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Posted Saturday, April 09, 2011 03:31 PM


  totals trend for 2 left handed starting pitchers favors the UNDER. The % is quite high. This will be even more likely on the west coast. 

 Last year there were a ton of unders that hit in SD and if the SPs were both lefty the books couldn't get the total low enough!

  Last night LAD and SD both with Lefty starters and game was tied 2-2 in the 9th.

Today KC/DET have 2 LH SPs but it's hard not take over even though line has the under favored.  METS/ WASH same scenario today juiced on the over.

Something to keep in mind. Comments welcomed.

Posted Tuesday, March 16, 2010 12:22 AM

FCHU SYSTEM is alive and well!!!

Prospect Joined: Oct 2009 Posts: 166 Location:Hey all you skeptics! the FCHU1971 system plays is alive and well!  Yesterday OKL covered 1st Q and today Boston and Houston covered ( or will cover ) in 1st Q.  If you read the system method from the early posts, you will understand it and realize it has its merits.  For example: perfect opp to take Boston in 1st Q tonight because 1. they are home and  2 . they tend to lose steam in 2nd half. ( potential for that is strong tonite coming off BtoB) So if you took Boston -3 1st Q tonight, you would have won already. Let's say they lost 1stQ , then you double up in the 2nd Q or play Boston again to break even. Now having won the 1st Q, you don't have to sweat it out for the rest of 3 quarters to see if their tired legs can sustain the strong lead.
AS for Houston, it looks like they will cover 1st Q at home tonite. So if you played the system with Houston in the 1st Q tonite ( +1) you would have already won without having to worry about Denver coming back rest of the game ( which I may add, they are notorious for doing!!)  I wrote this earlier during the game and forgot to submit it.

Let's say you lost the 1st Qs, you still have 3 more chances to come back and recoup or make a profit with the rest of the game. Chances are they will cover. Let's see if Utah covers in the first quarter tonight. I am not going to take them but let's say they don't,  a good ... [More]


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