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Yesterday's picks today

updated season totals YTD:  wins: 16, losses 12, net:  + 1.21

Today's picks

Cincinnati Reds +110* vs Chicago Cubs (late post I know).  8th inning now, still could loose. 

Atlanta Braves -111* vs New York Mets
Kansas City Royals -135* vs Minnesota Twins
New York Yankees +100* vs Tampa Bay Rays

Harang , what did he do in off season?  wow.  Oh yeh, he is a Brave now. 
Bedard, come on enough, he needs to retire. 

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Yesterday's picks today

Game time

New York Yankees/Tampa Bay Rays Over 6½ -120*

Chicago White Sox -110* vs Boston Red Sox

best of fortunes

Posted Wednesday, April 16, 2014 07:02 PM

Yesterday's picks today

Today's picks.

Kansas City Royals/Houston Astros Under 7½ +115*

Kansas City Royals -115* vs Houston Astros

Philadelphia Phillies -125* vs Atlanta Braves

Texas Rangers -115* vs Seattle Mariner

Miami Marlins -133* vs Washington Nationals

Best of fortunes

Posted Monday, April 14, 2014 07:14 AM

Yesterday's picks today

updating posted record.  W- 10    L-5    net: + 4.20

Assume all posts are 1 unit

today's plays

Milwaukee Brewers -119* vs St. Louis Cardinals
San Diego Padres -120*
vs Colorado Rockies
Tampa Bay Rays -117* vs Baltimore Orioles
Tampa Bay Rays/Baltimore Orioles Under 7½ +100*
Cincinnati Reds -119* vs Pittsburgh Pirates
Arizona Diamondbacks -126* vs New York Mets

best of fortunes

Posted Saturday, April 12, 2014 06:32 AM

Yesterday's picks today

Couple picks today.

Miami Marlins +105* vs Philadelphia Phillies
Boston Red Sox/New York Yankees Under 8½ -105*
Baltimore Orioles -122* vs Toronto Blue Jays
Tampa Bay Rays -126* vs Cincinnati Reds
Tampa Bay Rays/Cincinnati Reds Under 7½ -110*

Evoldi is hot and Marlins bats as well, yankees under day game 2 low era pitchers, norris hot who knew stats favor him here, rays play NL ball well and cobb found his game last outing, but rays bats cold yet. 

best of fortunes. 

Posted Wednesday, April 09, 2014 07:38 AM

yesterday's picks today

Great day yesterday.  Let's keep it going. 

Big early play....think this line will roll the Rays ways come game time or sooner.  Rays love Guthrie, have seen him a lot, know him very well.  Royals have never seen Odorizzi, and this kid might just be the biggest surprise for the Rays this year, he is solid, and gaining confidence, wants to stay in the big show, watch that change up.  Rays bats are like night and day, huge in wins, barely there in losses.  The win last night late was huge.  Don't see them doing two low scoring affairs back to back.  This looks to be a big season for them and that stadium has bugged them in the past, winning today breaks that thinking, and Maddon is big on attitude. Vegas has these odds wrong, but what do I know. 

Tampa Bay Rays -108* vs Kansas City Royals

best of fortunes. 

Posted Tuesday, April 08, 2014 10:37 AM

yesterday's picks today

Sorry for no posts lately, either this sire or my internet running really slow.  Better today, here are the posts.

Seattle Mariners -120* vs Los Angeles Angels
Tampa Bay Rays -107* vs Kansas City Royals
Philadelphia Phillies -106* vs Milwaukee Brewers


Washington Nationals -174* vs Miami Marlins
Toronto Blue Jays -174* vs Houston Astros

leans, but not plays for now

San Francisco Giants -141* vs Arizona Diamondbacks
Atlanta Braves -132* vs New York Mets
Baltimore Orioles +115* vs New York Yankees

Best of fortunes
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Posted Tuesday, April 01, 2014 05:24 PM

Yesterday's picks today

Ah Baseball.  At last!  

First post of the season. 

Yesterday hit a nice parlay to start the season with house money...  , CWS and Pit. Nice start.  Now to work. 

 Tampa Bay Rays -152* vs Toronto Blue Jays

 Toronto Blue Jays/Tampa Bay Rays Under 7½ -125*

Atlanta Braves/Milwaukee Brewers Under 7½ +120*

Arizona Diamondbacks -108* vs San Francisco Giants

Los Angeles Dodgers/San Diego Padres Under 6 +103*

Best of fortunes everyone. 


Notes:  TB always has done poorly after seeing Dickey next game, but Dickey didn't have it, and the Rays are on their game, cobb is a beast at home especially.

Pads day game. 

Posted Tuesday, February 04, 2014 07:12 PM

17 team parlay - it cvould happen - and it did

I don't encourage this sort of thing.  Posting in the nfl forum because the super bowl finished the win for me. I am an mlb guy, so I play small ball in the off season, but I had to post this just to show it can happen. Wondering if there is a record?  I guess the streak is a kin to this. 

Thank you seahawks for a wonderful super bowl finish.  I can't thank you enough.  The payoff will remain a secret and yes they paid it. 

best of fortunes.

17 Team Parlay
Win 1/26/14 7:30pm  NFL Football  495 Team Rice pk -125* vs Team Sanders
Win2/2/14 6:30pm  NFL Football  101 Seattle Seahawks +110* vs Denver Broncos
Win2/2/14 6:30pm  NFL Football  101 Seattle Seahawks/Denver Broncos Over 47½ -110*
Win1/26/14 3:30pm  NBA Basketball  803 Los Angeles Lakers/New York Knicks Over 208½ -120*
Win1/26/14 12:00pm  College Basketball  818 Massachusetts -1500* vs Fordham
Win1/26/14 1:00pm  College Basketball  819 Georgia Tech +6½ -130* vs NC State
Win1/26/14 2:00pm  College Basketball  822 Memphis U -2500* vs South Florida
Win1/26/14 2:00pm  College Basketball  824 Wisc Green Bay -900* vs Detroit U
Win1/26/14 2:00pm  College Basketball  826 Western Michigan -870* vs Ball State
Win1/26/14 2:00pm  College Basketball  828 Evansville ... [More]

Posted Thursday, January 16, 2014 07:37 AM

Yesterday's picks today

So much time so little nfl games... Idle hands...

Super Bowl XLVIII matchup - New England Patriots vs San Francisco 49ers +681


Super Bowl XLVIII - San Francisco 49ers +325*


San Francisco 49ers +4½ -135* vs Seattle Seahawks 
New England Patriots +4½ -110* vs Denver Broncos 

I think the late line move will be toward Pats not denver.

Seattle V Saints was not half the test their D will face v the 49'rs.  Saints D weak, and Hawks still could not blow then out or put them away.  Hawks last 5 games have been weak. When the niners score first, and seattle has to play catch up, the hawks will not have what it takes.

Pats will figure out a way, the denver D will not hold up, turnovers are key of course.  I see a shoot out, and when denver falls behind, they press, Maning will have to force one, Pats know this, and his weak arm will have a moment he regrets again, and the Pats wills scheme and get a key turnover.  

Leaning over both game because of what I think the game plans will be...  away teams look to score and press early, control the tempo, make the home teams press to score, force timely turnover. 

I think the key to capping these games is not trends, stats, etc, although a factor, the key is to figure out what these great coach's game plans will be, and cap that.   

My 2 cents for what is worth, maybe no sense (or nonse... [More]

Posted Saturday, January 04, 2014 11:24 AM

Yesterday's picks today

I know football forum but...  Can't wait for MLB, Pitchers and catchers report soon.  Nabbed futures:  Mariners while odds were up, and they are NOT done spending to buy a championship, sound familiar NY and Boston?  Wonder how they will like the spending competition. Actually, a little birdie told me watch for D Price being bought by the mariners, it could happen, but later...     Football forum...  so... 

Decided to play a little NFL, hey "its the post season". 

FWIIW (for what it is worth)

San Diego Chargers +235* vs Cincinnati Bengals
Kansas City Chiefs pk -110* vs Indianapolis Colts
Green Bay Packers +1½ +105* vs San Francisco 49ers

No underarmour will keep them from feeling this kind of cold.  The frozen tundra wont be frozen like the old days, but just can't see the footing being good at all.  If it is still snowing at game time and during the game, anything can happen and probably will. Keep plenty of fuel in the snow blowers boys. And rev one up to clear a spot for a game winning GB field goal. 

and college pick:  Florida State -9½ +100* vs Auburn , (just covering two scores which might end in 3) Although SEC rocks, Noles roll to undisputed heavyweight football champions in undeniable style. "If your going to do a thing, do a thing".  

Just want to say to all you covers vets and gamers who play all sports, I do enjoy reading... [More]

Posted Friday, November 15, 2013 06:12 AM

Yesterday's picks today


OHL Classic - Matt Every +3000
OHL Classic - J.J. Henry +4000
OHL Classic - Seung-Yul Noh +5500
OHL Classic - Ben Curtis +17500
OHL Classic - Greg Chalmers +5000

Spreading it out among these.  Wet course, those that did not play yesterday with advantage, lift, clean place, etc.  Best of fortunes. 

Posted Wednesday, October 30, 2013 08:08 PM

Yesterday's picks tonight

Well, it was under last game, which paid well... but tonight...

Potential games to win championships....

Cards have nothing to loose now, will play loose, be more aggressive at the plate, etc.  I am sure there was a team meeting, and they said something like, the kid is on the mound, he has delivered, now it is time for the bats to take some of that weight off him carrying the team during his wins.  Lackey can be had, his "attitude" doesn't faze the cards, Yadi has a big game, calling the game, holding runners, and with his bat, and Holliday goes yard again over the green monster.  Wacha's ball always moves, more difficult to get over that green monster.  Boston has all the pressure, history, and will not worry about losing this game, and throw Lester on short rest game 7.  

I see an over if my thinking plays out.  Large on the over tonight, small on cards.  

That's my thinking anyway, for what it is worth.  And parlaying the over 6 1/2 with a couple other sports tonight.  

best of fortunes boys.

Posted Monday, October 28, 2013 07:26 PM

Yesterday's picks tonight

Like the cards and the under tonight boys.  

Cards under the most pressure tonight, but they like it.  Both these teams playing like champions, sort of... so whoever does NOT make an error tonight wins.  Been my experience that visitors make more errors.  I think it is a very tight game 2 to 1 type.  No one wants to get caught stealing or LEADING OFF A BASE!  Pitchers rule tonight.  

Best of fortunes.  

Posted Wednesday, September 25, 2013 08:01 AM

Yesterday's picks today

Late season motivations........

Washington Nationals +122* vs St. Louis Cardinals  (Zimmermann - R must Start   S Miller - R must Start)

Weaver starting today, why not shutting him down, just to see, maybe goes a couple innings, and if any signs of soreness again, the Angels pen does not get it done.  Oakland Athletics +118* vs Los Angeles Angels  (D Straily - R must Start   J Weaver - R must Start)

best of fortunes.  

Posted Saturday, September 21, 2013 07:08 AM

Yesterday's picks today

Hey everyone.  
Saw today's card, and my jaw dropped. Had to play, had to post.  This time of year, better to just enjoy the games, the playoff races for the wild cards,  etc.  But today, well, as the little man said to Dorothy and Toto, that a horse of a different color.  
Never have I seen so many chances for the dogs to bark and bite as I do today.  Stats, motivation, trends.  The mo jo is crazy now, just crazy enough for odds makers to get it wrong.  
My big play is...  Are you kidding me, I watch Garza pitch his last game at the trop.  he simply choked.  Garza is really gutless.  He blew my grandchild off more rude than I have ever seen anybody do it at a chukie cheese, when she asked for his autograph. He simply folds under pressure, always has (as a Ray too).  And Guthrie has been on fire, KC is believing, and can hit, which the Rays did not do when Texas just played them.  Plus that series wore them out.  KC wins this big today, might even take the RL.  Vegas has this one wrong.  I see other Covers champs taking texas today.  Don't be fooled here.  
Kansas City Royals +111* vs Texas Rangers  (M Garza - R must Start   J Guthrie - R must Start)
Best of fortunes.  Others coming later.  ... [More]

Posted Friday, September 06, 2013 08:08 AM

Yesterday's picks today

One play today...

Cabrera most likely NOT playing tonight, and tigers numbers v shields not good except for him.  waiting on umps, but thinking under also.  I think the royals bullpen wins this one, tigers pen will break down, and if they don't fix that I really don't see them going far in post season.  stats for winning one run game sis huge during season, and how those teams play in playoffs. 

Kansas City Royals -103* vs Detroit Tigers

best of fortunes. 

Posted Thursday, September 05, 2013 04:02 PM

Yesterday's picks today

Been away, might stay away, but saw this and had to give it a try.


Tampa Bay Rays -185* vs Los Angeles Angels 
Cincinnati Reds -149* vs St. Louis Cardinals

best of fortunes.  

Posted Wednesday, August 14, 2013 08:21 AM

Yesterday's picks today

Just thought I would post my picks this week.  best of fortunes all.  

+5000 Wyndham Championship - Chris Kirk
+5000 Wyndham Championship - Tim Clark
+22500 Wyndham Championship - Aaron Baddeley
+48500 Wyndham Championship - Doug LaBelle II

Posted Tuesday, August 06, 2013 06:55 PM

Yesterday's picks today

Big card, looking for profitable evening.  I know I should not but just could not help myself do a parlay of these for .0000000001 unit, just to see.  
Miami Marlins/Pittsburgh Pirates Under 7½ -135*New York Yankees/Chicago White Sox Under 7 -135*Kansas City Royals -1 -145* vs Minnesota TwinsNew York Yankees +113* vs Chicago White Sox Cleveland Indians -105* vs Detroit Tigers Detroit Tigers/Cleveland Indians Under 7½ -105*St. Louis Cardinals +142* vs Los Angeles Dodgers (end the away win streak)

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Posted Saturday, August 03, 2013 08:17 AM

Yesterday's picks today

Texas Rangers +115* vs Oakland Athletics
Arizona Diamondbacks +147* vs Boston Red Sox
Los Angeles Dodgers -118* vs Chicago Cubs
New York Yankees -112* vs San Diego Padre

Best of fortunes.  

Posted Sunday, July 28, 2013 06:55 PM

Umpires, Emmel, funny how a season can change things

Funny thing about Emmel, home plate ump tonight, cards/bravos. Remember last year, when his home/away numbers favored the away team, and his over under record was way in favor of overs 26-7.  

Well,  now he has accumulated a completely different set of stats. Now his home/away favors the home teams,15-7, and his over under totals are 8-11 favoring unders. 

Then i see a line moving away from what my stats say should be a cards win, and should see the line moving in that way.  There is a lot that could be said for or against, etc. etc., but what if...  Emmels makes that big of a difference, and certain people know it?  

I am not saying, I'm just saying.  I will be watching that strike zone tonight to see if it is fair for both sides.  

Posted Sunday, July 28, 2013 06:45 PM

Yesterday's picks tonight

Have not posted in a while.  

Taking the Cards straight, and the Cards and the under 7 1/2 in a parlay.

FYI:  Futures:  taking Dodgers or Cards to meet Rays in world series. Wheeled the Rays before the season started, and doubling up on these two.  

best of fortunes all.

Posted Monday, July 15, 2013 07:50 PM

Yesterday's picks today

Y.Cespedes wins Home Run Derby +600* vs Field wins Home Run Derby  (Fixed Price)
and parlay
R.Cano total HR in all rounds -155* vs D.Wright total HR in all roundsC Davis total HR in all rounds -145* vs B.Harper total HR in all roundsP.Fielder total HR in all rounds -300* vs M.Cuddyer total HR in all rounds
best of fortunes
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Posted Sunday, July 14, 2013 08:11 AM

Yesterday's picks today

good day yesterday.  updated ytd...  99-84, thank you cubbies, and hit both parlays posted.  
like the sundays favs...  I don't usually play them over 200, but THESE TEAMS SHOULD WIN TODAY.  
Philadelphia Phillies -167* vs Chicago White Sox Tampa Bay Rays -245* vs Houston Astros New York Yankees -200* vs Minnesota Twins
Toronto Blue Jays +109* vs Baltimore Orioles
I see a lot of love for balt today, but really?  look at the numbers. as in stocks, "past performance is no guarantee of success, but..."
best of fortunes.  ... [More]

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