bigger line. I thought this line would open at around 7.5. Did the odds makers watch Auburn the last 3 weeks? Do they not know that Auburn is in a nose dive? Have they ever seen Auburn play at 11:20? Ole Miss D is going to have a field day. The Ole Miss O is goiung to run run run all over Auburn. Last weeek I didn't bet on LSU. I didn't want to bet against my team. This week, I might have to pull the trigger if it goes to 3 again (it was at 3 on betjm last night). I can probably get a good/great line since I use a local in... [More]


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