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Posted Thursday, September 15, 2011 03:05 PM



1. I consider myself a researcher 1 st, a handicapper 2nd, and a gambler -lastly.

2. I am consumed with ongoing research about what works as far as winning in the NFL & NCAAF. The work is time 
consuming and boring. I glean a lot of useful info this way and quickly discard the bullshit.

3. I don't believe in special rules, formulas or systems, but I am organized and very systematic in my handicapping.

4. Information is crucial, but  how you use it to your advantage. is the main key.

5. No matter how good the information is, your work will ALWAYS be relegated to percentages and probabilities, as well as
    plain dumb luck.

6.  If you really know what works and what your doing, learn to filter out the bullshit from others.

7.  Your only as good as your next bet.  Long term success is all that counts. Don't let your emotions ruin your well
intentioned bets.
8.  Accept  advice and information from reliable and proven sources.

9.  My research has revealed (long term) : In the NFL- injuries are overrated, and in the NCAAF: the smart money isn't all that
  smart. Get points whenever you can!

10. Most Cappers don't win consistently because they're not smart, but because they're too lazy !


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