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Posted Saturday, September 06, 2008 12:55 AM

NCAA Week 2 Games

Decided to post over here at Wagerline since it's not seeing much action these days, sadly. Anyways I welcome comments and any insight people have on my plays. I also encourage anyone lurking to make a thread and give us your opinions. Hopefully we can get this board active again like it was before the merge.

Plays locked in so far:
Michigan -14
-Liked how their D played in the second half against Utah. I think the offense will gel better in this game against a weaker opponent. I expect them to lock it down from the get go on D and put up enough points to cover the 2 TD's.

Notre Dame -21.5
-They were terrible last year no doubt, but this JV team they are playing this week should not cause too much problem. The Domers will be fired up for this game and I look for them to take out some anger on the Aztecs. Only thing that worries me is if the Fat Man calls off the dogs and they get a back door.

Utah State +35.5
-This is more of a gut play for me. I know little to nothing about Utah State but they showed me enough last week to bite on this getting more than 5 TD's. Oregon is a solid team, and could probably cover this if they wanted to, but I like Utah State to do just enough to come out on top.

West Virginia -7.5
-Logic seems to say take ECU but if you watched that game last week they were pretty lucky to get that win with the blocked punt against an overrated VT team. ECU is a solid team, don't get me wrong... I think they will have ... [More]


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