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Posted Monday, August 20, 2012 06:51 PM

To all of my fans and foes

It is with great sadness I create this last post here at covers.com  Unfortunately WSC, a known racist, Jew hater, and Republican basher has finally won the war here at covers.com.  After placing me into the penalty box for bumping an old thread (from a user who coincidentally bumped mine first and did not go to the penalty box... a liberal nonetheless) and keeping me there for over 6 months, I decided to take a stand.  I e-mailed covers.com and asked them to take action against WSC and his racism.  

What happened as a result?  My account was hacked, and someone (I assume WSC himself) made baseball picks for me for over 2 months while I tried desperately to log back into my account.  That is when I began creating aliases bashing WSC to let him know how hatred feels.  My people were killed and persecuted by the Nazi's and then I have this clown rubbing my face in it... I don't think so.

Anyways after a desperate plea to Rizzo, my account was recovered and my password restores.  Unfortunately WSC has banned my IP address from the website, and I can no longer create usernames.  I am off to far better forums like SBR where the modeators aren't complete cock sucking assholes.  

Farewell covers, and farewell to my enemies as well.  At least none of you were cock sucking racists like WSC.


Posted Saturday, April 03, 2010 09:30 AM

Brian Zoubek OVER 13.5 points/rebounds

I really like this prop bet for tonight's game.  Zoubek has had a great tournament.  He easily went over this number against Purdue and Cal... and had 13 combined points/boards against a big athletic Baylor team in just 19 minutes (Foul trouble all game)

He is going to be the biggest/tallest player on the court tonight... Zoub will get his usual couple offensive boards for easy putbacks, and the rest will be done on the defensive glass.  He also shoots free throws well for a 7 footer. 

Zoub over 13.5

Posted Wednesday, March 31, 2010 09:18 AM

Enjoy the tournament while it lasts...

It seems as though this is going to be the last year in which the NCAA Tournament is the field of 64.  Today on the front page of the USA Today it states that the field expanding to 96 teams is "probable" and "more than likely" 

I know a lot of members on here are in favor of 96 teams, some with the reasoning of more cinderellas, some want more games to bet on, and others just want to see more teams with a chance.  Just to put things into perspective how many 16 seeds have won the NCAA tournament?  How many 15 seeds have won?  In fact how many teams seeded 9 and higher have won the NCAA tournament.  ZERO!  And now we are going to add an additional 32 teams to the mix, some of them with records of .500?  Is the entire Big East and ACC going to be invited each year? 

The way this is going to work is that the top 32 teams would recieve a bye.  Therefore teams playing in the first round of the NCAA tournament would play 3 games in a span of 6 days (If they advanced each round)  That alone is pretty absurd. 

The reasoning for 96 teams is they want to raise more money for sports that don't generate the money to keep their programs going.  It seems ridiculous to be a school awards scholarships to athletes whose sport does not even generate the money to reimburse their scholarships.  Essentially the NCAA tournament will fund swimming, lacrossee, tennis, water polo, and so on. ... [More]

Posted Tuesday, March 02, 2010 10:31 AM

A-Roid Back at it again?? Already??

Surprise... Surprise... just months after his cry baby press conference about using Primobolan as a young nieve player, Alex Rodriguez has been pulled in by the Feds as he has been linked to a Doctor, and his "chiroprachter" associate who were recently caught trying to smuggle a boatload of HGH across the United States boarder.  The chiroprachter Alex Rodriguez was seeing LAST YEAR... after "coming clean" also happens to be linked with BALCO. 


Hmmm... so the guy trying to resurrect his image, and "cleanly" prove that he is a hall of famer, has a few back aches, and opts for a chrioprachter linked to BALCO, who works with another chiroprachter just busted at the boarder with a ton of HGH, who works with a Dr. under invesitgation by the feds for illegally selling drugs and HGH

Alex Rodriguez

A-Rod's "clean" success last year

Posted Monday, September 21, 2009 09:10 AM

ACC Hoops Preview

Going to give a quick rundown of the ACC from top to bottom.  Recruits ratings based on ESPN recruit overall grades.  Let me know your thoughts folks: (These are not their rankings I think they will have, teams are in no particular order)   1.  North Carolina Additions:  Henson (98) Strickland (95) McDonald (95) Wear Twins (Both 94) Losses:  Ginyard, Frasor, Green, Tanner, Wooten, Moody, Copeland, Hansbrough, Lawson, Ellington Prediction:  It seems like the whole UNC team has left and there is a completely new team coming in.  UNC is losing a total of 74% of their offense from last year.  Who will be the big names this year?  Deon Thompson, Ed Davis (one of the best bigs in the country in my opinion) and count on Tyler Zeller having a good year and stretching defenses out.  I think UNC is going to be better than most suspect this year.  They finish 2nd in the ACC to Duke but make a deeper tournament run.   2.  Duke: Additions:  Mason Plumlee(98), Ryan Kelly(97) Losses:  Greg Paulus, David McClure, Gerald Henderson Prediction:  Duke statistically speaking lost very little compared to the majority of ACC schools.  The only school's to retain more offense in the conference are Virginia and Maryland.  Duke is banking on Plumlee and Kelly to come in and do immediate damage in the conference.  Couple with Jon Scheyer (most improved player in the conference last year in my o... [More]

Posted Thursday, September 17, 2009 08:27 AM

Thursday... Keep Riding the Sox

Red Sox have now won 10 straight at Fenway Park.  (7 straight overall)  Josh Beckett is 9-1 at Fenway this year.  The Red Sox team batting average against Ervin Santana is .317 with an OBP nearing .400...  Victor Martinez returns to the lineup just in time to takeover for Varitek who is a whopping 0-11 lifetime off Santana.

Beckett has not been lights out as of late, but is coming off a very solid performance against the Rays.

Sox to the bank tonight

Posted Wednesday, June 10, 2009 01:46 PM

It's Like Robbing a Bank: Red Sox -140

I handed you Josh Beckett on a silver platter last night, and tonight I give to you Tim Wakefield -140.  The write up could end right here... Chien-Ming Wang   Not only has he been historically hammered at Fenway Park...but his 14.43 ERA doesn't help the cause. 

However there has been a lot of buzz from Yankees fans that at the first sign of struggle Joe Girardi will turn to their new all-star and savior... Phil Hughes!!    Who after striking out 1 batter in 1 inning against the Tampa Bay Rays and clocked a 95 mph fastball, is walking on water in New York. 

The Yankees only chance to stay in this game will be to hit a couple of homeruns off Wakefield, who has done a good job preventing the long ball this year.  Texeria is .207 for his career against Wake and A-Rod is .276.  The only two Yankees who have hit the ball at all lately.  The Red Sox bullpen is well rested... and the bats have been sizziling.  Sox move to 7-0 against the Yankees this year tonight.

Sup Osirus

Sox -140
Sox RL

Posted Wednesday, April 29, 2009 08:32 AM

Jim Calhoun has some sick coaching antics...

Not sure if any of you heard this... but Ray Allen was on Mike and Mike in the morning for an interview.  They were asking him what his most memorable moment was from his time at UConn.  Ray Allen proceeded to tell a story about how at his final year at UConn... they had to travel to Rupp Arena to face the Kentucky Wildcats.  The day before the game Jim Calhoun brought the entire team to a farm.  Ray Allen recalled not understanding why they would go to a farm.  Jim Calhoun then had 2 horses brought out and MATE in front of the entire team from beginning to finish.  Jim Calhoun then said "guys... you think you are studs?  This is what a real stud is" 

Good Lesson Jim


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