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Posted Thursday, May 21, 2015 04:58 PM

Yesterday's picks today

6-5 yesterday, lots of work for nothing, well, there's a whole lot worse things than losing money. 

Colorado Rockies -1½ +120* vs Philadelphia Phillies, I know its started already,
but live in play would work here. 

Atlanta Braves -120* vs Milwaukee Brewers
Atlanta Braves -1½ +175* vs Milwaukee Brewers
Atlanta Braves -2½ +260* vs Milwaukee Brewers
Los Angeles Angels -108* vs Toronto Blue Jays
Texas Rangers -1½ +220* vs Boston Red Sox
Oakland Athletics/Tampa Bay Rays Under 7½ -130*

best of fortunes

Posted Wednesday, May 20, 2015 07:11 PM

Yesterday's picks today

5-1 yesterday, mostly dogs, so good day for sure.

Tonight..... they are all almost favs, so, consider that. 

Kansas City Royals -143* vs Cincinnati Reds
Washington Nationals -132* vs New York Yankees
Baltimore Orioles -131* vs Seattle Mariners
Tampa Bay Rays -132* vs Atlanta Braves
Boston Red Sox -153* vs Texas Rangers
St Louis Cardinals -126* vs New York Mets
Arizona Diamondbacks +117* vs Miami Marlins
Los Angeles Dodgers -122* vs San Francisco Giants
Chicago Cubs +132* vs San Diego Padres
Minnesota Twins +132* vs Pittsburgh Pirates
Milwaukee Brewers +129* vs Detroit Tigers

Best of fortunes

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Posted Tuesday, May 19, 2015 06:57 PM

Yesterday's picks today

New York Yankees +120* vs Washington Nationals
Los Angeles Angels +115* vs Toronto Blue Jays
Minnesota Twins +151* vs Pittsburgh Pirates
Milwaukee Brewers +147* vs Detroit Tigers

best of fortunes

Posted Sunday, May 17, 2015 05:14 PM

Yesterday's picks today

The night game

Detroit Tigers +139* vs St Louis Cardinals
Detroit Tigers/St Louis Cardinals Over 8 -115*

and a parlay for good measure. 

best of fortunes

Posted Tuesday, May 12, 2015 06:33 PM

Yesterday's picks today

Bow wow day for me.  
Minnesota Twins +131* vs Detroit Tigers Boston Red Sox +110* vs Oakland AthleticsTexas Rangers +121* vs Kansas City RoyalsToronto Blue Jays +115* vs Baltimore OriolesNew York Mets +129* vs Chicago CubsBoston Red Sox/Oakland Athletics 1st 5 Innings Over 4 -130* New York Mets/Chicago Cubs Under 7½ -132*Tampa Bay Rays Over 3½ -105* vs New York YankeesAtlanta Braves Over 3½ -125* vs Cincinnati Reds Tampa Bay Rays -124* vs New York Yankees (hope archer has his issues worked out with Jim Hickey, pitching coach, he should, if the kid listens, he is the best)
andTampa Bay Lightning -1½ +200* vs Montreal Canadiens  
best of fortunes all... [More]

Posted Monday, May 11, 2015 06:45 PM

Yesterday's picks today

Well, I am logged in, and hoping by browser does not freeze from THESE STUPID VIDEO ADS ON COVERS.  Very aggravating.  
6-2 yesterday (could not get in to post - covers mod are you out there, STOP THE VIDEO ADS PLEASE!) , lets try to keep this rolling.  

New York Mets/Chicago Cubs Over 8½ -110Boston Red Sox/Oakland Athletics Over 8 +115Milwaukee Brewers -107* vs Chicago White Sox Philadelphia Phillies +1½ -115* vs Pittsburgh PiratesPhiladelphia Phillies +149* vs Pittsburgh Pirates New York Yankees/Tampa Bay Rays Under 7½ -115Texas Rangers +114* vs Kansas City Royals Cincinnati Reds -139* vs Atlanta BravesBaltimore Orioles -125* vs Toronto Blue Jays 
best of fortunes

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Posted Saturday, May 09, 2015 11:12 AM

Yesterday's picks today

Could only post from my ipad yesterday, Rays were a winner (with the over), and went 7-1 non posted plays, sorry, did not have time or access.

Today not so sure of these plays, but got to try, small plays.

Atlanta Braves +134* vs Washington Nationals

Minnesota Twins -104* vs Cleveland Indians

Miami Marlins/San Francisco Giants Under 7 -138*

Tampa Bay Rays -135* vs Texas Rangers

Baltimore Orioles/New York Yankees Under 8½ -133*

Toronto Blue Jays -116* vs Boston Red Sox

best of fortunes all. 

Posted Friday, May 08, 2015 07:09 PM

Yesterday's picks today


Posted Thursday, May 07, 2015 06:55 PM

Yesterday's picks today

As  a Rays fan it hurts me to do this but...
Texas Rangers +150* vs Tampa Bay Rays
Archer struggled with command last time out, Rangers love to play at the trop (maybe the only team), etc.  
also leaning over, would break their under streak, but no play.  
Cincinnati Reds +122* vs Pittsburgh PiratesCincinnati Reds/Pittsburgh Pirates Under 7½ -120* Cincinnati Reds/Pittsburgh Pirates 1st 5 Innings Under 3½ +100*
also, lighting sweep the series tonight. 
best of fortunes all.  

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Posted Tuesday, May 05, 2015 05:36 PM

Yesterdays picks today

Have to admit, love those brewers picks yesterday, wait... tere I go speaking in third person to a third person again. Very profitable.  

Today's card...

Kansas City Royals -116* vs Cleveland Indians
St Louis Cardinals -145* vs Chicago Cubs, wow what a late line move.  
Chicago Cubs/St Louis Cardinals Over 8 -110
Baltimore Orioles/New York Mets Over 7 -115
Tampa Bay Rays +107* vs Boston Red Sox
Toronto Blue Jays +111* vs New York Yankees

Best of fortunes to all.    

Posted Monday, May 04, 2015 06:29 PM

Yesterday's picks today

Have not posted lately because have not been able to.  WOULD A MOD PLEASE TELL THE WEB MASTERS TO GET RID OF THE VIDEOS ADS, THEY WILL FREEZE THE BROWSERS. Purge the scripts.
Back to baseball.  
Going with the fired manager motivator special.  And the fact that Lohse has surprisingly good numbers v the LAD.  
Milwaukee Brewers +175* vs Los Angeles Dodgers Milwaukee Brewers +1½ -105* vs Los Angeles DodgersMilwaukee Brewers +2½ -160* vs Los Angeles Dodgers 
St. Louis Cardinals -137* vs Chicago Cubs Tampa Bay Rays +127* vs Boston Red Sox "over easy" should have a good game tonight
New York Yankees +109* vs Toronto Blue Jays Oakland Athletics +100* vs Minnesota Twins
best fo fortunes
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Posted Tuesday, April 28, 2015 06:13 PM

Yesterday's picks today

The video ads freeze my browser everytime.  Tonight, working, so can post picks.
Pittsburgh Pirates/Chicago Cubs Under 7½ +118* Kansas City Royals/Cleveland Indians Under 7½ -105* Toronto Blue Jays/Boston Red Sox Over 8½ -110* Detroit Tigers -136* vs Minnesota TwinsPittsburgh Pirates -112* vs Chicago Cubs Toronto Blue Jays +112* vs Boston Red SoxTampa Bay Rays -102* vs New York Yankees 
largest factor in over under posted here is the weather, and wind at these parks tonight.  
best of fortunes all.  ... [More]

Posted Thursday, April 23, 2015 07:00 PM

Yesterday's picks today

Bad day, got to pick it up tonight.
Tampa Bay Rays -111* vs Boston Red SoxOakland Athletics +108* vs Los Angeles AngelsBaltimore Orioles +118* vs Toronto Blue Jays Boston Red Sox/Tampa Bay Rays 1st 5 Innings Under 3½ +110*Boston Red Sox/Tampa Bay Rays Under 7½ -120* Kansas City Royals/Chicago White Sox Under 7 -125*
Tampa Bay Lightning -110* vs Detroit Red Wings New York Islanders +115* vs Washington Capitals 
best of fortunes.  ... [More]

Posted Tuesday, April 21, 2015 06:56 PM

Yesterday's picks today

Have not been able to post picks because covers ads keep freezing my browser hey covers mods could you get a word to your web geeks that the ad scripts are corrupting the browsers please!!!!!

Picks today from my phone
Rays Mariners rangers twins cards Marlins
Hockey lightning Hawks flames

Best of fortunes

Posted Sunday, April 19, 2015 08:11 AM

Yesterday's picks today

Profitable days, lets keep it rolling.

Different take today, like a lot of favs, so...

hate all that juice straight up, so doing some small(ish) parlays. 

Detroit Tigers -145* vs Chicago White Sox (Greene on fire and think tiger's bats come back string today after that shallacking)
San Francisco Giants -147* vs Arizona Diamondbacks
Hudson looking good, Hellickson does not do well V west coast bats
Pittsburgh Pirates -157* vs Milwaukee Brewers
Garza has only 1 pitch right now, Cole looking good.  

sprinkling in those with these various combination in 2 team and 3 team parlays.

New York Mets -185* vs Miami Marlins
New York Islanders -140* vs Washington Capitals
Los Angeles Dodgers -167* vs Colorado Rockies
St Louis Cardinals -178* vs Cincinnati Reds
Cleveland Indians/Minnesota Twins Over 8½ -115*
Toronto Blue Jays -146* vs Atlanta Braves  

best fo fortune sall. 

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Posted Saturday, April 18, 2015 07:39 AM

Yesterday's picks today

Lets keep it going....

Tampa Bay Rays -105* vs New York Yankees
Rays have won every series with the yanks at the trop since 2009. 
Over easy ( I call him) is on fire.  Tanaka's arm is hurting, needs surgery,
but will not admit it. 

Chicago White Sox +105* vs Detroit Tigers
Baltimore Orioles/Boston Red Sox Over 8½ -105
Philadelphia Phillies +177* vs Washington Nationals, why not it could
happen if the Phils can score at least 1 run today. 

Houston Astros -123* vs Los Angeles Angels

parlays today...

New York Mets -150* vs Miami Marlins
Toronto Blue Jays -140* vs Atlanta Braves

best of fortunes

Posted Thursday, April 16, 2015 07:02 PM

Yesterday's picks today

Nats and Rays today! 

Posted Wednesday, April 15, 2015 06:41 PM

Yesterday's picks today

OK back to earth 2-2 day.

Big card tonight...

Toronto Blue Jays -132* vs Tampa Bay Rays
New York Yankees -103* vs Baltimore Orioles
New York Yankees/Baltimore Orioles Over 7½ -105*
Cincinnati Reds/Chicago Cubs Under 7½ -132*
San Diego Padres -128* vs Arizona Diamondbacks
Oakland Athletics -103* vs Houston Astros
Seattle Mariners/Los Angeles Dodgers Over 7½ -105*

Burhle owns the rays (but there are so many new rays)

small invest...  fun parlay

New York Yankees -1½ +156* vs Baltimore Orioles
Minnesota Twins -1½ +200* vs Kansas City Royals
Pittsburgh Pirates -1½ +140* vs Detroit Tigers
Nashville Predators -115* vs Chicago Blackhawks

Volquez road poor, Evaldi strong enough, Lariano hot?, and preds hold at home, low scoring affair. 


all home teams win tonight, and
Nashville Predators -115* vs Chicago Blackhawks

also parlaying Bolts/Canadians series wins. 

best of fortunes
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Posted Tuesday, April 14, 2015 07:03 PM

Yesterday's picks today

7-0 yesterday, lets see if we can keep it rolling.

Cleveland Indians -119* vs Chicago White Sox
Cincinnati Reds/Chicago Cubs Under 7 -130*
Miami Marlins -116* vs Atlanta Braves 

Posted Monday, April 13, 2015 06:58 PM

Yesterday's picks today

Could not have been more wrong with my posted pick yesterday.

Today is another day.

Cincinnati Reds/Chicago Cubs Over 7 -135*
Tampa Bay Rays +121* vs Toronto Blue Jays
Los Angeles Angels/Texas Rangers Over 9 -120*
Atlanta Braves -105* vs Miami Marlins

best of fortunes. 

Posted Sunday, April 12, 2015 07:50 PM

Yesterday's picks tonight

Parlay, red sox and under 71/2.

Bucholtz will be on this year, regardless of the health status of Tanaka.  Prime time, maybe he not hits them thru 5? 

best of fortunes. 

Posted Tuesday, April 07, 2015 07:01 PM

Yesterday's picks today

Baltimore Orioles -111* vs Tampa Bay Rays
Colorado Rockies +113* vs Milwaukee Brewers
Miami Marlins -134* vs Atlanta Braves

parlay, O's and over.  

Best of fortunes.  MLB is here!

Posted Tuesday, October 28, 2014 08:02 PM

Yesterday's pick today

Royals win tonight...

Bum hangs out in the bullpen, just for show.  Royals win tonight, and force game 7, and Bum goes tomorrow for all the marbles, on short rest, oh the drama of it, his series to win or loose, because he has earned that right.  If the giants win it tonight, that does not happen, what a waste of good tv ratings.

Posted Friday, October 17, 2014 06:13 AM

Yesterdays pick today

I could list a lot of homework, but let me just post this...
Bullpen'sera...  Giants 3.38, royals 0.68
bat avg last 5 games (where it counts) 
giants v righties 2.53, v lefties .176 (ouch - vargas and shields - his change up great v lefties)
royals v righties .268, v lefties (Bum) .281 - so they hit lefties better than righties.  
Shields v giants hitters , 7 hits last 39 AB. bat avg against .184.  
Opponents played, mmm  Royal's beat A's and O's (these two teams destroyed their opponents this year), and Giants played who?  Wash and Cards, where Wash layoff prior to cooled their bats, and Cards were just lucky to be there, and Molina being out hurt big time.  
Home field start. 
Look when your bats are alive and well, and you have a pen that just shuts down the last 3, its tough to beat them.  Giants pitching is just not that good v AL hitters, who are just better than NL bats, stats show.  1 runs games are the key to giants wins.  Let's see, oh yeh, those usually come in the last at bats.  
THE TEAM WITH THE BEST BULL PENS WIN WORLD SERIES, PERIOD.  Giants know this, and will be looking to get ahead early, which will make them press.  yes it is about pressure, and pressuring the other guy to play your game. The Giants are already feeling the pressure and trying to plan how to beat the royals before they see the pen.  That's not their game.  Royals are on a run, a... [More]

Posted Tuesday, October 07, 2014 05:02 PM

yesterday's picks today

so, today we have win or go home games.  

bats come alive, wind blowing out, ump neutral if there is such a thing, but Nats have woke up from their layoff, and they have that mo jo again, after yesterday's mishap and good fortune.  They believe they can again! and that is NOT good for Giants fans.  

Dodgers numbers v miller are pretty darn good, i.e. OPS 1.065 v .075 v kershaw(cards).  The actual numbers favor Kershaw win here.  


Los Angeles Dodgers -160* vs St. Louis Cardinals

Washington Nationals -135* vs San Francisco Giants

and parlaying

Los Angeles Dodgers -160* vs St. Louis Cardinals

 Los Angeles Dodgers/St. Louis Cardinals Over 6½ -105*

nothing big, but I do not like loosing.  

best of fortunes

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