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Posted Monday, October 20, 2008 03:50 PM

World Series lines --- take the PHILS +133

Not a Philly homer at all by any means, I am actually a Mets fan living in Philly...yeah I know...feel my pain...

Here are a couple of things I see in this series....

In comparing Hamels to Lester, Hamels has been unhittable in the playoffs and every big spot he's been in this year. Yes, the Rays offense is potent, however Lester gave up a ton of runs in the second game he pitched. Lester's also a hard thrower, however hamels breaking stuff is the best in the majors. I see him containing some of the Rays bats on Wednesday night, fooling them with off speed and a mix of pitches.

Kazmir walks the ballpark...the Phils hitters are going to have to be patient at the plate on Wednesday to get runners on and move them along.

Great point by chilitokid in another thread, the Rays bullpen is not that great. They may have been in the regular season, but that comeback at Fenway rattled them IMO. Wheeler is NOT the shutdown closer like a Lidge. Although Lidge does have shaky moments, getting out of the ninth, he's still perfect in save opportunities.

The egde is the Bullpen in this series as the offenses at pretty even, and pitching staffs are pretty close.

IMHO...I think the best value is the Phils line for the Series. At +133, it may even go as high as +140 closer to game one (I know I won't get that with my local here in Philly!).

Gonna place 5 units on Phils for the SERIES...maybe more as it gets closer or if it's ... [More]

Posted Monday, September 22, 2008 04:23 PM

MNF...Tell me what you think.....


So here's the deal...been reading a ton of posts today and I am going with SAN DIEGO and THE UNDER tonight.

Question is, I'm down units from the weekend and not sure if I play each straight up...or play them in a reverse which if both hit in a reverse 1 unit = 4 units.

What do you guys think? Need some help....

Posted Sunday, September 21, 2008 06:42 PM

SNF: So call me crazy, but I like....

Liking the Under 50.5 ....short week for the Cowboys off of MNF and expelled a ton of energy against the Eagles ... calling for thunderstorms in GB tonight... I see both teams trying to establish a running game early...

Let me know what you guys think...

Posted Friday, September 19, 2008 11:44 AM

YAMDA - NCAAF Friday 9/19

This week = 5 - 4, +1.4 Units

Didn't publish the last day and a half... Wednesday I got crushed going 0 - 4, - 9.6 units, but came back strong yesterday, having a 3-0 day, winning back my losses. Well somewhat, won back 9 units.

Hit yesterday with Pitt RL, and Mil RL - thank you pucku27!!!

Then in the nightcap, took Colorado +3 for 5 units.

So back in the black with +1.40 units going into tonights game.

Tonight I like the Under 51 for 2 units.

Good luck and BOL to all!!!


Posted Wednesday, September 17, 2008 12:26 PM


YTD = 2 - 0    + 2 units

Yesterday = 2 - 0 (Phils and Reds) + 2 units


Not the greatest card today, but I like two plays:

Twins 1 unit, +156:

Looking at this game, we have Lee playing at home, and should be a no brainer, however in looking at the numbers, I saw Baker's stats. Baker's not given up four runs in a start since 8/16/08. He's pitched on average 6-7 innings and pitches 95-100 pitches a game. Couple that with Minnesota's offense (looked good yesterday) and their need to win with Chicago's win against the Yankees, I see Twins winning this in late innings, Lee gets a ND here. At +156 - this is a good value.

Cubs 1 unit, -113:

A lot of reasons why I like this play. First, the Cubs are only 4 games from clinching the Division, so they are excited as hell. Not impressed with Sheets performance in Philly the last start. But more than that, liking this pick based on Marquis' ability to pitch. Take a look at his last three starts:
Date Opp S/R Res Scr M/L O/U IP H R ER SO BB HR PIT P/IP G/F 9/6/2008 @ CIN S W 14-9 W -116 O 9.5 7.1 5 2 2 2 ... [More]


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