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Posted Wednesday, June 18, 2008 10:50 AM

Top 10 ways to get attention at covers by posting a catchy thread title

Todays top ten list, from the home office in Vegas (originator of all lines and master of everything gambling), top 10 ways to get attention by posting a catchy thread title:


10.  {{{{{\\\\\\\\\\Use lots of punctuation like .............. or *************** in thread title


8.  Post your record (10-2 on last 12 plays) in thread title

7.  Restate your username in your thread title.  IE:  "Vanzacks plays for today"

6.  Post the word "lock" or some variation of incredible information inside.

5.  Be totally vague but enticing in thread title.

4.  Come up with catchy theme and stick with it.

3.  Post some made up amount that you supposedly bet in thread title.

2.  Make thread title as long as you possibly can.

1.  Do all of the above.

Posted Wednesday, June 11, 2008 10:15 AM

Who is "Vegas"?

Whenever people talk about lines, line movements, and results - there is always one consensus - "boy, Vegas sure knows what they are doing when they make these lines".  I have been searching for the elusive "vegas" for some insight, and have made some progress.

There are two main schools of thought amongst gamblers about how lines are set.  The first is that lines are set by "vegas" in an attempt to trap or lure you in to betting a side.  This introduces the term "public" to the discussion - the "public" is the square or novice bettor who falls for not so obvious betting pitfalls.  Of course, "vegas" knows  more than the "public" so they set a line that looks inviting on the surface, but they know they have the edge when you bet that side.  The people who believe this theory think that the lines come out with one purpose in mind, to get as many people to bet on a side of the game that vegas has an edge on, and then over time vegas makes a killing.

The second school of thought on linemaking is that "vegas" just wants to have even action on both sides of the game, and make guaranteed profit from the vig.  They dont know anything more than you and I know, and in fact they dont even set a line to reflect what they think will be the result of the contest, they set a line only to attract even action on a game.  In this case - "vegas" is not in to the prediction of results, they are in to the prediction of wagering dollars.&... [More]


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