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Posted Friday, February 11, 2011 03:27 PM

A little something Fun for Friday, gonna outsmart the smart kids...Write ups for every game inside!

Lets face it, Fridays arent that exciting in NCAAB but I've got strep and figured I try something completely random and fun tonight. I had a friend back in college that was arguably one of the worst athletes and even worse sports fans I've ever met but still played in all our March Madness pools, fantasy football (he actually drafted a kicker in the 2nd round his first year), and gambled with the rest of us. Unbelievably he won fantasy that year, and actually made money betting. He also won 2 March Madness pools and did this all on one simple, ridiculous, yet hilarious philosophy... He ALWAYS picked based on the superior mascot.

So for tonight's games I'm gonna throw $20 on what I believe is the superior mascot, and for those of you with a sense of humor this is where the fun starts! Some of tonights plays are obvious (unless someone can make a better case) but theres a couple that seem like a dead heat. So here goes nothing...

Yale/Harvard: Bulldog vs Crimson... Bulldog beats a color anyday but you could argue that the pilgrim (unofficial mascot) is the dogs master, however anybody that picks up another poop is inferior: Yale +12 (got it at a puppy)

Brown/Dartmouth: Bear vs. Big Green... another case of beast vs color and I'm pretty sure Bears arent scared of green seeing that they climb trees. Dart's unofficial mascot keggy the keg, although enjoyable and would be my choice if I had to pick which one I wanted to be near, would make a bear att... [More]

Posted Tuesday, October 06, 2009 11:19 AM

Hidden Treasure Trends, trying to find the overlooked Gems anywhere out there

Well after capping last nights game I came across something that seemed too good be true, and while the play required a big time goal line stand from Minny, the fundamentals of the play held true. So as the season progresses I am going to keep my eyes open for more of the same. That being trends that aren't always so obvious on the surface, and play them until the bubble burts. So far I'm adding last night's trend to my watch list that I will update here as I find them.

Trends 1 and 2:

Green Bay scoreless in 09 in the 3rd quarter, outscored 37-0 thus far

Minny outscoring opponents in the 3rd every game this season outscoring opponents 38-3

Keep me posted if you find anything of the like and BOL

Posted Thursday, February 05, 2009 02:58 AM

Response to the "FRAUDS" thread, the truth shall set you free

Well everybody, it looks like someone finally figured us out. I don't know what to do or say, so I'm going to come clean. 2daBank has accused people on the site of being in the pockets or certain books/marketing companies and has been very critical of certain handicappers and their ability. And its that eye-opening assertion that leads me to spill the beans... I am guilty as charged with my one post today on this and the NBA forum that both went like 6-5 or something shitty, probably cause of the system that I use: you see, i start by building a track like the ones used in pinewood derby races with four lanes. Then I take either mice (college) or hamsters (pro) and line them up in each lane (i tried squirrels but those bastards bite and jump like hell). Once they are ready to go, i put the fav, dog, over, and under for a certain game i am "capping" at the end of each lane. Once in place, I put either Steely Dan (mice) or Air Supply (hamsters) on the radio, they seem to like it, and release the gates. Which ever rodent gets to the end first in their respective category is the bet I make and post. I know this sounds incredibly time consuming, but its really only like 8 hours a day and it refreshing knowing that I'm helping others, plus I get to listen to some smooth jams...   so the moral of the story is this: its just as ridiculous and stupid to post a thread whinning about cappers or bad picks. I'm still new to this site and I am in no way a "baller". I bet what I can... [More]


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