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Yesterday's picks today

Boston Red Sox/Tampa Bay Rays Under 7 -115*
Toronto Blue Jays -101* vs New York Yankees
Chicago White Sox -102* vs Detroit Tigers
Philadelphia Phillies +106* vs New York Mets

Bucholtz numbers actually better then cobbs, and Buc had a good game last outing,
may have found something, also fighting to stay in majors. 
Lots of motivations these days, other than making playoffs.
Jays day games, what is it, they love them. McCarthy high PI last outing.
arms also get tired this time of year, have to watch that pitches per in pitched
CWS are due for one

also parlaying a couple with...  O's, LAD, Astros.

best of fortunes

Posted Friday, August 29, 2014 06:50 PM

Yesterday's picks today

Texas Rangers +114* vs Houston Astros
Chicago White Sox +137* vs Detroit Tigers
Minnesota Twins +163* vs Baltimore Orioles
San Francisco Giants -114* vs Milwaukee Brewers
Minnesota Twins/Baltimore Orioles Over 8½ -120*
Cincinnati Reds/Pittsburgh Pirates Under 7½ -125*
Cincinnati Reds +125* vs Pittsburgh Pirates

dog day today.  Season ends for many now, mo jo is hit and miss for both clinchers and those that still have to and want to play it out. 

best of fortunes

Posted Monday, August 25, 2014 06:56 PM

Yesterday's picks today

Tampa Bay Rays +105* vs Baltimore Orioles
St. Louis Cardinals/Pittsburgh Pirates Over 8 +110*
Boston Red Sox/Toronto Blue Jays Over 8½ -130*
Toronto Blue Jays -115* vs Boston Red Sox

So goes Longoria, so go the rays, his numbers v Tillman
are rediculous. His bat is heating up again, good for rays.
Two struggling pitchers (stl/Pit)
Jays finally get some easy meat, play long ball v Bucholtz. 

best of fortunes

Posted Saturday, August 23, 2014 12:59 PM

Yesterday's picks today

Miami Marlins +100* vs Colorado Rockies
Boston Red Sox -116*
vs Seattle Mariners
Minnesota Twins -117* vs Detroit Tigers  (B Farmer - R must Start   Y Pino - R must Start)
San Diego Padres -116* vs Arizona Diamondbacks
Baltimore Orioles -120* vs Chicago Cubs
Tampa Bay Rays +101* vs Toronto Blue Jays
San Francisco Giants +157* vs Washington Nationals

and parlaying a couple with

Oakland Athletics -164* vs Los Angeles Angels

best of fortunes. 

Posted Friday, August 22, 2014 11:02 AM

Yesterday's picks today

One early game pick, a parlay worth the risk reward, going for it.

Baltimore Orioles/Chicago Cubs Under 7½ -115*
Chicago Cubs +101* vs Baltimore Orioles

machado out, day game wrigley, wind in from right field,
smelling an under, cloudy too, heavy air, NO DH for the O's,
3 - 4more outs at least. No cubs have seen gausman, and he
has given up very few home runs, and the O's love the long ball,
just don't see any HR's today, low scoring affair, maybe a 2-1, and
think cubbies pull it out, to win 1 of last 3, and O's on a w4 streak
change of venue, way ahead of division, think they don't
come to play today, bio clocks a bit off.  Plus gausman day
night splits not too good, and arrietta's are better day than night. 
nough said
Best of fortunes.

Posted Sunday, August 17, 2014 11:01 AM

Yesterday's picks today

Tampa Bay Rays -112* vs New York Yankees 

parlaying with

Miami Marlins -143* vs Arizona Diamondbacks
Cleveland Indians -126* vs Baltimore Orioles

best of fortunes

Posted Tuesday, August 12, 2014 07:00 PM

Yesterday's picks today

today's card from yesterday.  

Chicago Cubs +113* vs Milwaukee Brewers 

Oakland Athletics/Kansas City Royals Under 7½ -130*

Boston Red Sox/Cincinnati Reds Under 7½ -115*

Boston Red Sox +115* vs Cincinnati Reds

Minnesota Twins/Houston Astros Under 7½ -105*

Seattle Mariners -122* vs Toronto Blue Jays

Atlanta Braves -124* vs Los Angeles Dodgers


Tampa Bay Rays -117* vs Texas Rangers

Tampa Bay Rays/Texas Rangers Over 8½ -145*

Houston Astros -140* vs Minnesota Twins

Oakland Athletics -143* vs Kansas City Royals 

Arizona Diamondbacks/Cleveland Indians Under 8½ -140*

best of fortunes

Posted Monday, August 11, 2014 06:21 PM

Yesterday's picks today

Liken maybe a little too many.  

Milwaukee Brewers/Chicago Cubs Under 7½ -126*

Oakland Athletics/Kansas City Royals Under 7½ -130*

Kansas City Royals -103* vs Oakland Athletics

Tampa Bay Rays -127* vs Texas Rangers

Minnesota Twins -112* vs Houston Astros

Detroit Tigers -114* vs Pittsburgh Pirates

New York Yankees +107* vs Baltimore Orioles

St. Louis Cardinals/Miami Marlins Under 7½ +110*

Colorado Rockies/San Diego Padres Under 6 +116*

Best of fortunes

Posted Sunday, August 10, 2014 11:01 AM

Yesterday's picks today

One pick...  Large... Rays/cubbies under 7. 

and one parlay, rays and under 7. 

Best of fortunes

Posted Monday, August 04, 2014 05:27 PM

Yesterday' picks today

cooled a bit, so fair warning.

A parlay today.  

Cincinnati Reds/Cleveland Indians Under 7½ -160*
Texas Rangers/Chicago White Sox Over 8½ -145*

also going with

Detroit Tigers -111* vs New York Yankees

best fo fortunes

Posted Saturday, August 02, 2014 05:55 PM

Yesterday's picks today

Well, yesterday was not much fun, I mean the mlb not me, I am fun, I think.   But Mama said there would be days like that.  Mama said. 

San Francisco Giants/New York Mets Under 7 +105*

New York Mets -123* vs San Francisco Giants

Cincinnati Reds +107* vs Miami Marlins

Cincinnati Reds/Miami Marlins Under 7 -105*

Milwaukee Brewers -107* vs St. Louis Cardinals

Pittsburgh Pirates -131* vs Arizona Diamondbacks

Milwaukee Brewers/St. Louis Cardinals Under 7½ -115*

MMM, just coincidentally, unders tonight, a lot of them possible? 

Best of fortunes.

Posted Friday, August 01, 2014 05:06 PM

Yesterday's picks today


Tampa Bay Rays +106* vs Los Angeles Angels (price gone, live on, angels tired)
Seattle Mariners +132* vs Baltimore Orioles(O's tired, tough series with A's, extra inns last night)
Milwaukee Brewers +133* vs St. Louis Cardinals, close game for sure. 
Miami Marlins -108* vs Cincinnati Reds, bats for the new kid
New York Mets -116* vs San Francisco Giants


Cincinnati Reds/Miami Marlins Over 6½ -150*
New York Mets -116* vs San Francisco Giants
Los Angeles Angels/Tampa Bay Rays Under 7½ -115*

Best of fortunes

Posted Thursday, July 31, 2014 06:40 PM

Yesterdays picks today

so so day yesterday...

Nothing I much like today's card except wash.

So doing this...

two parlays, small...

Los Angeles Dodgers -210* vs Atlanta Braves 
Washington Nationals -168* vs Philadelphia Phillies


Arizona Diamondbacks +110* vs Pittsburgh Pirates
Toronto Blue Jays/Houston Astros Over 8½ -120*

Kinda like the over in the KC game, but can't pull the trigger.  

Best of fortunes


Posted Wednesday, July 30, 2014 05:13 PM

Yesterday's picks today

Well,hate to say it, no really, because when you do, well that next day, well, you know, but yesterday was a pretty good day 5-1.  
Toronto Blue Jays -101* vs Boston Red Sox  (trade deadline distracts R sox and watched last game of Workman v rays, did not look good at all)Toronto Blue Jays/Boston Red Sox Over 8½ -120*San Diego Padres -115* vs St. Louis Cardinals (like this kid hahnand Kelly has location issues, homey ump)Los Angeles Angels/Baltimore Orioles Under 7½ +105*(LA O's pitchers duel)Los Angeles Angels -136* vs Baltimore Orioles Chicago Cubs -117* vs Colorado Rockies (go cubbies, go wood)

parlaying Kansas City Royals -150*  Really like this one, deserves the juice, watch late move even more favvs Minnesota Twins witha  couple of the above.  
Best of fortunes.  ... [More]

Posted Tuesday, July 29, 2014 04:59 PM

Yesterday's picks today

dogs are barking tonight. 

Miami Marlins +124* vs Washington Nationals
Chicago White Sox +148* vs Detroit Tigers
Seattle Mariners/Cleveland Indians Under 7½ +100*
Pittsburgh Pirates/San Francisco Giants Under 6½ +100*
Los Angeles Angels -135* vs Baltimore Orioles
Cincinnati Reds -121* vs Arizona Diamondbacks

Best of fortunes :)

Posted Saturday, July 26, 2014 08:04 AM

Yesterday's picks today

Well, we made a couple bucks yesterday.  I hate talking in third person, or to myself. 

Yesterday's card today.  (it gets old, I know)

Going big again. 

Washington Nationals +106* vs Cincinnati Reds
Miami Marlins +103* vs Houston Astros
Miami Marlins/Houston Astros Over 8 -125*
Tampa Bay Rays -105* vs Boston Red Sox (9 in a row? and R sox season
going down the tubes, Hellickson with no pitch count and if he
is on adds another quality arm perhaps best rotation in MLB going
into the post season, win today wins the mini series, need more
MO than that?) Big game today.
Washington Nationals/Cincinnati Reds Under 7 -125*
Milwaukee Brewers -152* vs New York Mets
Pittsburgh Pirates -142* vs Colorado Rockies
Chicago Cubs -121* vs St. Louis Cardinals
San Diego Padres/Atlanta Braves Under 7 -130*
Baltimore Orioles/Seattle Mariners Under 8 -115*
San Diego Padres +1½ -140* vs Atlanta Braves
Kansas City Royals -115* vs Cleveland Indians
Los Angeles Angels -114* vs Detroit Tigers

Best of fortunes.  
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Posted Friday, July 25, 2014 05:17 PM

Yesterday's picks today

Today's picks from yesterday, I mean, from me. 

Minnesota Twins -125* vs Chicago White Sox
Arizona Diamondbacks -123* vs Philadelphia Phillies
Cincinnati Reds +113* vs Washington Nationals
New York Mets +127* vs Milwaukee Brewers
Kansas City Royals -120* vs Cleveland Indians
Tampa Bay Rays -135* vs Boston Red Sox
New York Yankees -135* vs Toronto Blue Jays
San Diego Padres/Atlanta Braves Under 6½ +100*
Washington Nationals/Cincinnati Reds Under 7½ +105*
Boston Red Sox/Tampa Bay Rays 1st 5 Innings Over 3 +100*
Toronto Blue Jays/New York Yankees Over 8 -120*
Los Angeles Angels -123* vs Detroit Tigers

Well, that's a lot, and that's all folks. 

weighted as posted in order. 

best of fortunes.  :)
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Posted Tuesday, July 22, 2014 07:03 PM

Yesterday's picks today

just a parlay today, going for the gusto. 

Minnesota Twins +134* vs Cleveland Indians 
Baltimore Orioles/Los Angeles Angels Under 9½ -150*
Tampa Bay Rays/St. Louis Cardinals Under 7½ -150*

Leaning rays tonight too.  

best of fortunes

Posted Saturday, July 19, 2014 03:56 PM

Yesterday's picks today

Couple picks today...

Los Angeles Dodgers/St. Louis Cardinals Under 7½ -115
Los Angeles Angels -101* vs Seattle Mariners

couple parlays...

Detroit Tigers -175* vs Cleveland Indians  Game 2
Tampa Bay Rays -146* vs Minnesota Twins
Los Angeles Angels -101* vs Seattle Mariners
Arizona Diamondbacks -145* vs Chicago Cubs


Los Angeles Dodgers/St. Louis Cardinals Under 7½ -115
Los Angeles Dodgers -146* vs St. Louis Cardinals
San Francisco Giants -113* vs Miami Marlins
San Diego Padres -127* vs New York Mets

Best of fortunes

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Posted Friday, July 18, 2014 05:44 PM

Yesterday's picks today

Off a layoff, Cobb does well.

Rays tonight!

best of fortunes. 

Posted Tuesday, July 15, 2014 05:33 PM

Yesterday's picks today

Just for fun


American League -111* vs National League
National League/American League Under 7½ -125

best of fortunes

Posted Sunday, July 06, 2014 11:53 AM

Rays to win AL east, AL, and WS

Ok, just so that I can totally embarrass myself to the covers community...  couple weeks ago I took the Rays to go all the way, and not just to win the wild card, but to get there by winning the AL east. 

Heard Costas, and the talking heads debating this last night during the game, and Costas (incredible on air, unashamed, bias) to say the Red Sox are "in it" and the Rays have no chance.  Really, when they are one game apart?  Also, its a "coin flip" with their pitching staffs?  Really?  Actually I love this talk, and anyone else saying Rays have no chance, although my investment has been placed, and got great odds, better than 2008 when I picked em.  Rays lines going down, down, down.  Also wheeled them with all NL teams to meet in WS.  Any futures odds over 14 is good for me, and the WS alone was 270. 

So here's how I see it playing out, brief version.

Rays rookies playing like vets, and inspiring this team right now: Logan Forsythe
Kevin Kiermaier
Jerry Sands 15-day DL *
Brandon Guyer (2nd year)
Escobar on DL (watch for trade rumors) ,and we are playing now inspired D.  Great D takes a lot of pressure off the pitching staff, so they can not be afrad to pitch to contact, and the bats, so they can score 5 and win. 

Long term, batting slumps now waking up with:  Zobrist, Longoria, Jennings. 

Cobb had his DL rest, and should have stro... [More]

Posted Sunday, July 06, 2014 10:33 AM

Yesterday's picks today

Been doing small cards lately, and doing good, so of course, I decided to mess that up today and go large card.

Dogs first...

Miami Marlins +104* vs St. Louis Cardinals
Texas Rangers +112* vs New York Mets
Chicago Cubs +157* vs Washington Nationals

Favs next...

Tampa Bay Rays -115* vs Detroit Tigers
New York Yankees -113* vs Minnesota Twins
Boston Red Sox -114* vs Baltimore Orioles

Heavy Favs...

Los Angeles Dodgers -139* vs Colorado Rockies
Pittsburgh Pirates -150* vs Philadelphia Phillies
Atlanta Braves -160* vs Arizona Diamondbacks

over unders...

Seattle Mariners/Chicago White Sox Over 8½ -125*
Tampa Bay Rays/Detroit Tigers Under 7½ -115*
Baltimore Orioles/Boston Red Sox Under 9½ -125*
Philadelphia Phillies/Pittsburgh Pirates Under 7½ -110*
Milwaukee Brewers/Cincinnati Reds Under 7½ -115*

sidebar to golf...
B.Hurley III wins The Greenbrier Classic +225* vs Field wins The Greenbrier Classic

Best of fortunes everyone :)
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Posted Monday, June 30, 2014 09:54 AM

Yesterday's picks today

Today's picks like a couple dogs

Cubs, rays, rangers

Best of fortunes.

Posted Sunday, June 29, 2014 11:45 AM

Yesterday's picks today

Hey Yall, been a while since I've played and posted.

Here's today's picks, (FWIIWIMHO - for what it is worth in my humble opinion)

Minnesota Twins +114* vs Texas Rangers  (K Gibson - R must Start   C Lewis - R must Start)
Tampa Bay Rays -108* vs Baltimore Orioles  (A Cobb - R must Start   M Gonzalez - R must Start)
Oakland Athletics/Miami Marlins Under 8 -115*  (T Milone - L must Start   A Heaney - L must Start)
Miami Marlins +109* vs Oakland Athletics  (T Milone - L must Start   A Heaney - L must Start)
Kansas City Royals +113* vs Los Angeles Angels  (C Wilson - L must Start   J Guthrie - R must Start)

Best of fortunes.

Mexico (World Cup) +½ -130* vs Netherlands (World Cup) 
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