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Posted Tuesday, July 30, 2013 08:01 PM

2013 WS Prediction

July 30th 2013 .. yes , it is before the trade deadline .. but will I give it an early shot in the dark with
the dodgers vs the rsox .. how long of a shot is this ? it is a hole in one on a foggy day with uncut grass on a par 4 ?
kinda , sorta yeah ..   2nd take ?   I will give a second take after the trade deadline ..
I could list 24 teams that MOST LIKELY do not have what it takes to make it to the WS .. that might be better . rsox ? hmm ..
 I will add this probably has no chance but .. is too much time left where inj and trades go down .. let it ride . I will be back to
give a 2nd take but let me do it by process of elimination real quick .. could oak make it ? no .. tex ? no .. tigs? no .. clev ? no ..
o's ? no .. rays ? no ..yanks ? no .. now the NL , braves ? nope , nats ? lol , pirates reds ? notta don dada , cards ? they would be in the NL championship series and the la crew would dispense of them .. is all about them being healthy .. if a team loses 2 guys out the bullpen the average fan never even heard of that can be the diff .. is sad but true . it is all about the bullpen .. why don't I say it is all about the starters or run production ? because that is a given .. that is like saying hey did you know you need to drink water everyday .. we know this .. the bullpen is the diff maker in the stretch run as well as the playoffs .. we are not in the randy john... [More]


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