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Posted Monday, June 15, 2009 11:28 AM

Rangers own several of the NHL's worst contracts

Bad deals handicap clubs 

 top 10 worst contracts

1. Wade Redden, Rangers: His six-year, $39-million contract would not have been unreasonable compensation for an in-his-prime Redden who – for a five-year period between 2001 and 2006 – was a cumulative plus-123, while playing 25 minutes or so per night. But Redden's play fell off dramatically in his final two years with the Senators and everyone imagined he'd be looking at a hefty pay cut, until Rangers' GM Glen Sather came along. Don't these guys scout any more?

2. Scott Gomez, Rangers: Gomez's annual salary-cap charge of $7.357-million is ninth-highest in the NHL – he will earn $8-million in each of the next two seasons, before the numbers drop off to $7.5-million, $5.5-million and $4.5-million in the final three years of the contract. The Rangers signed Gomez, who led the league in assists in ‘04, to act as a set-up man for Jaromir Jagr, but the two never found any chemistry – and there isn't a pure sniper on either the current roster or in the system that would help maximize what Gomez brings to the table.

3. Chris Drury, Rangers: About the only saving grace with Drury's contract is its term – five years, which means there are only three years remaining. A cap charge of $7.05-million, any team interested in Drury would pay him $8-million in each of the next two years and then $5-million in the final year, a lot to pay for a player that has never scored 70 points in the NHL ... [More]

Posted Tuesday, May 12, 2009 09:21 AM

Red Wings To Win Conference

line for the wings to win the west is -150
the line for them to win tmrw on the road is -150...so if the ducks do happen to win the line for game 7 will be at the very least -240
the -150 is also most likely a much better line than we will get to bet on the wings on a series bet in the WCF...
im thinking of dropping some $$$ on this...any thoughts?


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