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Posted Sunday, August 02, 2015 07:00 PM


36-37 for -6.7 units for the 2014 year  49%.  Vomit.

74-53-2 for +22.1 units for the season.  58% for 2013.

33-25 for +18.6 units and a 57% winning percentage in 2012.

56% for 2011.  Id dig up the totals but Covers.com is at a crawl.

Posted Thursday, July 30, 2015 10:18 AM

NFL 2015

After going a completely mediocre 40-36 for +.1 units last year, lets try try again for 2015.

Getting some early bets in now.

Indy -2.5  2 units.  I cant see the Bills taking as much forward progress as Luck will.  Luck is growing by leaps and bounds and I expect them to win the division.

Dolphins -2.5  1 unit.  Redskins a mess as usual.  Will be better once they stop giving RGIII chances.

Houston -1.5  2 units  I think this team may win its games 9-6 but that defense is beastly.  At home, its tough to bet against.

Arizona -2.5  2 units.  Saints are dunzo.  Brees cant play three flies up with Graham anymore.

Posted Thursday, November 20, 2014 12:26 AM

THE GRIND IV. CBB '11 - 51%. '12 - 51%. '13 - 55%

565 plays last year for +64.8 units.

Took the first week off but let's get right to it.

Indiana +2.5. 2 units.  Game is at Indiana and the home crowd will be fired up.  Looks like Brown's SMU is the cute pick this year.  Good.  Fade city.  Shouldn't be getting points.

Syracuse -4.5. 1 unit. Yes Cal is shooting like crazy but I expect Orangemen lockdown D in what is essentially a home game.

Posted Thursday, September 11, 2014 04:21 AM

NFL 2014

OK, missed the first week of NFL due to vacation.  Not that I killed last year.  Atrocious.  46% for 2013.  2012 was 68% though so I'll take a middle.

Colts -3.  2 units.  Colts will definitely play hard at home.  Hopefully no comeback.  Definitely not sold on the Eagles D.

Seahawks -6 1 units.  Chargers looked awful week 1,  Rivers era on the decline.  Seattle even more dominating than last year.  

Bengals -5 1 unit.  Saints D not exactly the greatest barometer of the Hawks offense.  Cinci D should lock it down.  Concerned about the 5 but too high to buy down.

49ers -6.5 1 unit buying half  9ers again look like a team on its way to 12-4+again. Not sure how the Bears keep it within 7.

Posted Saturday, August 16, 2014 12:38 PM

2014 COLLEGE FOOTBALL 13 - 58% 12 - 57% 11 - 56%

I'll be happy with 59%
Last year  74-53-2 for +22.1 units for the season.  58% for the year.
Steady improvement past three years.  If someone can tell me how to see your own posts past two pages, I'll post the previous 2 years records as well.  
Hopefully can keep the annual momo going.
Early plays:
CSU +130.  2 units.  CU is in another rebuilding year.  This game is usually a war but CSU is decent in the MW.  All the local talent will move to CU eventually with the separate but equal NCAA ruling on the big 6 conferences so this year and next might be the last time CSU can put the hurt on.
Boise State +10.  1 unit.  Yes the game is in Atlanta and Petersen is gone but this line is too high from SEC fappers.  Broncos still a solid team and could win outright.
Baylor -33  1 unit.  Baylor will continue to be bullies this year with returning QB Petty.
Washington State -8  1 unit.  Mike Leach will do the same to Rutgers.
Central Florida -1.  2 units.  Dominant defense getting most starters back and at home.
Ohio State -17  1 unit.  Buckeyes, Miller and Meyer will crush Navy.
Might add a couple others but unlikely.  6 plays to starts already.... [More]

Posted Wednesday, October 16, 2013 09:58 PM

NBA DEBACLE 2013 2012 - 56%

Ended up 33-26 56% for +1.7 units for the year last year.

Light number of plays overall and I lost some big bets.  I'll pick my spots as Im hardly an NBA guru but hopefully this can extend my picking season into June.

Im big on the Warriors this year and will be loving to fade the Lakers.

Couple weeks...

Posted Sunday, August 26, 2012 11:35 AM


32-25-1 +8.1 units and 56% last year in first full year of tracking.  Lets look to improve

First week of burn the villages picks:

Ohio State -22.5 over Miami of Ohio.  I cant see Urban Meyer taking it easy in his first game as coach.  1 unit.

Alabama -12 over Michigan.  Denard Robinson will be running in circles all day.  2 units.

They may not win but they'll cover picks.

Wyoming +29.5 vs. Texas.  3 units.  Texas has shaky QB problems.  Wyoming has a decent one.  They'll keep it to 24 or less.

Navy +17 vs Notre Dame.  1 unit.  ND starting QB out in the first game.  Navy plays them tough at home.  Not an easy out. 


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