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Posted Sunday, April 05, 2009 12:36 AM

MLB primer - what kind of MLB bettor should you be?

As the MLB season is upon us, it might be time to think about your strategy for betting bases.  There are 2 main schools of thought for handicapping, handicapping a winner - or handicapping a line.   From my perspective, the vast majority of MLB bettors handicap a winner.  They come up with reasons to bet a team and while the line comes in to their thought process, they are looking for a winner.  This leads to betting lots of favorites, and often paying too high of a price for teams.  Chasing is not only for bet amounts - a lot of people chase a line too - thinking "if its a winner at -150 it is a winner at -160 so Im still betting it".  In my opinion, this is a recipe for longterm MLB disaster.   The second way to bet baseball is to handicap a line, and bet on the side that gives you the most value in relation to your line.  When you come up with a line, you are not coming up with the line you think will be closest to the betting line - you are coming up with a line that you think is an accurate reflection of results.  If those 2 teams played 100 times, the line you handicap would break a bettor even if they took one side all of those times.   Using this method, you could end up on either side of any game on any day based upon what the line is, regardless of whether you think they will win that day or not.  In MLB you are often betting on teams you think have a better chance of losing that day than... [More]


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