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Posted Friday, October 11, 2013 10:47 AM

Denmark vs Italy

Italy ML

5-2 record in soccer 

By far best value on board. I know Italy has qualified for World Cup, but they are going facing team they have owned. Besides once game begins, they will be gunning for win, especially on world stage. Last time Italy won easily 3-1. & if you watched game, Italy could ve won 5-1. 

Fiorentina striker Rossi is playing as is Pirillo & Buffon with Balotelli being up in air. Full lineup for Italy. Very impressed with Rossi in club level. 

Italy s on roll, beat Czech & Bulgaria. Too much talent Italy & getting plus $$. Gotta take chance on this. 

Posted Friday, September 06, 2013 12:13 AM

Ravens Superbowl Champs

Superbowl chumps......

You come out like this. Come on !!!!!!!!
Have a little heart & Pride....

Guess you can't play when refs actually call penalties, like last play of Superbowl

I want 50 pts Peyton !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted Thursday, September 05, 2013 01:47 AM

Week 1 Best Play

Anyone who is betting on Jets. Save your $$$$
Please save your money.

Not saying this to be a jerk to anyone who's betting on Jets.
I bet $1000-$2000 a game and only on few games. Not a genius by any means but I made some decent cash past few seasons. & This is the best play on the board.

Jets are not winning this.
Geno is not going to do anything. Look @ him in pre season and practice, he is terrible, no where near NFL QB. He can't read a defense, if you look @ his pre-season throws, its no where near the receivers. Maybe in future he can become NFL Qb no way right now. To make matters worse Jets have pop warner football talent around him.

Bus had best D against the run 82.5 yds/game. 82 yds/ game!!!!.

Had terrible pass D, but Revis, Goldson, Jonathan Banks will help it.

Bottom line Jets can't run and are going to rely on rookie QB who has been terrible in practice & pre-season to carry them.

Pre season DOES MATTER when your trying to learn the offense and are a rookie. It doesn't matter for Brady, Manning and Bress.

You do the math !!!!


Tampa Bay with Schiano is a very disciplined team that's lookn to turn corner. & got some talent,

- Freeman
- Revis
- Goldson,
- Vincent Jackson
- Doug Marti... [More]

Posted Saturday, February 20, 2010 03:34 PM

I Agree Some Of These Games Are FIXED

Hey I won (Look Below), but after watching Portland (Rested, w/ B. Roy @ home ... to a tired, old Boston team on back to back) show almost no effort. I think it is fixed. I mean NOOO Effort....

-- I'm sure the ref who fessed up to fixing games, isn't the only one. There has to be more..... --

How does Jamison go 0 - 13 from the field in a game .... Even if you are new to a team .... Nuggets get hammered by Washington ....???

Grade Result Ticket Number:94375929 - 1Accepted Date:2/19/2010 - ESTGraded Date:2/20/2010Wager Type:Parlay(2 team)Wager Status:WinRisk:$506.02 (USD) To Win Amount:$1,297.25 (USD) Amount Paid:$1,803.27 (USD) Description:Basketball - 821 Utah Jazz -220 for Game Basketball - 823 Boston Celtics +145 for Game
... [More]


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