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The Friends brick is a convenient way to keep close ties to all of your friends within our sports community. To add a friend, simply click on the 'Add to Friends' link located on a user's Space page. From here, the user will be given the opportunity to accept you as a friend. Once a request has been accepted, both members will be connected as friends.

To confirm a friend's request click on the 'Friend Requests' link on the Control Center brick located on your personal Space page. You will have the option to accept or reject friend requests.

To remove a friend from your list, visit your Master Friends page, which displays all of the friends you have added within the community. Below each member there is a 'Remove Friend' link which can be used to drop a friend. Once you remove a friend, they will no longer display on your friends page - and you will no longer display on theirs.

You have the option of choosing which eight friends you would like to display within your Friends brick on your personal space page - they are considered your 'Top' friends. To make these selections, click on the 'Edit Friends' link located on your Friends list page. Here, you are able to select who your top eight friends are and position them accordingly. These chosen friends will display as your top friends within the spaces community.

To receive notification via email on any new friend requests, visit the 'Edit Friends' page and customize your setting. Here you can turn the automated email notifications on or off.

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