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Post personal rankings on your favorite topics and share them with the Covers Community. Have some fun and show off your expertise on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from top Las Vegas hotels to your favorite television shows. Select any topic from a long list of pre-set categories and post reviews on each.

You can rank the items in your lists from 1-10, as well as assigning star ratings to each item (just click the corresponding star when you add the item to your list). Make any adjustments to your rankings before saving your list; once your ranked list has been created and published to your Space, you cannot go back and make changes (although you can delete your list and start over if necessary).

All registered community members can post comments on other members’ lists. Share your opinions on rankings that match your likes or dislikes.

You can select which of your lists will display within the Rankings brick on your personal Space page - they are considered your ‘Featured Rankings’. Click the 'Edit Rankings' link located on your Rankings bricks within the Customize view of your Space page. Here you can sort rankings based on most recent, most popular, or most commented.

Only the top three items on your rankings list will display on your space page. Users must click the ‘View Full List’ link to see your complete list of items.

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