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Posted Thursday, November 15, 2012 10:08 AM

Please help sign my petition

Hi Everyone,
I know I am not that well known here but I have been lurking since around 2004/2005.  I enjoy gambling but admittedly stink at making my own picks and have refrained form posting them here.
That being said, I have created a petition that I am hoping everyone would consider signing.  I am a big advocate that there needs to be a change in our education system, specifically college costs.  I propose to eliminate all student loan debt and tax the forgiveness of the debt.  I do have limitations on my thought such as the loans have to have been paid for at least 6 years without going into deferment or if they were in deferment and payments were still being made they would qualify.  The forgiven debt would give rise to taxable income that I propose should be paid over a period of 10 years to accommodate for those than can not make a full tax payment in one year. 
My thought is that this would free up a lot of cash from the 22-40 age range of people in this country.  Those tend to be the biggest spenders that could then pump this economy with the cash it desperately needs.  This is also a way to create that next set of homebuyers that this country is lacking at the moment.  For every two homes sold, one new job is created.
We continue to help Wall St. and big banks even though they nearly destroyed our economy.  It is time to help the little guys out.  Instead of fueling the banks with ridiculous amounts ... [More]


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