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Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips at The Glen

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Posted Thursday, August 06, 2009 12:49 PM   7 comments
Gonna be gone over weekend so wanted to post these.Good luck to everyone this weekend.

Marcos Ambrose 35/1

Robby Gordon 35/1

Ryan Newman 40/1

These were at a local casino here one of rare weeks their odds were more favorable than online
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ross775 says:
08/06/09 05:59PM
Ambrose 35/1?  I'd like to get a piece of that...the best I can find online is +675

vegasdennis says:
08/06/09 06:19PM
was shocked they had it that high
PennStateMan077 says:
08/06/09 06:27PM
thats great odds on ambrose!
TREE88 says:
08/06/09 09:22PM

Dennis those are great numbers. I hope you hit. I love the plays especially at those odds. I got 6/1 on Ambrose and 17/1 on Robby

vegasdennis says:
08/07/09 09:10AM

Thanks Tree yes unsure why they had Ambrose so high as when out last night looked at a few other sportsbooks and all others have him in 6/1 range
BigWilly says:
08/07/09 10:03AM
u lucky dog 35-1

Like the picks I am feeling jpm

vegasdennis says:
08/07/09 10:10AM

yes JPM is the one that worries well Stewart too they should both be strong
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