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Posted Friday, June 20, 2014 12:42 AM

Betting the Lines ,Money or Spread?

Moneyline Betting in the NBA

NBA bettors are faced with many decisions on a daily basis. They have several different options on any one game, ranging from point spreads to totals to moneylines. Even though the majority of wagers placed on the NBA use the point spread, there are times when it may be more beneficial to a bettor to play the moneyline.

Determining when to bet against the point spread and when to use the moneyline isn’t necessarily easy. There is no formula that says to bet 7-point favorites on the moneyline, even though that has been extremely profitable over the past few seasons. All a bettor can really do is look at past results to help them decide if they are better off using the moneyline or the point spread and look at the game in question and how strongly they believe in their opinion.

The NBA has seen favorites cover the point spread more than the underdogs have during the past few seasons. Between the 2010-11 and 2012-13 seasons, betting $100 on every favorite of 2 to 10 points would have shown a loss of $5,740. But wagering $100 on every underdog of 2 and 10 points would have netted a loss of $22,750.

Likewise, a flat-bet on all moneyline favorites between 2 and 10 points would have shown a loss of $14,880, while blindly wagering $100 on each underdog would have yielded a loss of $30,080. In order to get a better understanding of how favorites and underdogs do both against the point spread and on the moneyline they need to be brok... [More]

Posted Sunday, April 20, 2014 12:08 AM


Posted: 4/19/2014 11:33:29 PMDay 1 / 1- 0  NYM  +184     Balance  $1184.00----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Day 2 / 1- 3  Total   - $213.00   Balance  $917.00Cleveland  -155   Loss   
Atlanta  -115   Win    
Detroit   -125   Loss   
Seattle  +110    The grand Salami    Loss---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Day 3  
Brewer`s at Pittsburg /Over 7.5/1.95/ WON  +195
Balance updated  $1112.00   Back Sunday with another play --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Day 4 Play

Toronto at Cleveland   

Toronto ML  1.95     

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------... [More]

Posted Sunday, April 20, 2014 12:04 AM

Top Play for Today Day 4

Balance at $1112.00 
Toronto at Cleveland    I see the broom coming out 

Toronto ML /1.95  2 Unit Play   

B.Morrow  vs C.Carassco 

Looking for B.Jay`s to sweep the tribe with Morrow dominating the game over Carrasco who can`t hit the side of a barn. His E.R.A is up in the 7`s Carrasco, will and is ,getting torched by Chicago W.S and a loss to Minny to bring him to 0 -2 for the season..Batter`s are hitting in the 300 range off him and ,i`m looking for the same Sunday ...Look for a 10 - 4 score Final 
Over @ Out @GL

B.Morrow  this year throwing better with each game and look for it to continue... 14.2 inning with 17 strikeouts ,he is getting it back together following last year`s injury in his forearm .So look for him to win this game against a poor pitcher 
Game on

Posted Thursday, April 17, 2014 06:02 AM

My MLB Daily Post@ Outcome`s

First off i`ll be starting my season off today April 16th 2014
I watch a few games, before i start my season off to get a little perspective on how some teams are playing....
My MLB is not my strong suit but working on getting better every year ..Like on most season starts i begin with a $1000.00 B.R when it`s gone im done for the season,which is why management is so critical so let`s begin and wish u all G.L 
My first post was yesterday,I ll be posting all my plays on this blog and the forum everyday from here on out ....
N.Y.M/ +125  AT ARIZONA   O/U 9.5
D.Gee 0 - 0   vs  B.McCarthy - 0 - 2                 APRIL 16 2014
Pick  N.Y.M +125  Outcome                             WINNER

FINAL123456789RHEMets    0101010025100Diamondbacks000000002282Total: 9.5         Updated B.R   $1125.00        

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