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Posted Wednesday, October 30, 2013 12:00 AM

week 10 notes

Cincy @ Memphis +3

How many TO's will Cincy have on the road?I wonder what the o/u on punts (and fumbles) will be =)
Probably tempting for the Under any total over 44
What the hell happened to Cincy V. Illinois??
Memphis turns it over more than C.....Gawd this game sucks!
I can't get a feeling either way.  Home dog angle for now.
Hoping being at home helps Memphis hold onto the damn ball.

Memphis it is.  Probably straight up, but i'll take whatever points I can have.  Both teams' turnover issues cancel each other, maybe gives memphis a slight edge at home.  Memphis defense needs to keep Cincy around 20 points (hopefully 17) and they'll be in it.  
One of my worries is an overtime game which can have anything happen.  Another worry is the passing yards Cincy put up last week.  Im trying to ignore it for the most part because it was against UCONN, but it did happen.  If they go that route they could end up in the mid 20's for points which doesnt mean good things for a memphis pick.  
Biggest question now though is with the line at +3 do i lock it in or wait for a positive movement.  I'd hate to lose that number and have it go to 2.5. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------... [More]

Posted Wednesday, October 31, 2012 01:11 AM

ncaa friday/saturday

UW-Cal  20-27

washington 0 for the last 6 as road dogs...they are just a different team on the road and that trend really proves it.
20 points might be too many.  Their road opponents have been pretty tough (oregon, lsu, asu) however.

Troy-Tenn 14-44

Tenn is just gonna be too big for Troy.  Tenn also proved they can score some points against tough defense in hostile environments.  Easy day for the vols.

PSU-Purdue 35-18

If I didn't watch purdue play tough at OSU this would be an easier pick. but I've got myself talked into that game being more of a product of OSU bad than purdue good.  I would feel better if the line was 3 or 2.5, but I dont see it moving in that direction.  I will just have to be confident in my original guess.

syracuse-cincy 20-24

Still not sure what to make of Cincy...guessing this ends up a bigger defense battle than offense.  Syracuse will try to junk it up im sure.  Good spot for an under pick.

Miami(oh)-Buffalo  30-33

Air Force-Army 35-30(no pick)

Texas AM-Miss St 42-33

higher scoring than one would think

Houston-E.Carolina 45-30

Michigan-Minnesota 30-20

Temple-L'ville 18-35

Vandy-Kentucky 30-12

Oklahoma-Iowa St. 30-23

Virginia-NC State 17-28


Posted Monday, October 29, 2012 12:29 AM

ncaa thursday

E. Mich-Ohio  24-50

Ohio doesnt play defense.  EMU has a terrible offense and a terrible defense.  
probably gonna have an over bet 

VT-Miami   28-24

surprised to see this line so close.  It seems like VT shouldn't have any problems at first look.
Both teams coming off a bye makes me believe the defenses will be a little better.  May make a good spot for an under bet.
So many faces to each of these teams its hard to tell which one shows up.

MTU-WKU 33-14

stats make this a tempting dog pick.  but the level of competetion for mtu is lower than wku and playing at wku makes a difference.  wku has done well ats all season and i think they'll double it up on thursday.  I'll have to look closer for an over under pick.  looks like under from my score prediction.



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