Spaces Help


Covers Spaces is your chance to create your very own personalized sports page. Show off to your friends and load up your page with various content from your favorite teams or leagues.

Personalize your Covers Space by choosing your favorite layout, content and colors. Click the 'Customize' link in the submenu and choose 'Edit'. From there, update your profile information to let everyone know a bit more about you.


  • Altering the color scheme on your personal Covers Space is a convenient way to support your favorite team. Select your team colors and everyone will know the club you back.
  • Changing locations of your content bricks will allow you to make sure your favorite sections are always the focus on your page. Use our drag and drop function from within the customize view of your spaces page to move content on your page.
  • Your Covers Space is a personal web space provided to you by Look for more exciting content features coming soon.
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